The chronicles of Alpha Testing

Hey Guys! I figured I could post a screenshot or two of the game for everyone to know that it is in fact coming back and the eleven crew has in fact been working very hard on it! So a little love for all my cave dwellers out there image


  • amazing *wipes tear from eye*
  • Never thought Dullite could be so exciting! :D
  • heh that's my favorite place in Ilmenskie Deeps, Joe and I stood many times under the arch looking at the light , we had a picnic there once or twice,.

    Always it was the distant view into the cave interior that held promise of some deep secret that had me coming back to stand silently and wonder.

  • Glad I could bring that memory back to you! :)
  • Oh my, brings back so much caving memories. So lovely to see, thanks for sharing Arty!
  • No problem Phoebe!
  • This brings back a great memory.. When some Glitchen were getting all bent out of shape when mining, as in.. "This is MY SPARKLY ROCK!!" go find your own.. the Devs fixed this by making it more "profitable" to mine with others.. So much in the spirit of what Glitch was about. :)
  • Here's my first screenie with an outfit on :)
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    Pretty Eira! :D Just a little bit of Img card action for your viewing folks!
  • hee Artimis which one did you choose? I think with that much Img Id choose the energy tank +20, hehe tho I always loved the ticket to tickets :D oh heck I probs choose that one too heheh, Thank you for posting these :)
  • I chose the +20! Gotta keep expanding that gas tank! Hope everyone enjoy's the screnshots!
  • I almost can't believe it's really coming back.
  • @Artemis Wondurful !!! Find myself poring over all the little details of your shot!! (Love the "Certified Organic Chocolate Egg in your tray). Thanx soo much! Hope to see more soon.

    Then I get led to view @Faereluth 's Photostream. So fun to see othur's in-game shots.

    Ohhhh, I can't wait to play again!!!!!!!
  • @Nine It's coming back! Trust me! I can't say enough good things about it and the eleven team!

    @Plez Glad you enjoyed it! It's always fun to travel with a Chocolate egg or two ;)
  • Ohhh sweet, love seeing the pictures. Thanks for sharing. It's almost as good as being there. Almost. :-)
  • I'll try to post them regularly and in different regions for you guys :)
  • Oh man so exciting! All the pictures I've seen seem to lack bags so far! Is that just a quirk of how people are testing now, or are bags being explored by the crew right now for implementation : )? Love seeing the progress and all the pieces that are there and even the ones that are missing! It's a beautiful puzzle and I can't wait to help put it together or play with it when it's done if that's how things unfold!
  • Love these pictures, keep them coming!
  • @"Liza Throttlebottom" Bags are pretty much functional, but we just had a server update that reset all our progress so most people are just getting started again!
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    @"Liza Throttlebottom" Bags are implemented! I just cropped it to the top bar! Sorry about that! Eira's screenshot shows bags, spice racks, and a Cauldron!
  • Ah! I didn't notice that was a link, I was looking at the big pictures ; ) Thanks guys! Can't wait to play ;-; Beyond excited seriously.
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    I had been playing around with the snapshottery skills and the's a couple of pictures of an old favorite - DNA...we found that you can hear the sound when you enter the street, but we can't interact with them or the quoins many cool things already in game, but still many things for the team to implement. What they have accomplished is nothing short of amazing!


  • @B3achy The filters look amazing with the dna! I'm obsessed!
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    All aboard for Asslandia! (Though not really -- instanced areas aren't implemented yet. I was just happy to run across one of the dinos.)
  • I'm seriously getting tears in my eyes.
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    @"Liza Throttlebottom"
    This song is, was, and always will be the summation of All My Feelings.
  • true but admittedly i like the "Im an evil Glitch song" lol
  • @Ariaste Yeah ;-; Theramina was a lovely person as well, I had the pleasure of knowing her in the original beta : )
  • Just a chunk of gray rock gets all of us excited.
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