The chronicles of Alpha Testing



  • I miss nibbling piggies! And squeezing chickens, and milking butterflies, heck, I miss the game! :p @Artemis
  • I never really visited the caves in Vanatalu before. Well, the testing of quest brought me through so I figured I'd check em out! They're so lovely!


  • Throwback to the Amanda Show. I love it!
  • I have a love-hate relationship with crabs, I remember trying to get that make a crab happy achievement and it took me so long to finally get it!
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    So uhh.... I still havn't a clue what to screenshot and I'm cleaning out my screen shot folder (I have over 50 of eleven alpha alone) so here's a butterfly that got it's self stuck in some rocks

  • Just don't stop doing what you are doing!
  • I seem to notice a lack of dramatic looking into the distance pictures and screenshots of mushroom lands. So, this is for all my fellow bouncer's!
  • omg! I miss this game! Dullite has never looked so good!
  • letmein letmein letmein letmein. letmein letmein.............................................. Omg I am so impatient!
  • Trampolines looking good Art~! Fingers crossed that someday soon many more of us will be bouncing along with you : )
  • WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. lol, that was always the feeling when you got a good bounce that sent you really high.
  • I love that feeling! Glitch was the Only game that ever made me say (type) wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Or woohooooo!! I missed it so much. I thought I would never get to lead a bouncing conga line again til now. And my love of bouncing cannot even be expressed in words. This makes me incredibly happy. cantwait cantwait cantwait!!!!!!
  • The name fits this street perfectly image
  • For the record, that spot over to the right is my favorite :)
  • Arguably, that name would fit every street perfectly.

    But it might get a bit confusing.
  • @Saraphim I actually almost stood over there but wanted to get some rocks in the snapshot. I spent an extra few minutes just looking at the view before I went off to find more snapshots!
  • This is probably my favorite street in the whole wide Wurld! Also, Did you miss sparkle powder? It's beautiful!

  • Beeeeeeeeautiful!!!!! I love Balzare. Jump and jump and jump and it is all just lovely! Can you feel the waves of envy?? ;-)
  • you are making me ache with desire to be home again...
  • Love it,so many memories come flooding back
  • It's so beautiful!
  • So, I asked if anyone wanted to come create a word or two in Thornfad today and everyone online at the time showed up! Everyone's incredibly nice. Here's a few screenshots I grabbed from the adventure



    I have a few more but I'll post them tomorrow since my laptop thinks it's supposed to work at the speed of a snail.
  • Thank you for giving me the biggest case of homesickness I have ever had....................Grrrrrrrrrrr. ;)
  • *sniff* *snork*

    NO I AM NOT CRYING,.... it's....... just.... so..... BEAUTIFUL!

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    @"Captain Dangerous" I'm glad I could bring you to tears !!
    As promised, here's the other's I said I'd post!


    Tii next to Tii

    Hope you guys are still enjoying the screen caps! I'm enjoying taking them! <3
  • Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hands you dozens of Ananda's special cookies* ;) shhhh don't tell...
  • I like how we kind of spelled Tiina, it's like Tii's drag queen persona. Tiina
  • Ok, first try at this:

    Are the stars getting extra twinkly in here? image

    ... what's that? I'm not crying! It's just some spice got in my eye.
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