What features of Glitch would you really like to (re)see in Eleven, or even new features?

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  • For what it's worth, our eventual goal is to include all features that were in Glitch at the time of closing. "Soon." :)
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    Thanks for commenting Justin! Do you personally think that there will be new Cubimals added to Eleven besides the old Glitch cubimals?
  • more clothing would be amazing. sometimes i felt like a lot of glitchen looked v similar
    but everything yess yes u3u
    (is typing weird because im too excited for punctuation n grammar)
  • I'd love to visit my ghosts. I want to fill streets with butterflies. Quests! Oh my butler, I'd love a butler again.
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    I think it would be awesome if I could play from my phone/tablet because I'm not always around a computer and I don't want to miss anything! I miss mining, growing herbs, randomly playing music boxes, leaving notes and giving people no-no.
  • I'm waiting for that first visit from Rube. Good Trade, Good Trade.
  • Lol ! The rube hates meeeee
  • I agree with Foopananafaff about the butlers. I miss my little butler! And maybe more color customize-able clothing.
  • A feature I would really like to see in the game is when you have your shops, make it so however many of a particular item you are selling does not show on the wall unless someone mouses over it. I feel that may help reduce the lag you experience within the shops or homes. It got so bad sometimes you could not even login due to the game registering that you have so much things stored in your house. I originally suggested this to TS but the game closed down. I'm hoping that maybe a little change in code can help reduce the in game lag when it comes to shops.
  • I've been pushing for this option ever since beta: There needs to be a way to set Rube on fire.

    Also, sometimes I wished that there were different color options for the furniture. Like, say I wanted a purple squid table, but the only available option was green. Purple would have really tied the room together, but alas, my Mega Purple Squid Fort was not meant to be.
  • I want people to be able to link to their old player profiles from their new player profiles, and then have a "re-import old friends" button!
  • I loved Quests. (And badges, to a lesser extent.) Nice to have little goals to encourage you to explore a new area, build a new thing, or interact with other Glitchen in a new way.
  • I think house building and customization were my absolute favorites. I don't really know what "more" could be done with that, but they made me so happy. I was always really hopeful to be given more reasons to explore the world too. Like, hidden treasures, reasons to scavenge, etc. I wanted to have a legitimate reason to really dig deep into all corners of the world and spend solid time out there. I think that was something they probably planned to expand upon even more, but then the close happened :(
  • I think a premium/subscription service with more benefits. Like if you could get a special limited clothing item or cubimal or piece of furniture when you purchase currency. Essentially, added benefits to incentivize spending real money on the game.

    Also more hairstyles.
  • I want a merchandise !
  • I am looking forward most to emo bear hugs with my Glitchy friends, to random acts of kindness, to Hi 5's
    One thing i would love to see is a sitting action , that would make things even more wonderful, I'm looking forward to planting my first crop, to swallowing a firefly whistle, to nibbling piggies and making my very first steps on Ur. Ooh and to hear goodnight Groddle at shut down.
  • This is probably on a far back burner, but I'm hoping all the Ticket To ... places can be reimplemented. Btw, have negotiations been made about the music?
  • We've got some great ideas in here. "Soon," you'll be able to look forward to an "Ideas" board. Actually, that's probably a pretty quick soon... We'll see. ;)
  • I'd love interaction with Shrines again. A big fan of badges as well, possibly because I really enjoyed crafting.
  • Quests and achievements! These were huge for me. And I have to second the idea about merchandise; I would totally buy stuff, especially if it meant keeping the game going
  • Quests, badges & piggies!!!
  • I just miss petting animals and hugging trees.
  • I really loved the tower of Jethimadh and the other very story-ish pieces. I want to know more about Gwendolyn.
  • cannot WAIT for the Rube!!!
  • I miss the butterflies' snarky comments. I hope more comedy gets put into the game when the time comes for new content. I'm hoping some former TS members might help out when they realize everyone wants the world of Ur back in their lives
  • Badges, please! (And Game of Crowns, if it's possible; that was always one of my favourite Glitchy past-times.)
  • It would be really exciting to see street projects and trophy pieces come back! :)
  • I loved the hidden rooms and secret passages! I loved decorating my house and planting my garden. I loved travelling around Ur. I really loved the humour. I liked doing tasks.
  • feature? kill the lag the big houses made..it was AWFUL

    same for when everyone was camping in on a street together...- lag lag lag....
  • Forgot to say, a new feature I would love is for the game to be playable on my ipad
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