Where have you been hiding out?



  • ur a hippogriff harry

    shit wrong plot reveal
  • Flight Rising! And here.
  • Didn't find another game to suit me after Glitch. So, instead I took up a new hobby which has lead to a new business that has been keeping me more than entertained. Keeping it small and friendly :)
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    add me on steam guys!! my username is eirafae, as almost always
    edit: i'm really looking for a new game to get into. i don't have like, any money, and want something fun and multiplayer- but i'm not that picky. i also suck at games. anyone have any suggestions?
  • @EiraFae - While you're waiting for Eleven, try either Villagers and Heroes (smallish download, decent sized world, housing, crafting and combat) or if you want a big world with just more of the above, try Lord of the Rings Online. Both are free to play with optional purchases.
  • I played a bit of FreeRealms for a while and that was okay, until that shut down too ;-;
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    Childrenofur.com is a glitch reboot!! It's still in alpha, but you can play and the nostalgia is so amazing
  • I'm a tester, but Thanks!! I'll look into LOTR online :0
  • I've been doing a lot of MMO/RPG/console gaming waiting for Eleven to be released, but still checked back every 1-2 months. My last post was over 2 years ago!
    How crazy is that?
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    I went to minecraft. Someone started a Land of Ur minecraft server. And then, I found a nice small server. Been there forever. I haven't played any other games. My mc name is baybi_glitch. You can take me out of Glitch, but you can't take the Glitch out of me! Oh, and I used to sell guano...miss the caverns.
  • I haven't found anything at all that replaces Glitch. I have missed it, even after all this time.
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    If there isn't already, we should start a steam group. From there we can connect and work together to find an MMO we can all play together until Eleven is complete.

    EDIT : I've created my own steam group "Long Live Glitch" http://steamcommunity.com/groups/longliveglitch it is open to anyone and everyone!
  • I've been playing Children of Ur (another Glitch), Second Life, and WoW occasionally....
  • Not sure where to put this but, Happy Thanksgiving All! In hopes this finds you healthy, warm, well well fed and in the company of warm hearts and kind smiles. Hugs and Loves
  • It's in closed development right now, but Dappervolk is a strong contender for most game with Glitch energy that I've been playing recently! I was lucky enough to be able to beta test and fell in love. It's an avatar/pet site with a wonderful painterly vibe with RPG style quests and a lovely playerbase. The avatars are gorgeous and gender-neutral like Glitch/Eleven, too.
  • Forager is a game in development that's pretty fun! It's single player for now and you can download a free demo. It feels just as exciting as games like Minecraft and Starbound. I think it's coming out on the switch, too! Definitely would recommend downloading the demo at least, it got me genuinely hooked and I ended up supporting them on Patreon to get the full beta version.
  • Hello, finally got around to signing up here after not visiting Children of Ur for a while and then finding out about this (how did I not know about eleven before? ). I mostly miss Glitch when I am sad or going through stuff. It was a mega escape for me during a really difficult time and I grew with the game on my journey to recovery. It was so hard when it closed, but I mostly focused on other projects in meatspace and ploughing myself into creative stuff. But here I am again searing for that glitchy goodness partly for nostalgia, partly because I have a bit more down time right now and that's partly to stuff being a bit difficult again. Also I finished and got bored with Breath of the Wild. Hoping to bump into some familiar faces and develop new in game connections when I get access :)

  • Usually on forum websites like Flight rising that or I've been playing a lot of Stardew Valley Lately! Both are very relax-ish games like glitch.
  • Hiya, nothing could take the place of Glitch.  I tried KoL but I couldn't get into it.  Ended up breeding dragons on Flight Rising (username, Afar).  
  • First Angry Birds and now Matchington Mansion, don't even come close to Glitch.
  • glitch has been the only mmo i can remember getting into. i did give dino storm a try(LOL) but it was just for goofs and didnt last long. same with MUDs i tried to get into.

    just single player games and social media for me i suppose! at least til i can play this again :)
  • Minecraft - creation/crafting makes me happy.
  • been playing albion while waiting for glitch
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    Minecraft, then Robocraft, and now Space Engineers.  And in the middle of that, autistic burnout.

    None of them have given me what I miss in Glitch, but I've been doing a lot of self exploration in writing, drawing, and just daydreaming.  And I've been getting most of my socializing on various social media.  For other people's worlds and artwork, it's been cartoon shows: Steven Universe, Avatar: the Last Airbender, the Legend of Kora, the Dragon Prince, Noelle Stevensen's She-Ra, and Hilda.

    I binged Hilda a week ago and it was so much like Glitch in so many ways, I've been thinking about it ever since, which is why I'm back here, poking around furiously, trying to reconnect.

    Logged into Children of Ur a few minutes ago, where my avatar was invisible, and got a good dose of the music. Hailing Scales, that was SOOTHING
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    Children of Ur won't work for me, sadly. The other games I've been using to hide out has all closed down ー now I've very recently been playing Don't Starve Together on weekends.

    There's a large similarity to Glitch in regards to the collecting/gathering of resources and tools. It's also multiplayer, so if anybody is already playing it'd be nice if we could hop into the same server sometime. 🙂
  • I followed a bunch of my Guild Glitchen to Here be Monsters until that closed down.  Nothing else really gave that Glitch feel and I didn't really try to recreate it.  Glad these people are though.  :)
  • I went to Here Be Monsters and although it felt weird at first I ended up loving it - then it closed down. I've been playing Township on my phone, it has potential for socialising in the Coops, but  it really depends who's in your coop. I've just started a Facebook game Farlands, the only way to talk to other players would be through facebook groups. Not the same. I played Children of Ur for a while but never ever met another player while I was there, and haven't been able to get in for ages.
  • Anyone else playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons? It's my first Animal Crossing, and I really love it. So many things you can create and modify, including your island, your avatar, your furniture, etc. Small quest line in the beginning and then it's pretty much up to you to create your world. 

    I'd love to meet up with other Glitchen that play. I'm pretty quiet, but I would happily water your flowers or share fruit or w/e.  :)

    Stardew Valley is another great game, available on lots of platforms. 
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