If Glitch users were Glitchen, what are Eleven users called?



  • @zoom.b I totally agree, and feel like we do a great job not completely taking over miramagia... :-)

    Thinking of the back story idea, what about coming up with a Glitchy/Elevensy non-sense word for moulting and write something up about how the giants left their old selves behind to begin anew....?
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    @Sanotsuto we've actually been plotting some new stories since well before we knew how realistic it would be to get this far into development! The bubble trees will have plenty to say on the subject.

    If I may redirect the question somewhat - since everyone will have to rediscover Ur, and since there will be some people discovering it for the first time, what do you all think about the sequence of the stories? My sense is that there should probably be some kind of quest/story chain shortly after arriving in the world, and then the NPCs should tell the old stories from the beginning...and then the newer stuff will arrive after that. It can be interspersed with random comments about the "re-imagining" or whatever we end up calling it, but those old stories are too awesome to not be given the proper light of day, too!
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    @ladyceres My day is made knowing that my comrades in critical thinking, the great bubble trees, will hold discourse on the matter!

    That being said, I am highly interested in the new storyline! I like the idea of recapping the old plot. If it's possible, I think it'd be even neater to make it interactive. You could have like distant memories/dream remembrance potions/any other ridiculously suitable trigger that would cause blips of the old plot to unfold, rewarding iMG. It could be in the tutorial/beginning so that new players wouldn't feel left out and old players could have a healthy dose of nostalgia up front!
  • @ladyceres If you need a writer, well, I've been told that I'm good with words. I'm no bubble tree, but most of my stories are weird and dreamlike.

    So, if you ever need anything of the sort, I'm always happy to help.
  • @ladyceres I'd be glad to offer my services along side @vesperina if there is ever a need for help. I took AP English Language and AP English Literature courses in high school and can adapt my style of writing to a given requirement.
  • @ladyceres, I'll throw my hat in the writing ring as well if you need more folks.
  • I like Vesperinas name idea as well. Also everyone should go by the same name having some one name and others a different one is both confusing and rather eletist
  • I just had an idea! We have the ancestral lands; why not toss some of the backstory flashbacks over there somehow? I mean, it is a part of the past, so...
  • If you guys wanted to know glitch had a legacy of a mechanical world...
  • @ser wampus

    regarding using the name Glitch/Glitchen

    Whilst playing in Manyland I wanted to build an area there named Glitch Valley and to have Glitchen references, so to ensure Manyland was not breaking any copywrite/trademark, the Dev of Manyland Phillip Lenssen contacted Tiny Speck/Slack to ask if I could use the name for my area, I have been allowed to so I feel confident that it would be possible for us to remain Glitchen/ Glitch.
  • @vesperina oh I like Eidolon! Though @Sanosuto shortening it to Eid seems like it would have the same kind of religious issues as Lev . Eiden is lovely though!
  • @ladyceres Absolutely, I think the NPCs should tell the stories form the beginning, just as in the Glitch-that-was. Obviously we want the game to continue to develop and gain new players into the future and I think the best way to make the story continue from what was previously there. So incorporating The Past Awakening into the story, but just as one event that happened in a long line of events. We really don't want to make the people new to the world feel like second class citizens because they weren't part of the Glitch-that-was :)
  • I really love Lev/Leven! It's super cute(: I'll probably end up accidentally calling us Glitchen though....
  • I like the concept of "glitch" the best. A glitch being a bug in the programming, etc. For example, the giants went to sleep, (and weren't maintaining their code), and glitches introduced themselves into the system... Lev(en) is a nice play on words, but doesn't have a deeper meaning, no?
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    Since the name Glitch / Glitchen / Glitches is in the story / lore already. And its legal to use the term (they just cant call the game Glitch for obv reasons) yes we are used to the name, but also i think it would be confusing to call us anything else too. And there can be story added to explain what once was and that we awakened.There should not be two different names for new and old players either, plus doing that isnt very glitchy and its rather eletist, new players may not of played before but it is the same world, we need the same name .Yes there will be many changes its new ownership (thank you Eleven team!) Also having a differnet name from before as compared to new makes sense, but only to an extent, i still think its very confusing to not use the same terminology throught. New or old i think its best if we all are called Glitchen
  • I want to be called Spaghetti.
  • I'd back that, @vesperina but if that were the case, I'd like to see a cameo by the Flying Spaghetti Monster so I have a chance to gain blessings by being touched by his noodley appendage.
  • It's a shame we cannot create polls in these threads. I would love to see the outcome of the votes
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    @Kassutera that was an awesome idea! There are external poll creation sites like http://www.poll-maker.com

    I went ahead and made up a quick one, you can vote at http://www.poll-maker.com/poll197176xFE9844d0-7 and view the results at http://www.poll-maker.com/results197176x524d51A4-7
  • I'm half way between Glitchen and others (Elevenauts) need to think more.
  • Now it's getting really interesting in here!
    @ladyceres I love, love, love that you guys want to add to the story. All of those ideas are fantastic.
  • Elevenites
  • I like Lev, on one condition. Those remaking their old Glitchen still call themselves Glitchen as a badge for sticking it out for two years. After all, we're the ones who need to be pillars of the community for the newbies, right?
  • @BaileyBindle I think it's been solidified that there won't be separate names for old/new users.
  • Can I be a lev too?
    Do I need to demonstrate levity? Must I leaven bread?
    Am I on the right level? Do I need to elevate more?
    Should I lever the joke further? Should I alleviate it instead?

    I will lev the ending to you.
  • @sanotsuto agreed! Please don't do nothing that separate old users of the new ones, that's not a glitchy way.

    I only consider some "badge" to the ones that really made the difference: the devs team.
  • You mean we aren't still glitchen?? Won't we still live in Ur? Have the same streets and places to visit? Why not still be glitchen?
  • @Sanotsuto Yeah, it'd be hard to tell who's really an old Glitchen anyway. Not that we can't still call ourselves that, or have a reference to them in Eleven Lore. "Some hardy Glitchen persisted in the shadows of the giants minds, and walk among the Leven even today, they say..." then have it laughed off as a joke. That could NEVER happen, right?
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