What features of Glitch would you really like to (re)see in Eleven, or even new features?



  • 1.) There's been lots of merchandise comments, here's my addition and idea for a model:
    Allow for sourcing of items from our player base. When it ended there were books, and real world items and all sorts of creations and crowd funded goodness. There's no reason such a model couldn't not only provide an interesting merchandise and a marketplace, but fund artists and the game itself through profit sharing. Then allow for a badge system for sellers and artists that includes donation levels. And make it a Glitchy Badge, maybe not so much dollars came back but items crafted or sold, something a bit unique and a badge of honorable creation. A sort of Mini Etsy. Then link items in the game to their real world counterparts in the store. Get it really nicely integrated so we can bridge that gap we always want to and contribute at the same time. Possibly even extend this into in-game items that aren't paid but are bought through a secondary currency that can only be earned in playing and cannot be bought.

    2.) A backstory to all the downtime. Some sort of creative narrative that you uncover. Obviously this would also require the history and story of Glitch to be told so that new players understood why the backstory was there. But that would be a great way to be introduced to the world. Essentially bringing anyone entering up to speed in a way that MMOs often lack.

    3.) A bank of Glitch, so that people can save/invest in each other with items, time (see time banking) or money so that if they go through a period where they don't play, coming back isn't coming back to an antequated or impoverished new beginning, but starting more where you left off. (Before Glitch closed I was working on an in-game workaround concept of sorts). Maybe even add investing in huge world based or regional projects. This would also give a bit of a money sink. The Giants worked pretty well, but the economy still ballooned way too fast for an MMO that looks to survive.

    4.) Right behind community, all of the snarky commentary made the game.

    5.) Mobile enabled skill earning, auction management and other administrative tasks. The features to work in conjunction and while playing game on different platform, or as standalone. Tablet play goes right behind this.

    6.) I, as many others did, loved the old housing format. I want the customization and building and towers and awesome and street of the newer system with the old themes and styles and awesome that made the old system so great. And more connection to my neighbors, in the old you were all on a shared street. And people would put out pigs and decorations and street associations. Let the whole of whom you are on the street with create the street in the really old old fashion where streets were built in phases that allowed for different paths. You might have to look way into old history to see how this works. I also like the idea of palette swaps and color choices rather than a huge list of items and 90% of the list is just different colors. Lastly I like the idea of customizing the sky or a paint function that allows us to paint upon or in a current background or from a blank canvas as we please.

    7.) The voting system. Switch between both Free votes for everyone and paid members only votes as this would provide for an interesting paid model where everyone still gets to experience all the content. this would need to be in conjunction with the merch model which I find preferable. But allow for campaigning and campaign buttons and hats and underwear to support an option in a vote.

    8.) The API has got to come back. So many awesome apps.

    9.) A bit of work done on the NPC selling, elimination thereof and/or interaction with the auction house to prevent huge inflation or deflation and issues finding materials or goods because of arbitrage. (I'd be willing to devote my expertise.)

    10.) Make it extremely hard to learn all skills. There were too many of us who could do everything ourselves and had no need of other skills. Consider the Kingdom of Loathing setup where everyone needs each other to function in one way or another.

    11.) End Game Content like the iMG Tree Idea pointed out earlier. Ways I can sacrifice my success and immense hordes not just to a Giant but to the public.
  • I would LOVE to add more potions and things, and add more furniture and such. I also had the idea of being able to craft letters, like the small little magnet letters that toddlers use on their fridges! I wanted to write "SUTTON" right above my bed in my home, but my idea wasn't noticed.
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    Aside from the lack of functionality of old housing many neighborhoods were abandoned and that was part of why we had signposts the way we did with new. But a way to add additonal sigh posts to our streets would be great. Other than that just periodically added designs for houses/ furniture/ clothes would be great. Above all though i want a Autcion house and a way to search what is on ppls streets again, even if we cant set up something like routes. Also expanding on recipes over time ecspeically potions, but food as well. Although for new- new things finding more ways to use img would be great, as well as aditional lvls. Designs and recipes and stuff like that im sure would be added slowly over time
  • Do you think you can add a collectable object called "litlle speck" (since we can't use Tiny Speck)? It would be awesome.
  • ^^^ I agree, but also imagine Tiny Speck would let it pass. And likely also allow for a collection of Specks that combined to make something.
  • A topic that was discussed on the old forums - I'd like to see temples for the giants.

    And there was something--I can't find the thread now--about starting over after level 60, as a dedicant to a particular giant, and leveling up again; either doing the startover or finishing it would allow you to place a small temple on your homestreet for that giant (with some kind of donation bonus). Maybe there could be dedicant-specific quests for each giant, and extra bonuses for activities pertaining to that giant. Someone could, with enough time and dedication, get temples for all 11 giants.

    Of course, if we have that, leveling should go to 61 so it's a prime number.

    I don't like the idea of making skill-learning harder. While I loved the social aspects of Glitch, I also loved that I didn't need to be social to be able to play. If I didn't feel like talking to anyone on a given day, that wouldn't block me from other activities.
  • @Eris Lord Freedom I really like that temple idea.
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    I remember that @Eris Lord Freedom, but if i recall correctly wed start over at lvl 0 each time loosing our skills each time. I like the idea of titles or at least additional acheivements though, and LOVE the idea of temples, but id prefer community built ones in wolrd locations. Or streets just for temples, they should be in the world though and not on homestreets IMO. And once built they would need img to maintain them or wed have to rebuild them they would decay with no img being given to them periodically. Id prefer we get more lvls and have some new skills, and any max lvl should always be a prime # Lvl 111 as max lvl for whatever reason just seems ideal to me. Temples would give the Giants more meaning though and connection to the world, and that alone makes it a good idea, plus we have follower costumes already
  • And i liked the Auto learning, alot theres a lot of things great about the game but just chosing a skill to learn and it learns whether you could log in and play...or not...was cool
  • I do like the auto-learning, but I agree, taking a lesson from Kingdom of Loathing in the Ascension (replaying but being allowed to keep an inherent quality each time you do) is a pretty awesome system. And they still provide end game and high level content as well.
  • I loved the ascension/temples idea. Miramagia does something like this too. It would certainly add a lot of reasons to keep playing once you've reached level 60, and you would do a little better/move up a little quicker each time with some benefits that accrue depending on which giant you ascend towards.
  • After playing in a handful of other MMORPGs, I've come to realize that Glitch's notepaper was one of the most amazing innovations--apparently, most games don't want players leaving delayed communications with each other. (Some games don't want players communicating at all.) I loved seeing the bits of puzzle-contest notes, even though I never participated in them, and some of the goodbye notes still make me cry.

    I suspect New Ur will be hip-deep in paper at first, as lost glitchen show up and leave notes for their friends to find them.
  • old style housing :)
  • Yeah its amazing to me that such a simple thing as paper makes such a HUGE difference and impact. Its rare that any game wants thier players to have open communication that isnt checked for context with each post
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    When old housing was scraped it was stated the houses could not be expanded or customized, which is why it was overhauled, and changed. Since the main reason ppl seem to want old housing is neighborhoods and the designs. Im sure over time more house designs and even more customization will happen, with new housing. And as for neighborhods if we can expand our street sign it woudl solve that issue, another issue with old housing was all those neighborhoods, many abandoned took up a lot of space and houses could not be resold unless the person said to sell them so there was a housing shortage as well. It made more sense for everyone to have thier own house. I do think a way to adding more ppl to the signpost would be good though
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    Until we can find a way to use the old housing in some legit way or other, I can easily build a hub to allow people to wander through the old style houses. Fret not, we'll do what we can to take care of it, presuming we have the assets!
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    If old housing was used as vacation houses that might work but they still would not be able to be customized. However the way to get around houses being owned by ppl that have gone inactive is they are all rentals, there would be a weekly rental fee and if it wasnt paid they house would go back up for sale....and up to a month? could be paid ahead of time. And everyone would still have their new housing house as well, instance housing or something simmilar would need to be rented to avoid housing shortages we had before it also would need to be in addition to new housing. Also there should be a way to check how much time you had paid up to left. Other than the storage issues and very lacking customization of old housing another main issue was houses owned by inactive players, many empty housing blocks, and no houses coming back up for sale. Personally all the customization and future customization of new housing more than makes up for some designs which well get more as time progresses with new housing anyway. Storage in old housing was a nightmare. That being said if we have new housing as our main home and if ppl want old housing as a vacation home, then storage issues with old housing would not matter as much becasue items would mostly be stored in your new home house.
  • But it would have to be rent only, not buy, so that when inactive players go inactive once the rent runs out it automatically gets recycled and put back on the market . Our new home houses on the other hand would be permanent. Also should put a limit on how many vacation houses u can rent at once. Two seems fair to me for vacation homes, in addition to your permanent new home house
  • I do like the idea of the old houses standing side-by-side with the new. Ideally, I'd want both: a house in the bogs just for fun's and nostalgia's sakes, and my customizable /home house. But I could see how it could be an unnecessary logistical nightmare if there wasn't a way to just keep expanding the neighborhoods as needed, especially if that whole system had to be recreated from scratch.
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    Other than the storage and lack of customization issues of old housing a huge issues was a housing shortage. Ppl would leave the game but thier house would not be resold. If the code etc for old housing remains ( not sure on this) and were to be re-added as vacation homes they would have to be rent only so that a housing shortage does not happen again. Also to avoid the storage and lack of customization issues ( and not worry about paying rent) we need new housing to be permanent. This would solve the issue of those that want old housing can have it but thier new house home would store the majority of thier stuff, and since they are rent only if someone goes inactive the vacation house will be recycled and resold. Or could make party rooms in the theme of each old housing style. Overall new housing is much better than old, Im sure over time we will get a lot more customization options, since most ppl that want old housing site the designs / being tied to a region of the world / and physical neighborhoods as to why they want it.
  • Black hockey mask dedicated to Wolfshot for character customization! :D
  • @Lyrical Dejavu - Like I said, ideally; I don't by any means think it's a requirement or anything, and I know the whole housing thing is a sticky wicket- I remember the arguments about taxing houses and repo'ing houses and the nightmare of housing rushes every so often for awhile there and I can understand not wanting a repeat lol.
    Rental would be a pretty good option since renting an old-school house would be a luxury rather than a primary residence anyway (I'm guessing). I do wonder, though, if rentals would be immediately swallowed up and remain in the hands of a handful of people with very little turnover, with the end result being nobody gets to use the old houses anyway because they're seldom on the market.
    I dunno. I'm probably just tired and overthinking it.
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    Im not really in favor of possibly ending up in the same situation again. The only way i see it working is if they are rental vacation homes, not the main residence AND if there is a limit on how much time you can pay for in advance, plus a limit on how many vacation homes one account can purchase at once. Otherwise houses not being available plus the other issues would repeat again. Id rather more house designs and modifications were focused on for new housing though than bothering with a 2nd housing system. Things like additonal sign posts or having a exit to a street or ladders, or basements, wall dividers. There were many things planned or being worked on that we never saw. i dont want to struggle with houses not being available or not being able to modify them all over again.
  • Use old housing as vacation end-game items in highly loved areas with the old real estate system with added asking prices or time-shares ridiculousness with a billion puns and love instead of day long lectures?

    Or just make the addition of being able to edit architectural foundations of current housing. Big Task, but I believe doable. Just make it like LEGO.
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    We did have some lego themed furniture toward the end of the game btw Im sure more deisigns for everything will be added periodically...for well everything... furniture, clothes etc. As someone said earlier paper is great but id like to be able to do more with it. Like books and posters would be neat, thinking posters would be made from snaps. I also think more usage for signs / posts/ poles would be good. Wow do i miss so much of this game
  • I just want to play what I had. The new housing was a little difficult.
    cant wait to play again
  • @Grigori Tesla, I love all the thought you put in to your list, and your ideas but one. I strongly support the concept that all game content be available to all players (with a subscription of course to support the game, I'll be getting one), and that no badge or other item, perk, etc be only available if you purchase something outside of elevengiants.com. Our little world of imagination should be self contained, without visits to commercial sites, social media sites, etc.

    @zoom.b - Yes, and when you collect 11 "specks" they could become a "mote", then 11 motes a "god's eye" we could use to play marbles with. :-)
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    A community event that everyone could get involved in other than street building would be nice. Maybe do something like have an indoor house decorating contest where five submissions are selected each month from snapshots and is critiqued and judged by the community as well as voted. Winner gets a set amount of each shrine tokens (or game tickets) and a specially designed first place trophy follow ups will get same prizes but less of it and different trophies. An achievement could be designed and made for this as well. It would definitely inspire a lot of people to design the inside of their house in unique and interesting ways along with what themes they want to do.
  • I'd rather see focus go into allowing more styles of new housing than a revival of the old. People coming into the game after it's well established will see the "elite", those of us who have been here and bought up the limited housing before they even joined. I think this issue is very similar to the issue of "Glitchen name for old players, new name for new players" that was discussed earlier.
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    Re-program wardrobe and vanity so ALL hairstyles can wear all of the hats. Of the many hairstyles to choose from, more than 25 couldn't wear hats. Well, they could, BUT - the hair disappeared ( ! ) once the hat was put on!
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