The chronicles of Alpha Testing



  • Mmmmm ty Artemis........... I've been craving Glitch Sammiches for so long!
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    I'm glad! I've realized that only 40 sammiches seem like a small amount..... so I got some more food.....
    Note: I didn't crop it like that to hide anything important. Just my messy inventory that I am ashamed of.
  • lol @Artemis, are you starting a business?

    Here goes my pic:

  • @"zoom.b" totally! Lol, feel free to drop by and partake of some food!
  • @Artemis Yuuuuum. I can't wait to sink my teeth into a nice juicy sammich.
  • So when you log in today you see the option to make...


    So in short....
  • Amazing! I particularly miss Glitch cookery.
  • Congrats on being the first Alphateer to make Pi Pie @Artemis !!!!
  • Gamma's Pancakes!! Ahhhh this thread makes me so happy.
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    Pi Spoilers!!!

    Pi Menu Items:
    (I didn't have an empty energy tank, so it only tells me how much it takes to fill my energy tank, ymmv)


    Results of the Pi Functions:
    (and I got max wood...a rather stellar day, IMO)


    Details/Info on Pi:
    (you may note the stuff on the street behind the pop up...since we don't have homestreets yet, we've all picked "temporary" home streets in Ur where we can drop things as gifts for fellow players and leave extra bags of supplies)


    Have a great Pi Day!! 3-14-15

    Off to see if I can bake a real life Pi Pie...I mean, it's almost a must do on Pi Day!
  • you girls are fast!!

    here goes my "pi estimate"

  • OMG @zoom.b completely forgot that you got different options for the estimation...lmao...but of course we do - *facepalm*. I have to say when I just got a simple "3" for mine, I was like "wow, that was pretty unsatisfactory" that I see your estimate, I'm like "Wheeeeee!! That's hilarious!" (which was the feeling that I remembered from before). Thanks for sharing!!! :D
  • Happy Pi day!

    Note: I cheated.
  • I can feel the pi day love from here : ) Thanks b3achy and artemis for your contributions :D You too Zoomb ; )
  • OMG @Joey !!! That was totally awesome! One of the benefits of being a dev is that you get to cheat, especially for super effective video production!!! :D Happy Pi Day!
  • I have absolutely no clue what to take screenshots of so uh... Is this okay? xD

  • Yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyess...............................

    hmmmm.... perhaps I shouldn't be so vague. Yes, thank you very much.
  • Cliff Hangers: Rock edition

  • Wow, this is awesome sauce. Well done all :D
  • Haven't checked here in a while and it's such a treat to see new pictures! Thank you all once again for sharing!
  • Well then, welcome back Phoebe :D
  • @Artemis I was never gone, just lurking ;-) Haha
  • This is so amazing, I can't wait to be able to play again. :D
  • One of these things is not like the other

  • @Artemis, this reminds me so much when we used to trek the swamp lands together looking for ghosts! After many attempts we finally finished it haha :p
  • @Phoebe I remember! I think it took 3 days for us to find them all once we started actually looking! Haha!
  • I held off that quest for a while but then we decided to look at the wiki for assistance haha, plus we were always too busy mining. Keep the screenshots coming if you can :p @Artemis
  • I really hope Glitch is back in the next few months (to the public)! This is the best MMO ever and I am very excited to share it with some friends this time around!
  • I still have no clue what to screenshot. Is this okay? This thread seems to be lacking in nibbles.

  • There's nothing to beat a good ol nibble! ;)
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