What features of Glitch would you really like to (re)see in Eleven, or even new features?



  • With wood trees implemented I think being able to write little books would be fun. People could have their own little book stores and this thought just makes me happy. Probably have some limit as to how much they hold, exciting stuff.
  • I think having a way to have new colors for animals would be nice. Butterflies with new patterns, chickens of different colors, pigs also, etc.

    - It could be total random, with some chosen probabilities,
    - A special skill ("breeding?") that allows you to "custom" an egg. Special recipes that will make your future animal to be this color or this one (maybe with a bit of randomness, I don't know).
    - A special thing (potion?) you have to feed an animal with to make it change its color (and a special skill associated).
  • Here is a re-see and a NEW feature.  I would love to see balconies on our upper stories in our houses.  Then we could jump down into our backyards!  :)  Wouldn't that be great???  I would be more than happy to make a few more boards and snails.  Thx for listeniing.
  • All the Ticket To ... locations. 

    Being able to see all the skills.


  • Not sure if this has been suggested before, but a new feature I'd love: being able to place furniture on my home street. Towers are nice, but it's not quite the same as walking past a cute campfire scene or through a mushroom forest while visiting someone's front yard.
  • I'd love furniture in my back yard.  A storage item and a place to "cook" outdoors - even a tall table to put our "grill" on - would be great fun.
  • i know i suggested/wished for outdoor furniture somewhere but, it seems not to be in this thread so i just wanted to reiterate & agree with mx ghostie & misadventure. i like to visit other people's towers but i'm not that interested in having one of my own - i would rather a picnic table to offer my jams, jellies, and pies :) perhaps little baskets (like strawberry baskets and one larger woven one) that could hold fruit and vegetables. like a roadside farmstand. or maybe something that resembles lucy's (peanuts) "advice booth"/lemonade stand and when you interact with it there's inventory slots inside and you can take whatever. users can decide whether the items cost currants or are free. i could put my snowcone counter outside and sell snowcones in the summer :) a couple of adirondack chairs. a bench. different signpost styles - hanging wood signs with vines, a wrought iron lamppost, the green signs with white sans serif type typical in suburban america, etc. a birdbath. a swingset or porch swing. i also liked the idea of wreaths for doors, maybe a small selection for the seasons and biomes.

    beyond that, i think my big three would be: the return of the wardrobe/vanity (i know it's not forgotten, i just really miss it), the ability to sit/lay down (at least just in furniture), and a better inventory system. the crabpack that holds at least one complete series of musicblocks, a cubimal case that holds at least one full series, and either more bag colors (could also add the ability/skill to dye fabric for this) or more distinctive bags - i am a "visual person" and it would be nice to really know what's what at a glance. things like the spice rack, toolbox, and alchemy bags are a great start. maybe a wheelbarrow for hauling rocks or dirt, or just the ability to customize a bag with a (pre-existing) icon - like i could put the apple artwork on a bag and keep all my fruits in there, or choose from the seed packet art to decorate a bag to keep my seeds in, and so on and so forth.
  • ...and also everything from the recipe thread XD with special nods to sushi, using hooch to make different spirits, lots of different ice cream bars (i really want to be an ice cream man!)...and definitely something to make use of both the bacon and the sesame oil :) (sorry to linger on old threads but daydreaming has been rather helpful in getting through the days as of late!)
  • can we get KFC back?
    where when you type KFC in local chat all the chickens start panicking and flying away :')
  • I know making enough money to support a "free to play" game is challenging. One thing that might help generate revenue would be some "time saving" items to purchase. I would love to have a special potions I could purchase with rl $$ to clear the plot/water/plant/fertilize/harvest. 
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    Home Street is cool but when you were able to live in bogs or trees or other varies depending on region was so cool, too. Being able to find a friends home and leave a letter or gift. (^-^*)/Enjoying moving from place to place for fun enjoying each very different housing style and layout.
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