If Glitch users were Glitchen, what are Eleven users called?



  • I, too, like Lev with a plural of Leven.
  • @flask raises a good point about any term with connotations to the number of eleven being for the giants. I could get on board with Urthling or some other variation such as Urther/Urthen now that such a point is raised.
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    My vote goes to Levs although for some reason I kept calling the citizens Elves (which is similar to Eleven lol)
  • lots of elves would be bad...just trust me on this
  • Elevenses! Upvote!
  • @ elf I never said Elves was a good idea for a name :P Levs, Levenses, or Elevenses would be more appropriate names for the denizens of Ur
  • Leven is cool because it's a homophone with leaven and one of leaven's definitions is: "a pervasive influence that modifies something or transforms it for the better."

    And that certainly describes most of the Glitchen I knew and loved, as well as the entire Eleven team!
  • I really like the sound of Lev/Leven even though I'll always think of myself as Glitch/Glitchen!
    I can't tell you how many times I've misread Eleven as Elven, it's happend so many times. :')
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    While Lev/Leven is a pretty good name, count me in with the camp that prefers to keep calling them Glitch/Glitchen.

    It's also worth noting that the lyrics to Goodnight Groddle include a refrence to "Glitchen", so if we were to change the name to Lev/Leven, that line would no longer make much sense. And I'm sure nobody here wants to give up the existence of the Musicblock GNG, so it would seem it'd be best to stick to Glitch/Glitchen.
  • My heart will always be a glitchy one, but personally I can't wait to be a prodly "elevenaut" discovering in a wonderful new world.
    Greetings from Portugal
  • I am going to leave another vote for Elevensies.
  • I noticed Elevenauts on a different thread. That's a good one. I was leaning more toward Urling rather than Urthling, but I could go with either. I am also thoroughly amused at the thought of using Urson for singular and Urple for plural.
    So, "an Urson", "the Giants made the race of Urple" and my personal favorite, "So many Urple here eating purple."
  • @qinweiqi, I like Urson/Urple! I agree with the previous comments about leaving forms of Eleven to the giants. I also think Lev is too close to Lem and is bound to end up extra confusing as a result. And I'm also down with sticking with Glitchen.

    Side note: YAY FORUMS!
  • I'm probably gonna stick with Glitchen. I'll probably still talk about logging into Glitch to be honest.
  • I like Glitch(singular)/Glitchen(plural). It'll be especially amusing when we start getting newcomers who don't know the game's history:

    "The game is called Eleven and the world is called Ur and your name for yourselves has nothing to do with either of those words! The whole thing is preposterous!!"
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    Elevensies was my first thought!

    Three cheers for Elevensies! Also, HiHi!

    What about Elevizens? Like "Citizens" But eleven?
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    (double post)
  • Count me in for Lev and Leven.
  • I think I prefer Leven more than Lev. But both sound great!
  • I like Lev and Leven as well though other great names have been posted as well!
  • I'm with @chimeric and maximum preposterousification.
  • We could just be called Enough.

    That's ridiculous. It's not even funny.
  • @Xial That made me chuckle. I love KoL.
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    Elevensies would work Urple sounds funny, i like that one, not a fan of Lev and Leven though> Any new name of what we call ourselves needs to be somewhat silly. What about Evens? or Urs? or Niche? Twitch? Of what i said i like Evens best
  • Ursons, Urples, Urpalites, Urpites, Uratarians, Ursers,..... ♥
  • I like lev/leven, but in my heart we will always be glitch/glitchen. Even as I log into Eleven and the startup thingy plays, I think to myself "logging into Glitch- oh wait"
  • If I can't have Glitch/Glitchen I want Urson/Urple because it is very fun to say
  • "Urson" sounds too much like "arson". I don't really want to think about our Glitchen running around and setting fires.
  • I like the idea of using "Ur" as the starting point a lot! I think it will lead to a name that feels more unique and special to Eleven.
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