What was YOUR fondest memory of glitch?



  • RainCat introduced me to the game during the beta testing. I knew immediately that I would like it, but it was hard to start out with nothing. She gave me 1000 coins to help me get started and some food and some pointers. I will always thank her for guiding me to Glitch. I love it. Too many wonderful moments to describe. She also loaned me some coins to get my first house. I think that was the epitome of what Glitch stands for and what I remember the most. All the good and generosity that Glitchens showed to each other. The friendship was everywhere. Of course I long to tend my gardens, sing to butterflies, pet my pigs and feed my chickens. I also loved to fuss around the house, constantly redecorating. And, of course, traveling around Ur was always a wonderful, eye-opening experience I thoroughly enjoyed. Background music set the tone and gave me peace. These are my fondest memories of Glitch. Oh wait, I also loved going to Rook attacks. So exciting and felt so urgent.
  • I also loved the Rainbow potion. Such fun. And parties on the Moon. Guess I like the bouncy stuff.
  • My favorite moment was the morning I was out wandering and Sasca knocked on my door. Had not seen her since Faunasphere, it was great to catch up
  • Rainbow juice was the best. My friend Beekatrix and I jumped our way to the end of the world with Rainbow Juice.
  • been looking at this site. reviving lost memories
  • I liked it when I got the hang of brushing foxes! It took me so long and many bad words but then a bunch of us from Civility went for the group brushing badges and I got the knack!
    That was what was so good, helping others and having fun and getting on as well!
  • Fondest memory - which I finally decided truly is my fondest! - is when I got my house and "met" my neighbor.

    I'm a big fan of poetry, and I liked to write a random famous poem on paper and leave the note lying around nice places. I left it outside of my door - I think it was a Mother's Day poem - and one of my neighbors read it, then wrote a note back commenting on how nice it was, and that she took it remember it IRL.

    And then we started leaving notes and gifts for each other, and it made Glitch all the more fun!

    I wish I could remember the username of the person (I think it was a girl), but she really made Glitch home for me. (That, and sending PMs to the IRL friend who introduced me to Glitch and help set me up. <3)
  • Wow, so many names here l recognize or know.
    l felt always a bit lonely wandering the streets due to the time shift, so it was the most fun petting the cute piggies and sometimes scaring the chicken. No parties for me unfortunately. No invites and always the wrong time for me. So l was busy making recipes, learning, gardening and wandering through the caves, scrubs and trying to climb the mountains. l´m still not good at jumping. :D
    l remember BribAnnie being very kind btw. l don´t understand how someone could be nasty to her. And l remember too, l found one poem, a very short one and didn´t know what to do with it. Thought it was for someone special and just left it where l found it.
  • Oh, man. "Dying" and going to the underworld. The music there was SO INCREDIBLE. And once I figured out that special wine you could drink to get around down there. It was like a whole new level of awesome.

    But really, the whole game itself was one huge, magical memory. The artwork, the concept, and the music - GAH. Combine all that with just how awesome everyone was, the kindness and non-doucheyness of other players, made the whole experience incredible. <3
  • Every moment...from my first home in Groddle Heights to the new, via Homestreet; from discovering new places in Ur, to learning new skills; from Game of Crowns, to Cubimal races; you name it, loved it all...can't think of a single thing, much less a single moment, that I didn't. Although, after a moment of thinking back...I did hate something. One thing; and I'm sure I'm not alone in this...
    The Forehorseman, with his bleep bells and googly eyes, announcing,"The end is neigh, THE END IS NEIGH."
    So glad it was really just a beginning. Glitchen are here to stay; we shall not be kicked off by some fancy Forehorseman. *:)
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    There's one I remembered just now, the last time I saw Stoot in-game. In the middle of a cubimal race, Stoot appears standing between two sides of Glitchen; in the midst of all the cubimals and their smack talk; and right away Glitchen begin to yell out "Hi, Stoot!" "Hey, Stoot", and (surely) showering him with hugs / kisses / splanks. After a minute or so, Stoot just says, " You all are CRAZY!". Then, jumps off to the end of IImenskie; disappearing into the caves. We all laughed and continued on with our silliness-ness. *:.)
  • My fondest memory was when I first started playing glitch right after I had gotten hold of my new computer. I had still not gotten a monitor for it so I plugged it into my TV and sat in a beanbag with my keyboard in my lap.
    I have since then unfortunately moved out of that house and moved in to an apartment where the space for a 48" TV and a beanbag is non existent :(
  • Fondest memory would have to be meeting my first few mates.
    I started out alone with nothing and it was hard to get a hang of it of by yourself. But meeting new people and them giving you pointers and tips and starting stuff was awesome, I will never forget that kindness. As unfortunate as it may seem that I got to barely know anybody (Found Glitch 2 months prior to DoomsDay) I hope to find and gain new friends here :)
  • My favorite was the yellow flower rush. That's when I made my fortune and also made a ton of new friends while harvesting and sharing eachothers plots. I really miss my house and my shop, and all of my rare items!
  • @Jay
    man..I remember that. Everyone was doing it and getting heaps rich!
  • My fondest memory was being greeted for the first time. I felt beyond welcome. Somehow, as soon as I joined, I felt instant nostalgia for a place I have never even been to.
  • http://www.glitchthegame.com/snaps/PIFLU0M82V53HEC/283837-57f5940571/

    End of Glitch party.... Cat was going crazy saying "I dont want to die....." then Sicupocalypse goes "shhh... Die with dignity"
  • In June of 2012 my (now) husband had surgery. We had to travel to another state to have the procedure done and then stayed in a hotel in the vicinity for two weeks while he recovered. After his surgery, he slept in ~4 hour spurts, he'd wake up and need medication or food or whatever, and then go back to sleep. One cycle ended at about 4am and he'd take some more pills and then go back to sleep. I woke up with him at 4 and would be unable to go back to sleep so I'd go out to the living room part of our hotel suite and play Glitch.

    In that moment, I had a goal of earning 1 million currants by selling awesome stew to the vendor in Ceberkul. So I'd use my early morning playing time to travel the Crop Garden Route and harvest what I could, feeding piggies, and watering trees as I went. It was quiet in Glitch in the early mornings, especially on the Home Streets. I had a friend who was home with a small baby on maternity leave at that time, and we'd chat and I'd harvest and cook and harvest and cook. It was peaceful and delightful. I think of it often.
  • I remember one memory I have that I enjoyed is when they announced that you would soon have a use for all that wood, talc, and other random things in furniture making. I ran around with my friend while she collected things to hoard and noticed a few other people were also starting to hoard items
  • Reading through these actually brought tears to my eyes, I remember how much fun it was to have those moon parties too! I loved putting food out for everyone! Taking too much purple and going straight to the underworld! Them smashing those damn grapes!!! I loved Zilloween too, and putting pumpkins all over everyones houses! My entire place was filled with them I don't know how I even got so many! But I think my most cherished Glitch memory is when my friends Darius and Soupie had a secret in-game wedding. They got dressed up and took me to this neat little cave entrance thing that was all carved out like a lion. I forget where it was, but we jumped up on top of it and left little offerings of well wishes. It was just a really special moment to share. <3
  • Mining Sparkly with Sommer!!
  • I allways loved to mine and gain levels. Maybe its cause of Runescape ^^
  • I have quite a few,

    the first moment I remember was picking out my house back before the housing update, my home street was sini shake, I had one of the treehouses! I remember scoping out the neighborhood and one of the houses had a birch candy left on top of it, so I knew it had to be mine. I lived there with my backyard animals and hooch still in the bushes until the housing update

    once housing DID update, I remember my butler zanzibar fondly, he had the mushroom head and a beaked face and he was always happy to see me, I had a huge fondness for him

    there were the naked shenanigans on my shelf between me and a friend, hooch may or may not have been involved (it was)

    and of course I was a huge hooch hound and had an entire tower floor devoted to shelves upon shelves of hooch stacks

    and getting my dressed up in formalwear with my platonic partner for the end of glitch party 8') bitwesweet
  • i think my fondest moment was just exploring the caves of (near groddle i cant remeber name) i loved it there great music and tastes seeing the mineshafts people talking. my firsst (probably really fondest) is exploring the fire swamp area i loved the whole place just exploring the muck and just loving the scenery and music and specially the houses. always wanted one there and hopefully ill get one one day lol
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    The good ol' mines! Sadly I have forgotten the two main places I would mine at. I need someone to ....nm Neva Neva!! That was my favorite, then there was the other one I have sadly forgotten. I can't wait for this game to open. I also never had the trolls that facebook is FULL of. I'm so over facebook....I need this game to open up.
  • SB1981, is the other one Ajaya Bliss? I know I frequented that street.
  • One of my favorite moments was when I amassed a collection of Small Shiny Objects With No Intrinsic Value.

  • I can't pick a "fondest" memory, all of them were so special and precious. However, the ones that stand out the most, usually involve plotting and playing with my best friends.


    That and filling Acro's house and mailbox with Thousands of pumpkins every Zilloween.... ;)
  • Those were good times. The schemiest!
  • My favorite day in Glitch, I watched @"scarlett bearsdale" and @varaeth and some other people act in a play. (It was SO cool! The actors were on the top floor of a tower that had been decorated like a stage set, while the audience stood silently in a "lobby" on the floor underneath, and watched the "stage" using camera-vision. The play was good, but I was most impressed with the amount of thought that had gone into the setup. Varaeth even had special-effect angry glowy eyes at one point!)

    FyodorD's level 60 party was right after the play, with a "Good and Evil" theme.

    Before that day, I had mostly lurked in PBMS while doing my own solo thing. That was the day I realized how much more fun everything was when you played *with* other people, instead of just at the same time.
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