What was YOUR fondest memory of glitch?



  • The Glitch community. And when I was starting out, I'd try crazy stuff -- and it would work. It was nuts. Loved it so much.
  • I love all of these. Glitch was such a unique quirky game that let you do anything you could imagine! *Except meet Benedict Cumberbatch*
  • Lol! As a Greeter I was often believed to be a Bot by my Greets. Some just ignored me and ran to the exit of the Start street but others would ask math questions in attempt to discover if I really was a Bot. All Greeters encountered the doubters. How many other games had real people Greet Newbs?
  • Taking snapshots and posting them with witty captions. I have over 800 of them. This was done in less than 4 months.
  • So many great Civility moments, descending on Glitchens' houses to use their resources and earn them badges.

    The day heli-kitties came into existence, and there were dozens and dozens of Glitchen in Balzare. I have a snap here: http://www.glitchthegame.com/snaps/PA98EALDUKD2CR9/194146-976d817e3b/

    But the most amazing moment for me was when the devs not only took my idea about feat rewards, but actually named an item after me. Then a bunch of wonderful Glitchen pooled their caiyotite beads together to make sure I had the first caiyotite necklace. It just showed how amazing and generous our community is, and I paid it back by giving beads away every time someone passing by said, "Hey! You're Caiyot!" :D
  • Probably a million favor with Grendaline :) Or my first emblem of Grendaline. Or maybe it was my 100th emblem of Grendaline? Or maybe my eleventh Shrine to Grendaline? Maybe when I got to the top of the leaderboard for Grendaline? Or when I doubled the favor of the next closest comer? Hmmmmmm. Maybe it was when I briefly changed my name to Grendaline and had a bit of a kerfuffle with the Greeters and Live Help folks over confusing the newbies ;) That was a funny story :P

    I seem to have lost my train of thought. Well it was probably something to do with Grendaline ;)

    ~Liza Throttlebottom~
  • I think creating a new Civility group will happen pretty quickly. If bachjess isn't around I'll be happy to start it up.
  • @FlatEarther - Yes! That needs to happen posthaste!
  • Well there are quite a countless amount of amazing memories that i have had and shared since the initial trying out the game to the last days it was among Ur.

    One of my most hippity jibbity full of enthusiasm moments. Would have been the second to last or perhaps it was third to last alpha tests. It was the last dwindling hours of the test and i was on a mad search for a road. But not just any road, no this had to a very special road. One with an extreme amount of space both in length and ledges. It also had to have a nice background and setting with an unique flare unseen by past good night glitch parties. For I was going to host the Good Night Glitch party. It was the only chance i had at hosting one. And i spent my last hours during that alpha test grabbing every last piggie , bubble tree and music box i could get my hands on. The minutes leading up to the party were spent with my little Glitchen and some awesomely randomly found volunteers placing and dropping items till every last speck of pathway was covered with presents and party favors. Then the good ol fun began, it was the last hour of the alpha test and it was time to concentrate on spreading the word through every chat method that the party was ready. That hour of fun was exceedling fun, for not once did i come across a shady glitchen hoarding gifts, No in fact by the end of that test every little material left on the ground had been picked up and modified to a new recipe. Which lead other more educated glitches to pick up and reproduce into yet another new item. It was time well spent. Till we all had the chance to sing the giants to sleep.

    Other then that I drew a large amount of fun sporadically placing "Lost fortune cookie fortunes" signed by Karma, I even wrote out a big old list of every fortune i wrote and where i left it , just so i would never reproduce a one liner within those notes left inside the minds of giants.
  • Buying my first bog house and climbing up the ladder and jumping through the trap door. Filling the bog house basement with all my mad scientist experiments. The way our neighborhood street looked on the first Zilloween. Assembling my first complete machine. Getting the first of many Dolls from Rube in a trade and nervously hovering over the button to make sure I was reading it right before clicking. Getting the Cubimal Trophies. Many, many others.
  • @FlatEarther What exactly /was/ the civility group? Just a group of awesome ppl hanging out? For a while I thought you all came from some other game called Civility, but that seems silly to me now xD
    Back when I had to look through hundreds of people's snaps to get my daily dose of Glitch, I came across a ton of stuff referencing you guys, lol.
  • I really loved roaming around under water places and loved the group MOOOOON PARTIES! bouncing around was really awesome and hanging with fun friends I made along the way.
  • @EiraFae, there were soooo many wonderful groups devoted to different aspects of Glitch! Ours was focused on showing up to help Glitchen achieve things they couldn't on their own. Our calling card was showing up to help folks get the Kindness of Strangers badge but whatever it was, when called we answered. :-)
  • Cant remember right now who the founder of the Civility group was. Had plenty of friends in the group but i refused to join it, while a group of players devoted to making players play-nice was great, it was also controversial, in the fact that you were telling other players how to play
  • The very first time that it struck me that it was a truly cooperative game. Glitch didn't force you to be cooperative--you could totally just play by yourself, and it was really nice to have that option--but whenever anyone needed help there was always someone around that was willing to lend a hand. The best example of this to me was the "This game is absolutely preposterous" quest thingie. Just the fact that one person could start the phrase and everyone knew how to join in made everything feel so...connected.
  • Finding the secret area in Uralia I think it was. That and the random mission where you had to run away from someone chasing you! So many great little touches in that game, I miss it so much...
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    Jumping, jumping, jumping..and milking butterflies, and squeezing KFC chickens, and picking up poop that drops seeds,and the quest, and the fruit machine, and whacking rocks, and getting message everywhere, and decorating the house, and planting the garden, and the bubble trees, and the "hidden" trees inside the tree,,,but most of all, meeting all the other Glitchens and becoming such great virtual friends..some of which have blurred the line and are not reality friends. I think I need to think about where I can put my house...it's been so long..but one of the forest with the swinging bridges, or the snow, or the ocean, or the meadow,,,anywhere just as long as I can put it.

    I have learned my lesson...I Will support the game with reality money...I have adjusted my thinking..Glitch was the best entertainment I have ever had. Better than going to a movie, eating out, reading a book, swimming, I would never expect the theater to let me in free and ask for money after I watched the movie. Even at McDonald's you pay before you get your food. That being said, I think a paid membership/ purchase of virtual items should be optional. Since the closing of Glitch when I play a game I keep in my head," this a fun for me but a living for the makers. They are depending on players to keep the game up and running..if I don't support the game it will close".
  • My fondest memories of Glitch are from my earliest days playing. I met my girlfriend online and before we'd ever even met she introduced me to Glitch. So I started playing and in a large way we got to know each other through exploring the world of Ur together. Then we had a date in real life and it went well and we started seeing each other, but even on days where we weren't with each other we could do things together in the game. We are now engaged and have a daughter together and I will always remember the massive part that Glitch played in helping that to happen :)
  • I have a million fond memories, but I think perhaps my favorite is when my butler first spoke to me and called me "madamsir." I remember laughing a lot at that.
  • @Shredder That's so awesome! I'm so glad the game was able to play a part in your relationship!
  • @Karma, I was not at the party but I Thank You anyway! The EOTW parties were great Fun and everyone involved made them special From Food, to Games, and Trains and decorations!
  • Placing Ilmenskie Jones in random streets throughout UR and then seeing the reactions in chat by other Glitches. Had a great time with this until the exploit was fixed.
  • my fondest memory was when i first started playing. Everything was so new and so much fun and i couldn't wait to get home and play
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    I remember that I always really enjoyed cooking fancy meals, and at one point I cooked up a huge array of different dishes and left them sitting all through the branches of trees for people to find and snack on,

    I also really loved staring at the "skills" page and feeling really satisfied as I learned more and more new things and it slowly expanded.

    I remember being really excited when they added in fox brushing, It was a whole new skillset to learn (as I think I'd finished all the existing things)

    And of course finally saving up enough for some new cubimals, and unboxing a rare one- was incredibly exciting.
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    My fondest memory . . hmm I have many, but I think it has to be meeting Joe Blow, we met at Anrasan Glance, as we both waited for a street project to begin. I saw him on the far right of the screen and we stood together looking out at the view, I said haha with white hair you'd look like Rupert the bear, then I had to explain who that was heheh, We started the project and it required earth blocks, and yes we had earth long before we had Urth, Between us Joe and I figured out we could both dig a patch together, this again was before earth piles, and in doing so we were able to collect two earth blocks per patch which previously had only allowed one, later in game this ability was lost but upon some dev begging it was restored again, so Joe and I could dig together, that was the start of a very special friendship which still endures today, we have yet to meet IRL as he lives in the US and I in the UK, none the less we have managed to meet up and have some amazing adventures and I am so looking forward to going home and continuing these with Joe at my side.

    Another memory is the day plexus opened, OM Giants, we had our first taste of almost flying, and it was just so magical, not only could we float but we soon found we could place things on the left half of the area and they would remain suspended ( dong lol) it led to some great co-op large scale art , and then we had conga parties and much fun there through out my time in Ur. https://www.flickr.com/photos/66012309@N02/6564861059/in/set-72157627236800747

    And the mention of cubimals reminds me of another memory shared with my Joe, he had lets say a liking (he was totally addicted to them) for the little cute cubimals and in the end he had amassed so many I needed to show him just how bad his addiction was, so we lined them all up throughout his large Alakol house, and the yard too and every inch was covered and tho he said he didn't i bet he had more stashed in the cupboard haha, still it was a sight to see. We invited Kukubee over to view them :) https://www.flickr.com/photos/66012309@N02/6142704522/
  • If I have to pick one memory... can I really pick only one?!

    In the days of the old housing streets we used to have block parties. One particular party sticks in mind, Tallish Crest Quarter 3400 block. So many people came. We had food everywhere, arranged by color. Nothing special really but it was sweet and very glitchy :)

    Back when the herb gardens were introduced it messed up some houses. In mine, an eggplant was hanging in the air. I mentioned it and 8 devs came to my little bog house to move my eggplant. It was funny and I felt really special :)

    And, of course, meeting one of my now closest friends on Glitch. The most valuable thing that came out of it.

    That time she told me that something big was about to happen at Somewhat Sump. It was when the Rook came for the first time. And I was there to see it. Whoa. One for the history books!
  • @fussycat you can list as many as you want!
  • I have many, but the turning point for me was the first real interactions with other Glitchen, when I got a request to help with the Peter out Peat quest. It was disastrous, and hilarious, and no-one knew what they were doing, and it took hours to get it for everyone, but it was lovely, and funny, and ridiculous.

    (first post here, hello lovelies)
  • definitely cebarkul parties!!!! hanging out and dishing out meals for everyone, and that time we discovered you could place carved pumpkins onto streets when your inventory was full, hahaha. and then party spaces were so much fun as well!
  • Karma, I remember your party! And all the End of the World parties where everyone was together being silly and whooping it up as if it were the...well, you know. A little sadness as the clock ticked down but so much excitement for the next time we'd be allowed in to discover all the new stuff. Also the time I came across some Glitch named "stoot" and started chatting, and then I noticed he was moving trees and things around the street, to my innocent amazement, until he confessed his identity (boy did I feel dopey)! All the devs were very cool and obviously really invested in making the game awesome...
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