What features of Glitch would you really like to (re)see in Eleven, or even new features?



  • Im not in favor of a different name for new and old players. We should all be the same. As its in the story of the game already , Glitchen / Glitches, my vote is to stay with that, due to anything else being confusing as the main reason. As for housing i can understand the nostalgia argument, but i cant imagine giving up new housing for old. I wonder if ppl seem to forget the huge piles of everything we had on the floor and that you couldnt add furniture or customize anything, or the housing shortage. I think it makes more sense to just add more designs and functionailty to new. I can see adding houses that are 2nd homes though, not modifable at a much later date though.
  • Maybe if we just get new kinds of hats? It might be possible to rework wardrobe but it might be a lot of work. How about hats with various hair attached? Not everything worked with every hairsltyle or other wardrobe stuff either, like some coats do not fit over tops / dresses
  • I agree on the naming issue and anything that sets the old apart from the new, including importing old items and wealth accrued. Maybe being able to look back at what you had in some way if you want to achieve what you had, but at the same time I'd think no.

    Possibly keeping the pickles and stuff as reissues. Since it doesn't take away much and was more fun than anything.
  • You guys know we have no access to the old player data, right? That would have been a minefield of security issues for TS.
  • I figured wed be starting back to day 1, which is they way it should be tbh, but i think someone else thought they would be able to import the data, thanks though
  • And things like the pickle i agree id like them to be added but maybe as a quest reward instead of a beta reward?
  • I didn't think there was access, I just saw comments earlier about trying to do something other than start at Day 1 by using old data, and not only is it implausible, but it is also out of the spirit in the end to me.
  • Yeah it's going to be a good old Glitchy/Elevenish Renaissance. We'll try to make it worth your while. :)

    And Lyrical, it could easily be a quest reward. I enjoyed getting the pickle at the end there, and it was so silly and fun I'd sorta hate to see it not be treasured for the gift it is. There will still be plenty of rares in the way of feat rewards, IMO, and maybe we could rustle up a few more if people think the game needs rares for some reason (I would actually quite like to hear theories on that).
  • It is like a double edged sword. On one hand, having collector items would be nice since they are limited and would make a fine item for a display case and on the other, that can encourage someone who badly wants an item to resort to horrible means on getting it such as hacking for example. There are pros and cons of there being collector items I guess
  • I am looking forward to starting over and doing/earning everything again. At this point, I'd be pretty happy just to have the interactive world back.
  • hahaha.. I am fine with starting over, even if it means I have to go back and jump *for-ever* around Ur to earn my badge back!

    I started playing glitch with the old housing - all the way up to the end, and always enjoyed the new changes as they came.. I would love to be able to play again with any aspect of the game, and get back other features as they were made available. No need to start right away where we left off to make me a happy glitchen :D
  • The cute butler thing you got.
  • A few points (and a discrete, yet useful, bump back to the top of the shortlist for this forum):

    -To those who have discussed old file data, if you wish to re-import old friends as @egiantine had mentioned or if you wish to look back on what you've had as @"Grigori Tesla" had mentioned, you can use http://www.glitchthegame.com/friends/search/ to look up your old profile name (given that you remember it).

    -I had asked about mobile skill updating, and @ladyceres had said "The way the webapp is being rebuilt, I don't see why it wouldn't be accessible via mobile. I thought that you could pick new skills from the iPhone app though...at least I sort of remember doing it, because I thought it was super handy! The mobile app for iPhone is being built from scratch because it wasn't released. Either way, it can go on the "wishlist" for functionality! " (quoted here from another thread for the sake of relevance consolidation).

    -I am, in some way, excited to start over :3
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    It was stated that importing old data wasnt possible btw
  • @"Lyrical Dejavu" yeah, and to be honest, in some way, I'm kind of happy, so that it can't even be raised as an issue that anyone would want older progress, it's just not possible. My main point was that some aspects such as old personal goals or friends could still be found even without old data importation because I wasn't sure if everyone knew the old site was still up and all :D
  • I kind of missed living on a street and having neighbours.
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    I think rares are a good idea. Overall the game is easy going and non competitive but if there was one thing we were competitive on it was collecting, and leaderboards.The cubimals, the dolls, the items from feats, etc, i think it gives ppl something to work towards. Cubimals , dolls and items from feats you could get from being lucky, the first two, and feat items we got from better leaderboard standings, or could buy any of these from others. While the game overall is laid back , this was our competitive side, that and any other leaderboards we had too, and it was a welcome change from the average day to day. I dont think the game would of been nearly as enjoyable without special items that we worked hard to get, in one way or another. I do have a suggestion though, for the hard to get acheviements, can we have more trophys? more than we have already i mean? there werent a whole lot of them if i remember right, and it would be nicer to put in yards too, maybe a shelf and furniture version unlocks with the achievment? OR badges to put on the wall...either way more ways to display them
  • @meebus
    I miss that too, especially living next door to Joe, somehow the imagination houses didn't have the same feel as neighborhood streets did, I liked that I felt tied to a part of Ur. I also like that we worked on opening a street at a time rather than whole areas and that we could be 'credited' as part of a street opening team. I'm sure there are ways this could be merged with the new system, for example the idea of group streets/ club houses in Ur.
    @Lyrical Dejavu
    I'd like to see higher levels of Kindness awards as I felt those stopped way to early, again easily re -added as quests? If old style greeting doesn't come back this may be a way for those wanting to help newer players be recognised for the good they do. It may be could have a kind of feedback system aka was this person helpful/friendly did they explain well . . . . might work as I know many non greeters did this anyways.
    I liked the surprise element of some awards, who'd have thought of a jumping award for example? It was fun when you suddenly achieved without expecting it, but it was also great when you worked to earn a reward so both options I hope will be available again.
    Of course moving on towards meeting each of the giants would be awesome, and there's still those unopened tower rooms to explore right? hah
    It would also be fun if calendar days had a little effect in the world, Zilloween was always such fun, the other giants needed their days too haha.

    One thing I longer for and still hope might be possible one day is user created artwork that can be built in game. We did have some wonderful examples in Glitch but with a little tweaking I'd think we could do so much more, paintings for walls for example, designing wallpaper, or customizing furniture of clothing? Or even adding spots to our piggies. hehe

  • Splanking! I used to run around and give newbies sandwiches and a good splanking! I also miss playing with a friends pickle (wow that sounds wrong) and it would always telaport me or make me sneeze! I also enjoyed exploring! I wanted to set foot on all the streets and complete all the quest I could! Looking foreward to getting back
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    Street projects were horribly laggy and thats why they were removed. Feats replaced them. Feats to me were much more fun too. But i dont see why something like temples or clubhouses that are community projects coulndt work. The thing with Street Projects was everyone was trying to do so at once as fast as possible and in one location. Clubhouses could be limited to those in a particular group, thus reducing lag. And temples youd most likley need some kind of achievement to participate. Temples i think should be in world, while clubhouses should be some kinda of housing block thing...but im not sure they are even necessary as you can use your tower for this purpose and the lag another building sytem would create would be bad. But i dont think one temple to maintain for each Giant is too much though.
  • @"Lyrical Dejavu" What if there could be some way to donate to the temple from your home, as to prevent gathering lag? Certain things would require people to go, to preserve the social element, but we could some how also make interaction not require avatar presence for things like maintenance, only for the next upgrade or something.
  • Everything please? ;)
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    Or it could when you donate to the any shrine for that particular Giant it goes towards maintaining or building that temple. So Donations to Lem go to maintain only that temple, Pot only goes to Pot etc As for clubhouses, i do think an additonal system is not neccessary plus its likely to end up in a housing shortage issue too. But what would make sense is more furniture with a clubhouse / group theme and additonal permission settings for those that run groups. BTW the system that was used for street projects is still around but its the tower/house building system(pretty much). Which that was only you donating and some freinds, so the system worked but not in the volume it was for street projects. Feats were fun though, and instead of donating it was doing certain things, often silly things, which to me is better, plus ...well leaderbaords. Maybe its just that leaderbaords and collecting were how we competed, and rewards from feats were about collecting, or that i had a lot of fun at feats...lol....the Dying Event. But Rook Attacks, and building house/towers are donation based.
  • And yeah splanking....woo!:D
  • Yes street projects were laggy and housing in Ur wouldn't scale up and yet it was the in Ur housing and they street projects that bound many of the older players to the world. It built community spirit and it gave a sense of purpose and loyalty, and i have wondered long and hard if this experience was what was missing in the later Glitch experience. Could it be that the reason many newer players did not stay was that they did not get the wonderful sense of belonging to Ur that I as a late alpha player experienced. Whereas I understand that scalability wouldn't allow for the return of street projects and in world housing I still hope for ways to connect to UR itself, I like the idea of temples and having more controls on towers or homes to allow club style spaces but I also think we need to explore and discuss new ways to bring back the sense of belonging. One idea I had would be to use something like shim sheri/asslandia where we would have a chute that would lead from imagination homes down to an area in Ur, these areas would be like community hubs and each player could select one hub to tie/link their home to. Maybe with imagination being used to link to a different area, or more areas so that we could have several drop off points.
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    I dunno the thing was street projects lagged so bad many couldnt take part, and more often than not house wise the neighborhoods were empty, you were lucky and in the minority if your neighborhood was active. I do think some kind of signpost / hub idea tying your street to a world region would be a good addition though. As for ppl staying or not the game always had a low retention rate, but all open-ended games do. Its not a style / category of gaming that appeals to many, so your drawing from a small interest group to begin with. Add to that, that the game is kinda odd, and many didnt stay. I recall a lot of new ppl leaving over the wtf factor. It was too strange for some i guess :/ Those that stayed loved the oddity of the game, but many left becasue of it, also a lot of ppl tend to think there should be lots of quests also and the game had very few. The housing redo took a long time and we lost ppl then as nothing new (other than the housing) was added. Later on i dont think it helped that ppl got randomly dropped in Ur after the tutorial, instead of a central location. I think it worked better when ppl were only dropped in one of the Groddle Regions, if dropped in any of the desert areas or mountains it was rare to come across ppl., also a VERY long walk until you hit Groddle and see more ppl. I do think temples would be a great addition as something for us to build / maintain i presume that donations to shrines going towards temple build/ maintenace would be the simplest way of doing it. Maybe you can only donate towards the temple if your a priest of it? Also addtional skills or something to be a preist / priestess and some small boost you get for being a priest of said Giant. Also if we had temples it gives us a better reason to celebrate ALL the holidays , and define exactly what they are as well. As for towers itd be the simplest, less laggy option, less hasslesome too , to get more permissions for group owners concering thier towers, as well as new furniture for that purpose
  • @"Lyrical Dejavu" That was the main issue (in my subjective opinion) with the way older housing worked. If an empty spot was to be found, it was remote, all of the good and social spots were taken and there was no system of reclaiming them. I agree with the concept that we need something to tie us to the world, pervasive game worlds are addictive. I think we could also have a section of the map constantly under a special kind of rook attack (maybe even with a rook's nest?) and it took a collective effort of items/iMG/meditation/a group activity to lessen the rook's influence. If the influence was below a certain %, there would be daily bonuses, and if it stays under control for a whole month, there could be a big bonus. The rook's intensity could have some type of proportional increase to world population/participant's levels/days it's been repelled to prevent things like power creep and boredom from making it pointless. I think that although people left, the main thing was that this game catered to a group of people who could not find refuge in any other community (most of the commentary here attests to that). Even if it is not big, it is loved. The people who played this game truly loved this game, something I can't say I've had with any other game (and I've played a lot). I think with new management, the game can grow slowly as to not alienate the old players, but also gain new ones. I'd agree with your starter location statement, I don't think it'd be hard to ensure all new people started in one central location like Groddle, maybe with a kind word of (pop-up) advice to stay local until they're a bit more experienced? I like your shrine for temple building idea, that seems like the best way to get people out into the world and also not be laggy. Maybe on a Holiday for a specific giant, all people could donate instead of just those who are attuned to that giant (We'd need more holidays)? I'm always down for more furniture!
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    There were actually a lot of holidays but they were never defined as to WHAT they were to be about, just simply the name listed on the days of the calender with the exceptions being Zilloween and Glitchmas. And the streets in Vortex of Random were all idea streets, so street ideas, some that were scrapped others were things meant to be added and expanded on but the game was ended before that happened. Anyway there was a rook themed street in that section so i presume it was meant to go with some sort of storyline. Im all for expanding or making the Rook attack stuff harder, it was our only foe...and i think it got to be too easy also. And yes we love the game there really isnt anything like it, this time around i have a feeling word of mouth and social media will be hit hard once the game opens, we need it to stay open and also after the fact the tenacity of love ppl had for it was extreme, i mean....i cant think of any other game where products trippled plus some AFTER the demise of a game and that still has some active social groups 2 yrs later, also we ...pretty much...hunt for Glitchen refugees in other games. Also how many fan efforts are determined enough to ACTUALLLY bring thier game back! Were a unique bunch ill give us that. Its also not like us to drive new ppl off it was much more of a.."hey theres new ppl!!!!" Swarm".... we were alwasy happy to see new ppl. I mean we had volunteer greeters, i later found out most new ppl figured they were bots but then found out they werent and were shocked
  • @"Lyrical Dejavu" but I mean if we were to have bonuses for holidays pertaining to specific giants, we'd need more holidays to encompass them all, or we'd see people flock to giants with holidays and those without would get no love. Yeah, that ties in with the over all theme of games in general, end game content must be sustainable. I wouldn't mind seeing more rook lore (as I love lore in general). Not only will social media hit, but I will play without a worry of losing this world again. The first time it was imagined, it was by a company, and as awesome as that company may be, companies always need to make a profit. This time, it is by volunteers, who are putting their time and effort due to the deep love of the community, not a profit motive. They understand the loss of not having this game, so I don't think it's likely to shut down again (and those of us already in love with it who are in financial positions to donate will do so as well, to compensate for time and equipment). This game really is the opposite of almost all game communities. I think in due time, as it exists for longer and longer, the good will catch wind of it. I'm not exactly concerned with it's rapid expansion (that's how games get cancer), but I would like to see a steady and slow trickle of people who fit perfectly into the community, which I think it will attract nicely from both destitute older Glitchen and people who simply haven't found a game to call home yet.
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    No idea what # of holidays each Giant typically had but yeah if one has 4 and another only 1 itd need to be more even than that. I think pretty much every game month had at least 1 holiday though, and a game month was not all that long, give or take a month = a week or soemthing like that. Months were VERY irregular too with some being a few in game days and others 20 days etc .Even if it does not tie in with Temple/ Priest idea we need to figure out the meaning and roles of holidays, it does not make sense to HAVE them but not have events and do stuff for them. Most were just named and that was it
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