If Glitch users were Glitchen, what are Eleven users called?



  • will always be Glitchen!
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    It hasnt been decided yet. But its not a conflict we are allowed to still use the term Glitch/ Glitchen/ Glitches. Its the game being called that, that was the only issue. But also its in the story / lore already and using something else is going to be confusing. So far anything else thats been suggested hasnt grabbed me Elven makes you think Elves, Levens makes you think Bread or Jewish we need something silly or odd/unique to replace the term Glitch if we are going to replace it at all IMO. So far the best option seem to be to keep the old name. Its been agreed upon that whatever is to be decided, all players will have the same name though
  • It looks like from (the small cross section of people) those who took the poll I made on page 5, keeping Glitch/Glitchen is the wildly popular option.
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    The factor alone that its in the lore already, and now wed have a different name to me is reason enough to stick with Glitch / Glitchen / Glitches it just makes the most sense, any other name will be confusing. Yes you can explain why but i dont see the reason to as wed be re-imagined and therefore the same type of beings so having a different name is odd to me
  • ^10/10 that
  • leven!!! and I am all for dongateeers! or glitchven ... Sounds sort of swedish!
  • I'm all for remaining Glitchens to honour glitch but we can also have another name! Why not? I think it's really an oppinion thing on if you want to change or not.
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    Not saying we cant, but i just think itd be confusing to go with anything else, it is in the text of the story. That and if we are reimagined how are we now something different? Lev though just makes me think of bread or Jewish and to me its not a good option. Any name we have needs to be silly and/or odd/unique Lev is rather drab, implies bread or Jewish, and is very close to Lem, one of the Giants
  • One Levit.
    "I am a Levit."

    Multiple Levitens.
    "We are Levitens." or "Greetings, Levitens!"

    A Levitation, or a Levity, for a group.
    "Look at that huge Levitation over there! Looks like a party, let's go."

    (Levitens is also funny because it's "10" in Eleven.)
  • I was about to make a one-off comment in one of the other threads and stopped short, wondering if this might be worth considering if it is decided that we don't remain with Glitch/Glitchen.

    A single player is a Prim.
    A group of players are Prime.

    By ourselves, a single Prim can only get into so much mischief. However, when we reach our Prime...

    We could have new feats, quests, lore making puns of the word Prime since so much of the math in our game is prime driven.

  • (Liza T. here) I do have to say @flask has got a point : ) I always liked Urthlings as a sort of joke, but it just has these sci fi echoes I don't appreciate. Honestly I think @FlatEarther has it with Madge and Madgen! I love the play on imagine and the different spelling ;)
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    Madgen for whatever reason makes me thing Magic though, or Magpie, which the Rook is our enemy so.... :/ Urthling and variations make you think Sci-Fi, Lev make me think Jewish or bread, Elves...fantasy

    I dunno nothing really has stuck for me yet, out of the non Glitch / Glitches / Glitchen options. Mind you weve been it for a long time now, i can put that aside though. The thing to me is we were called glitch becasue we were a glitch in the imagination of the Giants, and GNG sings about Glitchen, some of the story text said stuff about us as well, so usuing something else would be confusing. We were re-imagined so i find it odd that wed be something else now as well. Mostly its the confusion factor, and thus far there hasnt been another option ppl like well enough as a majority from the possible new options. We can always think of it as a homage to the old game too
  • We can be a glitch in the minds of the Eleven Giants just fine. It even makes a nice distinction between the game and the characters.

    I do kinda like Leven, though.
  • I hope we remain Glitch, Gitches and Glitchen...
  • I don't think stoot and friends will come down on us if the forums and our chats are full to the brim with the names glitch and glitchen, though if the game itself uses the terms I suppose that that's trouble?

    In which case I suppose it doesn't matter too terribly much what our race's new name is in the lore. We can always just stay Glitchen in our hearts :P

    -Liza Throttlebottom-
  • The only conflict with using the term was naming the game the same name, were free to use the term
  • we have been lost and wandering broken hearted waiting for the eleven giants to wake again. ur reimagined is our homecoming. we are glitchen. 4ever and ever.
  • Why don't we just keep calling each other glitches or glitchen, lower case g? The word "glitch" is very generic. It wouldn't be trademark violation. The protagonist in Wreck-It Ralph gets called "a glitch" too.
  • There are often times when I feel like a glitch...especially those days when I just want a big do-over...
  • Maybe original Glitchen Glitchen and New one Lev(en)?
  • I would like to be a Glitch/Glitchen as I have been since alpha sooooooo long ago. Sorry FlatEarther, don't care for Madge - it says Madonna to me! (is that just a UK thing - I don't know?)

    I would like to indulge in some Levity though! asap please!
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    Elevenist... "Hello, fellow Elevenist." "I love you all, Elevenists." "All you Elevenists are wonderful."
  • Could we not be Elglitcheven, or even glitchelven ?
  • Ohhhh URalians! for our mother home. :)
  • Dont see any reason to change it, its not a conflict for one thing, secondly could view it as a homage to the old game, and lastly its in some of the text/items of the game so unless all that is redone itd be confusing not to use it
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    Most of the alternates i either dont like or they make you think of other things, and not the game, the Ur titles make me think aliens or pee, Lev - Levenites = relgion and many of the others are extremely long in lenght.

    But thinking of it another way we were supposed to be an error and glitch in the imagination of the giants, so i dont see any reason not to still use it, ecspecially if you take into account what it was i just said in the last post
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    I like:
    1 - A Lev
    'There was one Lev standing over there'
    1-5 - Levi
    'A group of Levi are sitting at the table'
    5+ - Leviathan
    'The race was know as Leviathan'
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    Leviathan is both a sea monster and in the Bible, which in either case, isnt something that fits with the game imo
  • I like the direction CoduX is going in. Glitchen was a diminutive the of the game name. If this re-imagination of the game is being called Eleven, I think it would be nice to come up with a new diminutive--make it easy to distinguish between eras. Lev, Leven, Levenie, Levs...or maybe Levchen -- an homage to our roots.
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