What features of Glitch would you really like to (re)see in Eleven, or even new features?



  • One feature that I think was extremely useful for everyone and is a must have would be notes. To add on to that, a new feature that would have been awesome, at some point be able to make a little book out of pages / notes. I can just imagine the endless creativeness of fellow players.
  • I just to walk through Autumn Day again.

    Okay, I want to walk through Autumn Day about three hundred and eleven times.

    And then I want a long chat with a bubble tree who'll explain exactly what giantish conspiracy caused the long downtime.
  • Oooh, I'd love iPad compatibility! But really, I loved the creation aspect of the game. Just gathering, crafting and exploring, which I sadly have not found a replacement for in any game since Glitch... but I also loved the humor, the notes, secret passageways, the camaraderie, and the love of the Giants!
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    Eris, the bubble trees talking conspiracy of what happened is the best suggestion I've seen yet xD
  • Communication, make it easy to talk with each other and be able to help anyone who needs assistance. Can hardly wait to see all the old amazing friends and the new ones we will all make.
  • I'll take old Glitch :) I'm even ready to subscribe, watch/view/click on multiple ads before entering Ur, buy merch, whatever it takes!

    More badges and more pie! o/
  • I'm with Tatanka - I don't care if it's exactly the same or even slimmed down. I just miss my old environment so much. I'd do unspeakable things for a run through Ancestral Lands right now.
  • I loved the community gardens -- planting, tending, harvesting what I needed and letting others have some free food.

    FEATS. Pet all the animals? Yes, please. Make food/items and give it away to young Glitchen/Elevenses/Urlings? I'm there. Say the magic phrases in the correct order? This game is absolutely preposterous. And I love it.

    And to echo others, quests, badges, skills -- all wonderful things.
  • I second egiantine's idea - would love to be able to import my old profile.

    In Glitch, I always wanted the new houses to be more like the old bog houses, with a ladder, a hole to jump down, levels to bounce around on in the basement/back yard, hidden closets, etc.

    And it was fun to decorate the new houses -- no argument!-- but I loved the old days of house-hunting -- looking for the perfect location (it had to be close to a subway, with a grocery vendor and vegetable vendor nearby since I was in the bogs); checking out the real estate listings; visiting the streets; pondering how it would feel to live here vs there....I really missed all of that after the housing update.

    Oh, that reminds me -- someone once had the idea in the Glitch forums for our houses to have doors that could open to four different streets, a la Howl's Moving Castle. Maybe (instead) we could have the option to have our street signposts point to Glitch streets instead of other player streets. Just a thought.
  • You guys are totally my people.
  • @gelderlin I actually think the four streets thing may have been part of the plan. I had found an item while picking through the assets called a "signpost permit" - it seems to me that you'd need one to put an extra sign post on your street. IIRC, the home streets automatically came with the sign post, so this would be to have an extra one. I actually really like the idea, myself. Ur is still so large that I don't think it would discourage exploration or use of the wormholes, etc.
  • @Gelderlin I love Howl's Moving Castle and I love that idea!
  • I also am wondering, how will we deal with the items that were available for credits in game? I loved a lot of the Uralia themed items!
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    I'd like to see the summoning twig introduced at the very beginning and that all new players would enter the game with one in their inventory from the very start.

    I got mine right towards the end and I kept starving to death when I first started playing, it was very frustrating,
    I would have appreciated the help when I first joined! :)

    I love @Gelderlin's and @egiantine's ideas!
    I wish I could at least have my wardrobe (items, as in all my clothes) back please! Would it be possible?
  • Id love to be able to constantly level up without maxing at 60.
  • I really liked the app they had so that I can keep tabs on my lessons. I would also love more clothes or maybe a place where you can design your own using a template and you can wear what you created. You could also sell your creations as well :)
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    Its such a simple thing but notes...were awesome, Aside from what the game already had, more clothes designs, more house outer designs, more furniture designs, more ways to use img if you were high lvls you ran out of uses for it, make the Rook harder to beat, more cards in the daily shuffle deck, add more new land areas , and new feats and acheivements and increase max lvl 111 maybe?:) All eventually mind you
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    @Lyrical Dejavu I think you mean eleventually :p (I don't seem to know how to tag you though :( )

    I love @sparkles idea! It would be great to design and sell outfits! (and toys, and furniture, maybe food and other items)
  • I wanna see flamingo turn into a flamingo rook!
  • I wanna resee the rook, and the underground!
  • Out of curiosity, will the Craftybots be fully operational?
  • They should be as operational as they were at shut down by the time we are ready for beta.
  • @KaiyonAlatar Fantastic. They were pretty buggy, and kicking them produced the funniest sound. Looks like I'll be laughing my imaginarass off quite a bit.
  • I loved cooking all of the different foods and the storage boxes you could hang on the wall. I loved collecting and donating to the shrines too!
  • Homes and having community gardens surrounded by homes. Chickens. Furniture making. Homey style things. :) Yay Glitch!
  • I remember reading through the ideas-that-could-have-been for Glitch on the old forums, and I loved the idea of having a campfire/firepit! Even if they weren't on home streets, maybe they could be in community areas where anybody could gather and roast marshmallows and tell stories? Or maybe even NPCs/a new NPC could tell stories sometimes? (Preferably with that wonderful Glitchy humor!)

    Also, as a heavy tea drinker, I think it would be nifty if at some point there could be a teapot or brewing tool? It could use the herbs, spices, and fruits that already exist, among other things. Maybe it could also do coffees.

    I also agree with the members who have mentioned bringing back the old housing system. I think it would be great if there could be some kind of combination of having both the old and the new housing system available so players can choose or even use both somehow? I also like the idea that others have mentioned about being able to interact more with items in our homes, like having a "Sit" option.
  • Achievements, achievements, achievements. And an equal achievement playing field as soon as beta opens :)
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    Concerning housing a happy compromise IMO would be getting more designs for new housing that resembled the outside of old. Or eventually modifications like a ladder or basement.....etc. For one thing after the housing revamp i dont think the code was saved from before, if im recalling what was said at the time right. The designs were nice and it was nice to have a neighborhood but piles upon piles of stuff on the floor or bags on the floor....was both a mess and impractical. Housing was redone because the functionality of housing needed an overhaul. They could at some point add party rooms that were more like neighboorhoods with campfires etc. There was that one bog house party room, or something like vacation homes - party areas - but not modifiable, just various types of homes.
  • @Koma
    Seconded - I like the group effort that went into defeating the Rook.
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