Where have you been hiding out?



  • I've been greatly enjoying my time playing Sky: Children of the Light, flying around floating islands, rainy forests, and snowy mountains.  I also found Flight Rising and Dappervolk and quite enjoy them, but I have yet to find anything that strongly reminds me of Glitch (though sometimes I can find familiarity in small groups that pop up).  
    I tend to use my Glitch avatar for most things that allow me to, and it is a nice feeling to be recognized by another Glitchen.
  • I haven't found any game that makes me feel like I did in Glitch. I mainly play online battle card games with backstory. No MMO/MMORPG has captured my heart like Glitch did.
  • I've been alternating between FFXIV, runescape, and small minecraft servers. I still get really homesick for glitch a few times a year <:( hoping I can get into the alpha soon to ease some of that homesickness
  • HabHab
    edited July 2021
    Nothing really feels like Glitch.  I have tried so many other games and just nothing compares.  The uniqueness, the music, the fun way we could change our wardrobe, the cool places to visit, our homes...  Gee, I guess I could go on and on.  I feel like I should just "get over it", but I can't.  I feel like somebody I love died and I miss them so terribly much.  I know there are big issues for the creators of Eleven now with Flash being dead, but I just wish that wonderful world could return.  Kridla talked about Glitch capturing their heart and kacheck47 talked about homesickness. Both of those comments I feel wholeheartedly.  Thank you Eleven crew for spending your blood, sweat and tears on this project.  May the Eleven Giants bless you and your efforts.
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