Where have you been hiding out?



  • The ppl yes, but the game too, there isnt anything else comparable to it rly
  • I was a big Runescape fan way back when but got put off by their massive changes. A shame, really, as I loved their sense of humor and the tough riddles they put in quests. I've been playing WoW for longer than I care to remember and got to beta test their latest expansion. After getting cursed out in the last two random raid groups I joined, I'm ready to stop playing WoW and get back to the good manners and friendly ways of Glitchen. I will happily (HAPPILY!!!) pay my WoW fee to Eleven.
  • I've been playing Here Be Monsters , Club Pogo games , many other games to fill the void .
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    I have also been playing Here Be Monsters for a while, but then got bored. I used to play KoL for quite some time before Glitch, but never really found my way back there. I don't have much time to play these days, but I keep coming back to Ankhet (www.ankhet.com) every once in a while. It is very very different from Glitch but it is also unique in that "there is no other game to compare it to"-sense, that always made it difficult to explain Glitch to people who never played. It is a small, "text only" browser game, set in a strange ancient egypt world, with some "features" you won't find in any other game. If any of you wants to try while you're waiting to get back in to Ur - feel free to send me a Telepath to get some help getting started there =)
  • i tried so many looking for something anything to kill the pain. here's what i can remember right now, wow, hbm, nw, stwor,soa beta,tug beta,eso,wildstar, broken age, titanfall, iconoclasts, fable legends, assasins creed, laura croft, beyond two souls, battlefield, cod, starcraft, smite, everquest ll, sims4, planetside2, nationstates, hearthstone beta, destiny beta, warframe, landmark beta, myst online, roblox, kerbal space program, hawken beta, free realms, and anything steam ftp and demos. right now i'm hiding the most in: destiny, tera, amazing world and dragon age inquisition.
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    I tried some online games, like Settlers online and a few others, checked out Wander and MageFaire, but got bored or frustrated with everything. I've been playing Miramagia for quite some time (as Odd_Won_Out) in a village with several of my family members, but it's just something to do for a few minutes a day. I tried going back to SmallWorlds, which I used to play before Glitch, but quickly grew annoyed (again) with the lack of customer support and lack of respect for the players. To fill the gaping void in my life, I got back into the single person games I used to play before - a little Civilization V, but mainly Settlers 6 (where I enjoy creating new maps).
    Nothing can, or will, ever be as big a part of my life as Glitch was.
    *Edited to add: I've recently started playing Swords & Potions 2, on the Kongregate games site. My daughters invited me to join their village. It's kinda fun and passes the time.
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    I just started this game but its pretty good, if you like murder mystery / sleuth /strategy kinda things anyway http://www.blankmediagames.com/
  • I just won a giveaway for a free 3DS and a pre-order of Majora's Mask, and as soon as my DS comes, I'm ordering ACNL! Anyone wanna play with me whenever I get it?
  • Glitch was... exactly what I wanted from a game. Impossible to replace, that's for sure.

    The two most difficult things to let go were the community and non-violent game play. There aren't all that many community-driven MMOs that are also non-violent and interesting at the same time. I did try a lot of games, Here Be Monsters, Ensemble Online, a few other FB-games, Runescape, returned to my old handheld games...

    Sure they passed time for a while, but there's nothing you can do if you crave to pet a damn tree or nibble a piggy.

    Eventually I turned to a freeware PC game Knytt Stories. It's non-violent (on your part, things may try to get you), full of exploration and best of all has a level editor. My roommate had been playing it for a while already, so there were user-made levels in addition to the 'official' levels and I enjoyed a lot of them. Once I had exhausted the level library, I began making my own game graphics and levels, none of the levels are finished, but I have plans...

    It's still not as good as glitch, but it did help a little.

    Oh, and I did practical training at our then local library, which shaved off a few hours each day. I learned to fix books to boot!
  • @coolbetty - wow, I think you win, possibly the Internets.
  • Went to FB and played some games there. Currently playing Wizard101. Good strategy game.
  • I've probably clocked about 3000 hours on Guild Wars 2 @_@

    Played some Maplestory on and off; played some Archeage when it came out until my patron status expired, played League of Legends (only for the competitive side of me), but guild wars 2 was probably where I spent all my time post Glitch, similar community. I'm sheraccoon.9524, send me a message if you're there! ^_____^b
  • Took to books after the end; also a few mobile games. *:( Anyway, my heart never left Glitch. I'm so happy to be here! To the Eleven crew, many thanks! *:)
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    ok, I'm sorry to have to ask- but while waiting for Eleven where ARE you hiding lately?????.
    I really LOBE Glitch/Eleven ---
    But I have a gaming hole in my life where Glitch/Eleven belong!!
    AND as I am currently in a spot in my life where I am staying in a new place, no friends here , broke our Nintendo 3DS XL (so cant play Fantasy Life ,and probably lost my save file and DLC too) , admittedly desperate, -etc, etc , etc.
    In short, I therefore NEED a game to get into ( yes , NEED) . Please comment if there is a game you are playing that you would suggest , that I might could come join you.
    I am not a big PVP kind of player , I have the brains-ability to play something complex, but not a killer button masher . I'd be fine with a social, light-weight MMO , Fun thing, scaled towards intelligent people -but I already KNOW those are VERY few and far between. I do NOT wish to play with bratty, potty mouthed 8th graders ( no offense to the mature younger players that I played with in glitch ) . My PC is not super new , so something that has deluxe high end requirements likely wont do. I could play a single player game on my PC now , ( I have my Pillars Of Eternity ) BUT would prefer a social game to play. My Brother In Law plays minecraft, but he's on a console , so that's not so attractive, as would like friends to play WITH. All help appreciated , please , have pity , save my sanity, and make some suggestions. I'm good with buying something or subscribing , within reason, ( obviously not a fan of Pay To Win ) . THANKS (and Merry Christmas ;)
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    I played Skyrim. The Hearthfire DLC lets you adopt children and build houses. Although I eventually got into the dungeon delving aspects of Skyrim and discovered the stress reducing aspects of killing bad guys, the most fun for me was making potions, building houses, taking walks in the gorgeous countryside, and learning the different aspects and advantages of the different followers you could have. Funniest: Erandur--his default costume was a robe with hood. So if you gave him stuff to carry that included a helmet that he liked, he'd put it on. Which meant this skinny, bearded guy with hairy legs is walking around in a helmet, boots, and a loin cloth. I'm now playing Elder Scrolls Online and have discovered the joys of crafting. So I am again getting to wander around gathering raw materials and making stuff. I'm shy, so getting into the online community is coming slowly.
  • No MMOs for me other than Glitch. I keep myself occupied with Mateusz Skutnik's games, the Submachine series. Lovely, creepy, rich worlds. Bit empty mind.
  • I got Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer for Christmas and I'm loving it! I've been playing lots of Minecraft minigames as well.
  • I've been in a sort of limbo since the end of Glitch. I did buy Diablo, and I play a bit of Terraria. I wish I had ACNL but I don't have the money for that.
  • Hmm... I dove into Minecraft server play for a bit. Found a small server that had some really cool people, but that shut down after a few months, tried Scrolls and Duelist. After that, just a bunch of single player stuff. Binding of Isaac, Terraria, Civilization V. Nothing measures up to Glitch...
  • "Real life" got in the way of my doing much gaming, which I've never been super heavily into, anyway. Been on KoL on & off, but nothing compares to Glitch!! So now I'm just waiting, as patiently as possible, to come back home!!
  • Board Game Online!
  • I've been spending time recently in Elvenar - on the beta, en1 and en2 servers as Odd Won Out, and on the us1 and us2 servers as LotusBlossomNinjaWarrior. It's a city-building strategy game, where you play as either Human or Elf. There is chat, but only in your own Fellowship, but you can message any other player in your world. There is fighting, but only against computer enemies, not against other players. You *can* play without fighting, but it's a bit of a challenge to do so.
  • I played quite a bit of Spiral Knights (a voxel style cooperative dungeon crawler) until it got bought out by Sega who ruined it (now the community is more or less a twentieth of its original size) and Trove (a cross between Spiral Knights and Minecraft) (until the devs decided to make it insanely P2W) :(
    At the moment I play Cities Skylines (a city building game - seen as the true successor to Sims City 4) and Block N Load (a MMOBA where you help build your team's base (like Minecraft) and then fight against the other team, trying to destroy the base they've built).

    The problem I have with other MMOs in general (including Spiral Knights and Trove to an extent) is that they are all very similar, they lack depth/complexity and aren't really community focused.
  • I played MiraMagia for a long time but grew bored with it. I also tried Argon, Wakfu, a bunch of mmos I can't remember and probably wasn't pronouncing correctly anyways, then just gave up on playing with other people and switched to 32-bit rpg adventure type games that I downloaded from shockwave.

    I miss glitch a lot. Railroadbaron got into eleven a while ago and has been waiting for me to get the chance to join up, so I thought I should probably start actually trying to get in. *cracks fingers* I want to go home.
  • I am currently hiding out in Reddit Robin... it's been (mostly) pretty awesome. I'll be sad to see it go on the 8th (but that's the release date of the new Deftones album, so I'll console myself with that).
  • I've been hiding out in a cupboard...under some stairs
  • harry dat u
  • Hagriiddddd how'd you find me
  • followed the smell
  • God dammit no wonder the death eaters find me so easily, why do I smell this way?!?!
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