If Glitch users were Glitchen, what are Eleven users called?



  • Lev/Leven is really cute!
  • It's going to be pretty impossible to get *rid* of Glitch/Glitchen from the game itself, but it doesn't mean we can't have some new fun vocabulary to play with otherwise!
  • Heh. I'll probably also always consider myself a Glitch. I never wanna forget where I came from...

    Is it maybe a little bit of elitism that I was "there" in Old Ur... Maybe. ;)
  • I like Lev and Levens too, very Glitchen. :)
  • I like Lev/Leven - but I also like Elevenses. What would the singular be, I wonder?
  • I think the Lev/Leven sounds too much from the real world as Lev is a common Jewish name with all the religious baggage that comes with it.

    Here's my idea...Madge (nicely ignoring gender completely) and Madgen

    What do you think of "Greetings, tiny Madge, and welcome to Ur. Ancient misty years ago, Eleven Giants dreamed up the race of Madgen out of their imagination. Now you and your fellow Madgen are on a quest to rebuild the world..."

    Madgen of course being silly for imagination...

  • Definitely Lev and Leven.
  • Nevelen? I do dig Leven tho *!*
  • Putting in my vote for Lev/Leven. It's just the right kind of preposterous!
  • I'd back Lev/Leven, it really sticks to the non sequtiur feeling Ur is known for.
  • Hmm though FlatEarther you do make a good point about it having a specific Jewish context. Bother.
  • Lev woukd be good except for what FlatEarther said. It's cute and short, which I like. In that vein, maybe something like Ven? Or... I dunno.
  • Levenser and Levensers?
  • Alas. A Glitchen by any other name is still but a Glitchen. I fear the name will never die no matter what we call ourselves going forward.
    It will become an icon of the language much like Coke has become the term for carbonated soft drink (at least in Texas. "Hey ya wanna coke?"
    " Yeah!"
    " What kind?"
    "Dr Pepper")
  • Ugh... that's the thing here in Louisiana (and as my girlfriend lives in Georgia, I can also assume all of the south as well). It's so confusing. D=
  • I always thought Glitchen was plural, and the singular was Glitch?

    (And I will probably always think of the inhabitants of Ur as Glitchen, whatever the game is called. I do like elevenses, though.)
  • Elevenses is my second favourite. Although I'm tempted to singularize it to "Elevensie"... XD
  • Another vote for Lev/Leven/Elevensie.
  • Leven I could do.
    Lev not so much.
    Elevensie....hmmm...to many syllables

    still a Glitchen
    ser wampus
  • Ditto what FlatEarther said. I bet that I'll be thinking "I'm a Levn, you're a Levn, we are Glitchen" no matter what the 'official' name is!
  • Lev/Leven is cool with me.

    And so nice to see an old dev here already!! ~~ to kevbob~~
  • No need for the original name to go away, of course, but I really like all of the ideas.
  • Definitely Elevenses!
  • well, if we're going to say *a* glitchen, we might as well be levenseseseseseses.

    i prefer to leave the term eleven or anything to do with it to the giants, whom we are not.

    i like Urthling.

  • Elevensies is kinda long, but it also feels very fitting for the genre. Leven works well, also. Leventy? Sounds like eleven, and levity, and eleventy...
  • What about taking the "Elevensies" idea and making....


    Or Levenites?

    Either way, I like the variations on "Lev/Leven/Levensies"
  • Lev and Leven are both adorable. I love it!

    It's hard to beat the original Glitch/Glitchen, but I think this might just be as wonderful.
  • Levs and Levensies, lend me your ears!
    Ha ha, it may be weird, but I think I rather like it!
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