Where have you been hiding out?



  • Like @zoom.b noted, we have a large group in miramagia just killing time until we can get back to imagining things.
  • I've been playing on MUDs -- surprised to see several other people on MUDs as well, but nobody saying which ones. I've been a fan of clok (wiki.contrarium.net), it is sadly RP enforced, but in connection with that it does allow some non-combat options. I also thought about using the released source to set up a Glitch in a mud. Sadly, I didn't have the time to do it or the vision to figure out how to best translate it, since Glitch is very visual and spacial.
  • Here Be Monsters on fb kept me occupied the longest, with quests and cooking and building... but... it didn't last. I liked that for a long time it wasn't making the big push for purchases but they continue to make some odd choices on that front. Also, it gets repetitive and doesn't have the same sort of interactions that made Glitch so entertaining and surprising.
  • I played a bit of Disney's Toontown and its remake, and played Animal Crossing on my 3DS. (My character is named Bailey and my town is Groddle.) But now that Eleven is so close to release, I'm just waiting for that.
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    I play a load of games on Steam and the Lego MMO but mainly Here Be Monsters. I like it because it is non-violent ala Glitch. Its got a bit of everything (questing/crafting/exploring/decorating/alchemy/fishing/collecting/achievements, etc.) and can be played via browser or within Facebook (on PC/Mac/iPad). It isn't a spammy game or requires you to make payments to progress.

    It is a free to play game but HBM creators are getting a lot of unnecessary flack at the moment because they are offering optional (not mandatory) decoration items for banknotes/real money. What a lot of players don't know is their parent company Gamesys cut their support staff to ensure longevity of the game and so they needed to prove they can make some quick profit before getting back to normal. It is their first go at a light MMO and so is new territory for Gamesys. It has been around since August 2012 and is still an evolving game. We are about to go from the China quest series to the USA quest leg.

    My folk ID is: 811776600629E for those few I am not already buddies with.

    Majority of my friends are Glitchen or lovely people who should have been Glitchen.

    http://www.herebemonstersgame.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/HereBeMonstersGame

    There is an ex-Glitchen HBM group on FB and I think still Google+
  • I've been mostly playing Minecraft single player, I would love to play online but I can't find a group of people like our Glitch family to play with. Also HBM in my spare minutes. I will be so glad to have my home back again, thank you Eleven!
  • I'm playing Final Fantasy XIV :3 Mostly crafting, gathering, being silly and doing community based antics and games with my group. Not so much the rawr-fighty side of things.

  • Recently, I've felt like I have too much faith in humanity, so I've been playing League of Legends on the North American server to fix that :P
  • Have any of you played "Lume" or its sequel "Lumino City"?
  • I played Wizard101 for a while. I went to Here be Monsters. Joined a Glitch group there. I been wandering aimlessly trying to find a home since I lost mine when Glitch closed. I do hope I get play it once again.
  • Like so many others, I have been playing Here Be Monsters since Glitch closed. I also like to be creative in Minecraft single player.
  • I played Tinkatolli, until they closed. :(

    Then Wizard101, Here Be Monsters, Miramagia, Big Farm & NationStates. Wiz & HBM are nice, full featured games. (And Here Be Monsters is on the iPad now!) Mira is a good game, I just wish there were more to it (though they do have fun holidays!) So I only stop in there briefly once a day. Big Farm & NationStates I mainly use to keep in touch with other Glitchen.

    So happy to have so many of us back together again in one place. Love seeing all the familiar faces!
  • Haha I have mostly been playing nothing!! After glitch closed I tried to play a bit of Call of duty (FPS games arn't my thing turns out) to kinda expand myself into other types of games. Nothing compares to glitch though. Is it weird I kinda close my eyes and pretend I'm still playing glitch? XD
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    I have been playing Fallen London. It's brilliantly written and has a nice line in humour and whimsy, but the set up is very unGlitchy (basically you lie, cheat, steal, spy, seduce and murder your way around. It's awesome).

    @JosiahThimblerig - I'm Lady Eris in the Neath if you fancy a supper or a game of chess or something. Or a game of Knife and Candle, if you're in the Moon League? Leave me your card, if you like.
  • @FlatEarther - Lumino City and Lume are both brilliant. Any Glitchen would love them. They have that quirky uniqueness about them. They are handmade video games.

    Apart from HBM and the Lego MMO the only other game that has sucked me in big time since Glitch is Bioshock Infinite. It is an insanely good storyline and visuals and I am useless at those type games usually. It is on major discount ($9.99) on Steam at the moment.
  • Thanks @Cleops, will try them out. More whimsy!
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    Yeah nothing after Glitch sufficed, it was always lacking in one way or another, either gameplay or community or both. And yeah if you want to give up on humanity just play League of Legends....lol. I ended up at Transformice, Wakfu, and Deepworld, and occasionally went to.... Here Be Monsters, Manyland, Nation States, Realm of the Mad God, Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, Aion, Spiral Knights, Puzzle Pirates, Everybody Edits, Ensemble, Haven & Hearth, Salem, Uncharted Waters, Smeet, Golden Age, Fallen London. Improbable Island, Second Life...

    Deepworld has the building/ creating aspect to it, its Terraria - esque (Manyland. Everybody Edits, are building type games as well) Transformice is a racing / building game / problem solving game , you can make maps to submit, and the building aspect is both in making maps and being the Shaman mouse to get the other mice to safety. Competitve to a degree but non violent and your a mouse. Wakfu was the main game i settled in after Glitch ended. Turn based fighting, 2d, 16 classes, you can skip the fighting and be a crafter though if you want, its a open ended game, somewhere between a thempark style game and a sandbox game. It does have a lot of humor and story to it though. A lot fo monsters are humorous too. Its the sequel to Dofus, Wakfu is free to play Dofus is not though...anyway....all 3 games i settled in are free to play. Deepworld though you need to give them some money to get the items to lock what you build down or other ppl can take them, or buy a private world build there and only let ppl you trust in,....either way you do need to spend something. Transformice is cosmetic cash shop only, and Wakfu 90% of the cash shop ppl can trade in game so you just have to wait for someone selling what u want
  • I played Here be monsters for a few,Miramagia (still play)and I've been playing Klondike as of recently. But oh how I wish this game was back up right now.
  • Since the void of Glitch, the best game I found was Don't Starve, I also like Little Inferno and Minecraft. Most recently, I've been playing Godus. Still, nothing realllllllllly fills the emptiness.....
  • I've played through Skyrim twice, found a lovely roguelike called Sunless Sea(it's in the Steam store, I HIGHLY recommend it), and beaten all the Marios that have popped up in the last 2 years ... but let's be honest. None of those things will be what Glitch was, we all know it.
  • Hi folks! I'm brand new to the Glitch scene but seeing as I'm pretty sure this is where I belong, I've technically been hiding for a long time.

    For a few years I played Deepworld quite a bit. I loved the game at the start and met many familiar faces including LadyC, Siren, Hermitess and many others. Life caught up and stole most of my free time, so now what little time I have I spend as a wanderer.

    I'm super excited to play Eleven! I've heard so much about Glitch from so many people and I've always kept an eye on the most recent updates.

    So yeah, I'm Guard! I can't wait to meet all of you!
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    once glitch closed i came back to my usual mmo dealings
    followed for a bit the little groups of glitches drifting away, puppet master and nation states were good places to drift by, and the good company surely helped enjoying those games better (even if nation states isn't really a game... in the normal sense)
    lately i was keeping an eye on children of ur, the other revival project of glitch
  • Oh! I just got Guild Wars 2 for Christmas, and it's been a lot of fun!

    Also, are any of you guys (still) on LiveJournal? My sole resolution for 2015 is to resurrect my LJ.
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    I have a LJ but havent logged in...um.....in forever, but it used to be one of the most active social sites, im sure a lot of us have forgotten Lj's ....so to speak
  • I've found Archeage (powered on the Glyph game hub) and it is very fun! But mostly I watch Netflix and play Sims 4 to consume my time...
  • consuming time sounds so sad, i prefer to say that time gets used or time gets lived
  • I've spent a little time in my old old old school haunts... Myst Online Uru Live (it went down for a bit but I think it's back up again) and ClanLord. But there's not much to do in MOULA and CL is not a game for casual players - it requires too much time commitment to get your character to advance to a point where it's fun to play. So I go for months without checking in on either of those. I discovered Storium and really love it, but it's not so much a game as it is a communal story-writing venue. It's totally fun, actually, but doesn't fill the "I want to play a game," gap. I dabbled in Wander and used an emulator for awhile for Mage Faire until that stopped working. And I check out other people's recommendations... but... there's no place like Ur. Sigh.
  • I have been at "Here Be Monsters" for two years now. It is NOT Glitch but is pretty with cute Avatars, some character customization, lots of wardrobe, a Homestead that can be designed to suit with housing crops, chickens, piggies, goats and sheep. It has numerous Butterflies of many kinds but you can't have them at your Homestead :( The Devs do not take a lot of interest leaving management mostly to volunteer Forum Mods. There is no Player support unless you have trouble with a payment. You can play for FREE and enjoy it but most enhancements will cost something. Again I say, it is NOT Glitch but it will do for a while.
  • I am so excited to find this! I've been doing well in Miramagia, but it really doesn't compare to Glitch. I can't say that I'm overly social, but it was nice to hang out with Gitchen and have fun. Only place I ever actually attended online parties...
  • @kimjerosky Hi where are you in Mira?
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