What features of Glitch would you really like to (re)see in Eleven, or even new features?



  • there were a few wormholes that were pretty cool for fast travel
  • Game of Crowns! PLEASE :)
  • yes, of course GoC and game tickets!
  • I miss crafting, quests that were bringing you in special areas with little stories and getting lost walking randomly in ur but above all i miss collecting cubimals !
  • I'd love to have quests, and even more badges. Maybe some color customization for wardrobe, vanity, and furniture? Maybe some texture options too? I saw another person mentioned the ability to sit. It would be awesome if we were able to interact with our stuff in houses or towers, other than moving things around. That was one thing I think we were missing before...I liked looking at my stuff but not really being able to interact with it was kind of a bummer.
  • When we're out in the world, UFOs should randomly appear and transport us somewhere else. It would kind of be like the Rube, but far, far worse.
  • Love to have bog houses again. I loved my bog house before the housing changes.
  • I just want all the old stuff back lol. IPAD play would be lovely.
  • Badges. And storylines. And mysterious things that take forever to understand/discover/finish... and secrets!
    And butt feathers.
  • Artistech posted this first in the idea forum and I'll present it here with tweaks from the full post.

    "I'm at the point in the game where I have a lot of spare iMG. I'd love to share it, but can't. It seems very much in the spirit of Glitch to do some something to enable sharing. I'd like to be able to spend a massive amount of iMG (say 1,000,000) to plant an iMG tree in my street. Other Glitch can harvest once a day, and get an amount of iMG for their harvest (say the amount they get from a Qurazy Quoin) and once the million is used up the tree dies.
    Ideally, upon death it would transform into a beautiful butterfly and flutter off, but ending up as a stump to be chopped would be ok ;)"

    Others chimed in that it should be a fountain so we could "drink from the fountain of iMG". The point being that once we have long term players in Eleven we have a way to give back to newer players.
  • And one more...this one my idea for Pii day:

    More Pii Day fun: Solving Pii
    Here's a thought on taking the geek to a higher level on Pii Day.

    On 3/14 we make a Pii. When we give a Pii to a glitch, they get prompted to "Solve Pii". The pie defaults to displaying 3.14. If the glitch types in the next correct number of Pii, they get a small IMG reward. The Pii remembers it's current solution.

    The glitch may give the Pii to another glitch (each glitch may "solve" Pii only once per Pii) to solve the next number of Pii. That IMG reward is larger.

    If a glitch solves uncorrectly, that Pii can no longer be solved.
    If a glitch attempts to solve a Pii that they have already solved, the Pii can no longer be used for rewards.
    If the Pii is dropped, that Pii can no longer be solved.
    If a community of glitches gets organized, imagine the img of perhaps even badges that could be earned, once a year, for solving Pii to....
  • I just liked walking around the world and collecting stuff...mining, picking cherries...and making drinks of course.
  • I've seen a few people request a mobile/iPad playable version. Although I'd really like to see this, it seems unrealistic.

    On that note, I would settle for the ability to set your skill learnings via mobile, and maybe have a friend panel, a character viewer, things like that.
  • My faves were badges and quests, and exploring Ur. So if I had one wish in Eleven it would be for the expanded map with all the continents to be realized over time.
  • I've missed the extensive list of badges to earn and, of course, the ever-loved Game of Crowns the most. :)

    I can barely contain my excitement.
  • i just want to go home.
  • @FlatEarther This idea has piqued my interest. Such create. Much geek. Wow.
  • I wanna *slang* herbs n whatnot from my phone-i miss herbs...and notes!!!! anndddd game of crowns (but ppl stopped playing n i'd be in a room by myself waiting (•_•) so maybe not that but def herbs n the other stuff
  • i just wanna sell stuff on my phone...sorry i got carried away
  • New pewps
  • I'd like to have housing back, even if we can't live in them. like a handful of model streets of every housing type to explore, maybe?
  • The chat channels! Seems like such a simple thought but was such a big part of glitch. Otherwise what flask said...
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    i want all the action of nation states and all the chat functionality of here be monsters.

    if you can manage it, i'd also like the depth of graphics of kingdom of loathing.

    and the community vibe of smallworlds, please.

  • LOL @flask. That comment made my already pretty good day.
  • Nthing quests! I'd love to have new ones, but while they're in development I'd be happy to replay some of the old ones. And the Rook.

    Also, physical merchandise-- I'd much rather spend money on a t-shirt or a mug in the real world than on in-game-only objects.
  • Love so many of the comments already made, especially the new and creative ideas!!

    I definitely missed the old neighborhoods and old houses. Though there were some benefits to the new houses (like the front yards of resources to share), I think I would have preferred options for decorating the old style houses, some area on the street that was 'mine' or maybe a neighborhood/street set of plots, and maybe expanding the old ones instead of the ones we ended with.

    I missed the street projects and collecting trophy pieces (but as the number of players grew, they really needed to have more concurrent projects or limits on the number of items a single player could submit on a single project to make it more fair for the lower level players...instead they just dropped them, which was very very sad to me because they were part of the community that I did like, and getting my name on a street made me feel like I contributed to the building of Ur).

    Would love to see all of the map realized.

    More subway stations in more locations.

    I hope we get our fun pickles back! I would definitely play with mine more instead of just sticking him on a shelf.

    I would love to see quests where we need to make more of the food items (to give us a reason to make the lower level recipes).

    And at one point we were going to get group/community homes/streets - we tested the idea in the first beta. I would love to see those actually happen since some of us wanted a group 'clubhouse' where we could share resources with our close friends and gather for parties instead of just using the party packs.
  • A (probably very minor) scripting language for our butlers so we could script them to respond to questions, give gifts when conditions are met, remember bits of text, etc. Sort of like Interactives from Manylands.
  • I definitely miss the quests and achievements, but also just the little ways people personalized the world and made it more diverse and funny through notes and through the names they gave animals in public areas and their own homes.
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    I loved specialty items like the pickle and the yeti that made you feel special and part of an intimate group. It's really the little things! I completely agree with @larch - naming animals was absolutely one of my favorite all-time things! You've already made the forums, that was a giant part of making the interactions so amazing - pun intended.
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