If Glitch users were Glitchen, what are Eleven users called?



  • I like urson and urple! Or urdatter and urple! Cute names *and* a fix to one of English's long-time poetry blockages! Why, just think of the songs that could be written, if we became urple as well as glitchen!

    Of course we'll always be glitchen. But newcomers may not be, and to make this survive for a long while, we need to be open to people who've never played Glitch, who won't have any direct attachment to it.

    Urling and urple also work for me. (I like lev and leven too, but I agree that I'd rather we weren't directly named for the giants. And while elevensies is cute, is longer than I'd like; it'd get abbreviated to lev or elev really quickly, I think.)
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    I have to correct my suggestion (elevenauts) we must be glitchens!
    Because we are playing a game based on Glitch (only can’t use the name) but we can use glitchen.
    We always be proudly glitchens anyway (at least I will)
    We will always play Eleven in a glitchy way (see? I'm dreaming already)
    We already have a glitchy community that we love and we want to keep and hopefully get even bigger.
    And it would be a way of honour the original name (that we can't use) and keep it alive.
    That is not disregarding Eleven, I never been so happy and proud with a work of a team, and I will share Eleven as crazy and help as soon as it will be possible.
    (sorry about my basic English)
  • I don't know if this is realistic (or even possible) but what if we were offered small character options and that would determine our name. It would let glitchens be glitchens and newcomers choose what they like best.
  • @KittenCor I really like that idea, it'd let us keep some nostalgia as well as being open ended to new users!
  • I totally love it :)
  • Count me in to the "any form of Ur" camp. (When Lev was suggested I couldn't get "My Name is Asher Lev" out of my head.) Urthlings, Urlites, Urlinians, Urlians (awww, like aliens)... I'm up for any of those. :)

    But in my heart, I am and always will be a Glitch.
  • I am a Levur, you are a Levur... we are Levurs, and we come from the Land of Ur.
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    I like being a glitchen -_-
    I want to stay a glitchen! D:

    @Chimeric I agree wholeheartedly!
    @Xial Ara :O It's so good to see you here!! :D :D <3

    To everyone else voting for lev/levensies etc that don't like that it sounds like a Jewish name, lavanya is close and means beauty in sanskrit.

    I don't think remaining a glitchen is elitist, there were game neverending players on glitch and I never felt left out, even though I wished I could've played it, I think newcomers could go for the new name (I like Urthlings better than the others) and game neverenders could still be called so and glitchens could remain glitchens if they chose to.
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    I will always stay a glitchen.
    and aren't we the product of a glitch in the imagination of the eleven giants? and won't we stay that although the name of the game changed? We will still be glitchen in the dreams of the giants, won't we?

    and I agree with flask, on lev/levens, although it kinda sounds cute.

    Maybe Urthling, Urthian, Uralians?
  • ohhhh i like all of these ideas!!!!!
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    How about instead of Urs something simmilar, Ers? and Eries? Erthlings?
  • Urdians (for you, I'm a glitchen)
  • I think I will always be a Glitchen!!
  • I know at heart we will always be Glitchen, but I do think it's important to have a new name. There might be trademark (or whatever the right term is) issues around the name Glitch.

    Ur-derived names seem cool, but I'm less fond of Urthlings just because Ur isn't Earth. Urple is cute though! :D
  • I been looking into that, Dazyndara
    Tiny Speck has something to say about the Glitch logo but I think the words Glitch and Glitchen they are ok with. still researching. any other observations on this are welcome
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    The logo is still copywrited yes, dont know if this applies to ppl using the term Glitch / Glitchen / Glitches though i dont THINK it does but not sure. Also someone brought up a good point GNG states Glitches in it, and i think some of the lore /story does as well so not using the terms we had might cause confusion and make less sense NOT to use it. If thats the case then might as well stick with the old terms for ourselves. There will be plenty to make Eleven different regardless:)
  • I can see two problems with separate names based on having played Glitch or not, one is minor, one is not. Please offer feedback on my perspectives with your own viewpoints :D

    The first problem, which is minor, would be egos or intimidation of newbies. The ego issue isn't something I would think to be pervasive, if at all existent, because the community is amazing. I would worry about newbies being put off or feeling ostracized by the titles, but even if they just played for a few minutes and realized how kind those designated as veterans were, it would be of no concern.

    The second problem, and this one poses more of an obstacle, is how would we determine who had played on Glitch and who was a recent join? If we were to run usernames through the database of existing ones within Glitch, what would keep a newcomer from just claiming a username of an old player who hasn't claimed their own yet?
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    @Sanotsuto Hm. Two possible answers posed by your second point:

    1. Assuming that the vast majority of alpha and beta testers will be veteran players, why not make the "Glitch/Glitchen" option available to only the alpha/beta testers?

    2. Set up a quiz that veterans could easily answer but newcomers could not.

    I'm not saying that the "Glitch/Glitchen" title option is my preferred route, but I do love solving problems, so there you go.
  • @vesperina Two further questions based upon these answers :D

    1. Will there be enough room in Beta to accommodate all of the old Glitchen? If not, how will it be determined who can Beta test and how many Beta testers are we looking at?

    2. I played for probably around 6-8 months before closing, but I have the memory of a rotten tomato, what if we can't remember? (Or newbies who are very google proficient can just searchanswer their way through?)

    Albeit I am somewhat attached to the name(s) "Glitch/Glitchen", I understand they may not be applicable here, and that a new name could be on the table. I like posing hypothetical issues to explore preemptive solutions, so this works in a synergistic fashion! :D
  • IMHO I am always a glitchen, in Miramagia we are all known as glitchens (for the good and the bad, glitchens tend to be a bit... not easily ruled) later we turned it into miraglitchens to be "polite" to the ones that host us.

    Glitch is/was a lot more then a game to play it turned out in a way of behaving that I guess we intend to keep alive, since only Glitch is the protected trademark, I think glitchen is OK.

    See "moonwalking", no matter if you are walking backwards (with your friends or not) in a street, in a tree, under the water, inside your home, you always be MOONwalking (to the mental house if in RL) no matter where.

    The only thing that worries me is the current "wonderteam" feelings, they deserve that we be proud of the Eleven brand and the ammount of work they are doing, I just don't agree so much that this will be done with how the "old" players are called bcz they are already "named" , and also many of the suggested names don't include "eleven" so they may be also hurtfull (<- is that a word? no idea. I'm portuguese).

    The new players will be elevensies. elevenauts, or anything else they prefer (obviously honorary glitchens also if they want)

    But I'm not single minded, I will be happy with any proposed name, you can even call me the yoga frog if I can jump in Ur again.

    Emo bear hugs

  • Having people named different based on different rules doesn't sound like the most "Glitchy" thing to do, so we'd be most likely to avoid it.
  • @KaiyonAlatar That seems like the best route! Is calling a character a "Glitch/Glitchen" also blocked under the trademark of the name? I've seen that question posited a few times, but there hasn't been any definitive remarks upon the subject, it'd narrow down the field of possibilities a good deal to know n___n
  • @KaiyonAlatar I agree with you, maybe I explain bad my point, there are no different rules, I am completely against that, rules if exist are the same to anyone, (less rules the better)
    people call themselves what they want/like best, to me no matter if they are playing Glitch or a Glitch clone, they all are glitchens, even the new ones, unless they don't want to be called that.
  • The more I think about this, I think maybe we are all too emotionally invested in Glitch/Glitchen. We are all Glitchen because we played the game Glitch. We will always be Glitchen no matter what game we are playing but it is okay to have multiple facets to our gaming identities, just like our real life identities. Perhaps we should embrace the "Glitch/Glitchen" the way that people who beta test games embrace that label. You can be a Glitch, a beta tester, and a [insert name here for the inhabitants of Eleven] all at the same time.

    Maybe someone can refresh my memory.. how did the original term "Glitch/Glitchen" come to be? Was it something that the TS folks sat down and deliberately created, or was it something that sort of surfaced over time?

    If any of you have friends, family who are interested in playing the game Eleven maybe you can ask them for their ideas on what the inhabitants of this new world should be called and then share them with us? I think we need some outside input.
  • Halfway between waking and sleep, something struck me: The name "Glitch" came about because we were a collective Glitch in the dream shared by the Giants. Something unexpected happened, and then poof! a bunch of sentient lifeforms appeared.

    "Glitch" denotes some kind of error, but since we were in an imaginary state, wouldn't we be something closer to a dream or a figment? Anyway, I started playing around with a thesaurus (because that's the kind of person I am) and came across a word that I've never seen before.

    Eidolon (noun, plural "eidola, eidolons")
    1. A phantom, apparition
    2. An ideal

    Maybe "Eidolon/Eidola" isn't the perfect word, but I do believe that it's in the spirit of the original "Glitch/Glitchen", and hopefully on the right track.
  • @vesperina I really like that one! It's totally original! (Plus it's a word I've never seen before, a thing which typically piques my interest!)
  • @Sanotsuto I've been muttering it all day, and it's really sticking with me.
  • Urp! We could all be Urps.

    To address the backstory issue... well, we've migrated. The story of why and/or how has yet to be developed, but a Great Migration would explain any mention of Glitch or Glitchen in our old stories and songs. We've moved to a new place, and lovingly taken a new name to honor and recognize that change. And wouldn't the Tale of the Great Migration make a great addition to our stories? What happened that made the giants wake up, and how did we lull them back to sleep? How have we adapted to our new home, and how is it different while still being the same? What do we miss, what are we rebuilding here, and what can never be the same?

    Since we're now in a new dream of the Giants, of COURSE it's different! Dreams are never the same after you wake up. So inconsistencies are almost inevitable, and that's kinda part of what makes a good myth.

    Back to the name thing, I like letting folks choose to be called whatever they'd like to be called, though I hesitate to "let" beta testers have a separate or additional "official" name for themselves. It would become kinda like a title, and separate us from the new folks we hope to welcome into the game. Perhaps a nice badge or trophy, like the ascension badges we all got when Glitch was optimistically launching?
  • @vesperina as I wake up more and more (I had a flurry of posts in my waking haze), I've been thinking about it still. I feel like the word has a fantasy feel to it, it fits really well. I can see people shortening it to "Eid" or even making a portmanteau of that and "Glitchen" into "Eiden" which I also like :D

    @jennyanydots I love the backstory idea, and you raise some valid points on dreaming/plot! I still hope to see the bubble trees discuss conspiracy on how/why the giants awoke and what happened within that time :P
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