What features of Glitch would you really like to (re)see in Eleven, or even new features?



  • I never thought I'd miss my piggies, but man I miss petting those guys. I'm so excited this has been resurrected!
  • I seriously loved the skills. And was it just me, or was the Bureaucratic Office just wonderfully bland? For some reason, I loved going there and dealing with the ridiculousness of the bureaucratic system. It certainly makes visiting the DMV in real life more enjoyable.

    But I definitely second the humor. And learning new skills was also fun.
  • I had an idea for the housing. Maybe there could be new streets like the old neighborhoods, but instead of houses on the street it could be different (customizable?) gates. When you walked through, it would take you to your /home, which would work the same way.
    Or maybe instead of gates, something more to bring the "/home is in your imagination" fact to life. Just a suggestion!
  • I got hooked just before The End. Great sadness. I love a good skill tree, so that's something I hope gets implemented early on. Loved making and selling stuff, kitting out the yard. Above all loved blundering into random bits of whimsy -- I suspect that staying consistent with the vision behind that will be the hardest element to duplicate as things expand and evolve.
  • @flask I lol'd at the KoL reference, I should have figured that those drawn to Glitch would have also been drawn to another game which was so nonsensically comical!
  • I definitely have to echo what FlatEarther said. At some point in time, someone is going to have too much iMG and should be able to share it. Giving to those who don't have as much really does seem like part of the spirit of the game. Maybe just MORE ways to use excess iMG would be really great.
  • One thing that I feel should definitely be looked at is potential website conflicting with eachother when the forums get merged with the website. For some reason I have had to change my password twice because it has said it was wrong. If users who post on the blog, also post on these forums and the website gets merged then there might be confliction with username/passwords from the blog and on the forums. To avoid confliction, maybe have a system that can recognize that a user has both a blog account along with a forum account and ask if the user wants to use one standard username/password. This would have to be implemented after the merge of course but this is just an idea though. I do feel this does need some looking into so there is no conflict with it later on.
  • I would really like the exterior of my house to be a Groddle one. :)
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    Quests, surprises, mystery, hidden rooms, hidden places...I really dug the plains, and the surprises that would appear when running over the traps.

    I'm so excited. I can hardly contain myself.
  • @Kassutera Right now they are two totally separate entities for a reason. Wordpress was the quickest way to get the blog up, even though we would have wished to have something more customized for the future site. That said, there are tools that might enable us to incorporate the wordpress blog under this login, but equally we might move to something else (where we'd import the old posts from WP into something new). So rest assured, it's something we're aware of.
  • Write messages, doodles in the clouds. Customise the sky and land colour in privet gardens / homes. More chances to fight crows and maybe direct encounters with the gods subconsciousness :D More fart joke.
  • I think I enjoyed the quests most of all. Gimme a task! Any task!
  • Oh and I want global chat back!!! Is there somewhere we can get super chatty in the meantime?
  • I would like to see quests and the skill trees and gardens and piggies from the old game. I might still be too shocked this is happening to come up with new ideas but I may manage something soon...
  • Oh yes. I also really liked making faces: grimacing, fear, etc.
  • I would love for the badges to be included. I never walked anywhere, I only jumped. I just had to get all of those jumping badges! I would also love to be able to nibble a piggy and be able to name all of the animals again. Also Rook attacks are a must! I just loved how they brought everyone together!
  • April - nothing like that has been taken out! The game is pretty much as it was (or it will be once we bring our updates from the throwaway server to the real server)...we're missing a few locations (subway, quest locations, for example) which are being dug out of backup and will hopefully be delivered soon.
  • i'm dreaming of hopping on the moon again and meet all that great people again
  • Other than the basics: More variety in mini games, and down the road more furniture and clothing items. Really the only thing new that would be very nice would be more emotes of some sort...eventually mind you
  • please don't worry so much with a lot of new/old features that delay the beta launch, one of the funniest things in Glitch was discover new features often, I really don't mind at all to start with a very basic layout, with some streets, piggies and friends, to walk, nibble and jump with (not necessarily in this order) and during time other features will be added when well tested, it makes the game much more fun to play when new things are beeing added often.
  • @zoom.b Jump with piggies? Now I'm picturing a bottle (or powder) of something that makes the animals, well, bouncy. And I'm not sure if I'm thinking more along the lines of 'Suddenly, piggies are mobile trampolines!' or 'Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a... pig?", but either scenario is wonderfully weird. (And weirdly wonderful.)
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    @Ladyceres sounds good. You guys took a giant step (no pun intended) which made a ton of people happy. I know you guys continue to work hard to bring us the game so it is very much appreciated. I figured I would mention it so it would not be overlooked since you guys are working hard on the game.

    In the meantime, another thing I would love to see is real life merchandise. I would totally buy a Rube or Cubimal plushie. Maybe even buy a plushie of my character that allows me to customize it before it is made. (Kind of like build a bear only it's Eleven characters) If the money benefits keeping the servers going then I would probably buy a lot of cubimals or shirts if available
  • Customization of your house. It was the one piece that reminded me of a better version of the earlier Sims series
  • So basically, we want everything and then some, lol I'd love to guide and greet again
  • I'm so excited. I've never missed a game so much as Glitch. I'd love to have the original music, and all the sound effects. Is that something that's going to happen? It was a huge part of the Ur experience for me!
  • I've voiced my love for my old bog home many times, and I'd still love to see some home street + old style house mash up. Failing that, it'd probably be quicker and easier to implement basement and subbasement levels for new style houses, but still limit it to 3 floors (so, ground floor and 2 above OR ground floor +1 above and 1 below OR ground + 2 below).
  • @DiddilyPuff somewhere in glitchy heaven I believe there are still some piggies jumping, the ones that I captured from my home before the game ends and released at Kloro jumping platforms :-D
  • ahhh, plz keep the wood tree quotes :-)
  • I LOVED the frozen pond you could slide on... I don't know what would go into rebuilding the physics of that, but it was so very fun.

    Also, HELIKITTIES!!!!
  • Sliding Skimmers was configured to glide around, no worries! And the wood trees are as filthy as they ever were. ;)
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