What was YOUR fondest memory of glitch?

Just curious! Since most of us are old glitch players I was wondering if you remember a special moment. Maybe the first time you took control of your little glitchen? Or maybe it's after you chose your favorite giant? I'm very curious to know!


  • I remember the first time I realized I could stand on he branches of trees in Groddle Forest. It felt like I'd found a game inside the game, and it was full of quoins!
  • Mine is a tie betweeen when I finished decorating the first room in my house when home streets got put into the game (I wish I had a snapshot of that). I hated not being able to get a house next to the boyfriend prior to that though. The other was jumping on the boyfriends bed in his house which I do have a snapshot of.

  • @Anybody I loved trying to travel only by treetops and floating platforms! It was like a whole new world!

    @Kassutera I love that you were able to share those memory's with your boyfriend!! That must have been special! I wish you had a snap of your house. I loved looking at the individuality of everyone's house design!
  • @Artemis he is the one that started talking about this game one day so I figured I would give it a try and in the process I fell in love with the game
  • I was especially happy when I arranged all of the items which I gathered into SDB's, item amassing is my main drive across all games, and will probably be a major focus once Beta (and Alpha, if I am lucky enough) is done because in that stage, I'd be more focused on finding bugs.
  • My favorite thing is that no matter what my mood was that day, I could do something in game to match. Usually that meant being kind to someone(s).

    My favorite thing that game did not have is violence.
  • @Kassutera That's awesome! That game had a way of stealing your heart without you realizing it! :)

    @Sanotsuto Do you have any snaps of all your stuff organized? I thought that was always so cool when someone would have the patience to arrange everything!

    @FlatEarther I agree! It was always fun to drop things for others! It was also nice that there was no violence (I don't count rook attacks. They were warded off easily and didn't do anything unrepairable!
  • @Artemis unfortunately I only had one snap, I never considered taking them when I was playing as I was so enveloped with my gameplay, I never thought I'd need them to revel in my nostalgia. After the game is fully released, making an assortment of SDBs and arranging all of my items will be my top priority. When it's done, you're welcome to stop by, take snaps, jump on the furniture and drink essence of purple :D
  • @Sanotsuto sounds like a plan! I'll be sure to not leave muddy boot prints on your sofa's :D
  • @Artemis I wouldn't worry so much if I were you, if I have a durian sofa, it would already smell like dirty diapers :3
  • Definitely Zilloween. Harvesting pumpkins was just my thing!
  • @Sanotsuto. The one thing I did not like about SDB's was the fact that the server counts how much items you have in there and caused such bad lag. Even on a computer built for gaming I was lagging. I hope a fix will come to that this time around :)
  • @Kassutera I had 2 floors in my house with wall to wall SDB's, some stuffed to the brick with items (the stuffed ones being mostly things I didn't sell or use much myself, like Rookswort). I never had any issues with latency, and I also play on a computer custom build for gaming. I would think it wouldn't be needed to be known what the quantity inside an SDB would be until you opened it, but I am also not sure if that is a feasible coding option. @ladyceres would you be able to provide some input on the matter?
  • It got to the point that my boyfriend couldn't log into the game because he was stuck in his house and that is where he had thousands of items stuck in multiple SDB's

    I mentioned earlier that they should make it so we do not need to know how many items are in the SDB unless we mouseover the box and it shows us how much is in there. That would be a nice touch and I wonder if that would reduce the lag?
  • @sanotsuto I don't think it should be a problem in Eleven. There was a new update pushed out just recently that will not load objects into memory until they are called upon. So if you have 1000 things in an SDB, unless you interact with it, the game isn't going to care about it. Even then, there may be a way to mitigate lag by not loading all 1000 items up into memory at once (since you really don't ever SEE 1000 items in an SDB).
  • @ladyceres that is reassuring to know! I frequently drained many of my SDB's (fuel cells, metal, wood and their products always seemed to deplete at lightening speed, as the process of SDB creation chugged along), but a few things got up there in number. From a player's logic, it would make sense to not need such an overload of information, but it's nice to hear it works well within coding logic, too. This is probably the most important thing to my personal play-style, so I'm pretty attentive to the subject matter and happy for the good news. All praise to our based developers!

    That being said, would it be possible to only "load up" that one item, but have a draw potential to retrieve and then load up based simply on the raw number of items stored in the SDB? My thought process is that the SDB would convert all items in excess of 1 to a numerical value that is kept track of so that it doesn't have to load up more than one of an actual item until some are withdrawn? I wish I knew more about code so that I could just suggest instead of ask, I've got things I believe to be a good thought process, I'm simply unsure if it is applicable in the logic of your coding language :x
  • Bouncing.
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    It wasnt 1000 items though, what was in SDB's was counted in stacks, which would vary per item. Some stacks were 10 high, others 100, others 500 etc, typically the more processed the item the smaller the stack. And it was 1000 stacks per SDB
  • Anytime in Glitch when there was a lot of items, or characters to load there was lag, im wondering if that had to do with the game itself or the servers we had though
  • My fondest memory of Glitch was walking through the Savannas and my brother walking in on me asking, "Why are there flying mitochondria on the screen?"
  • The other Glitchen! I have only once found that many generous, creative people and that was at Faunasphere. Many of the Fauna folk were in Ur so I came with a ready-built community but oh how that increased! As a Greeter I met new players almost every day. As an Explorer I met countless Glitchen on the streets of Ur. In two years I only met one bad person, a Greet, and I left immediately and never heard from him again which was good. Almost daily I met someone new and found something happening someplace. Once I stumbled upon The Cat Face creating a spontaneous unplanned party! He set out lots of food and prizes on a log bridge for all who came along! Things like that are what made the game New on a daily basis.
  • @Lilligant Ahh those flying mitochondria's! Haha!

    @BribAnnie I agree! There we so many kind people! I came across 1 bad person but I am ashamed to say the situation was only worsened by my actions. I apologized and we became friends!
  • WTG Artemis! Sadly that did not work for me. No matter how nice I was the fellow got worse and worse. I didn't say anything after the final, unforgivable remark, I just teleported out.
  • My favourite was an epic party the Civility group had one day. We had it at Stoot's house, I believe, and everyone brought everything you could possibly think of. There were tons of people there, and then we all decided to overdose on purple and continue the party in hell, which we promptly did.
  • Parties often ended in Hell - Lol! The biggest one I remember began in Hell on the last day of 1st Beta.
  • @Starless Wait... you could overdose on purple?? That was a thing that could happen?

    If that's true, I suddenly have plans for when the game comes back.
  • Swimming in Jal. It made me feel like a penguin or a seal catching salmen. Became one of my favorite places to hang out, and I camped out in Ambu Jal at the very end (and was kicked from the server in the last 5 minutes because I accidentally fell into the water!)
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    My fondest memories where when we had to purchase homes. I remember my first apartment and how relieved that now I finally had more storage. Then I remember finding the meadow homes and loving all the themes, and having to wait for my favorite one to either be sold by another player, or a new street opened by the devs. I also remember taking the day off work for the launch, just so I could get my old home in Alakol back. 8 straight hours of mining and I was back on my old street. My BFF in game (TweetyPie) got the house next to me about 2 hours later. We thought there would be a rush on the Alakol houses, and I think we were there nearly a week before other people started showing up on the street...lol.

    I also loved rail walking on the railing in my Alakol house and jumping from the railing (and other high places in Ur). I also loved all the tree hopping for quoins.

    My final fond memory was finally getting my name on a street (when we used to have to build them with a community type project...I really started to like those after a while, was sad they got rid of them). Then when the street opened it had nothing on it except a mailbox...no vendors, no trees, no rocks...nothing...I was kind of bummed about it...but then someone realized there was a secret passage, and you could jump to the top of the dragon head/rock. It ended up being one of the coolest places for people to have gatherings/parties...I felt really honored that my name was on that street instead of a 'regular' one.
  • Eating spinach for the first time, BOING!!
  • I think one of my fondest memories was the way the game went so quickly from a cautious 'ok, let's give this game a try' beginner's mindset to the conclusion that Glitch was nothing short of awesome!

    I feel a little badly for my first steps in the world, though. I have hazy memories of some other player (a greeter, I presume, because they left a small pile of presents) being friendly and talking to me, and I completely ignored them. It was partially because I really Had Not Noticed the chat system to the right yet and couldn't figure out how to type a reply, partially because I was not sure if it was an Actual Player or some kind of intro NPC, and partially (well, ok, mostly) because I was awkwardly jumpy-flailing about in a beginner's attempt to try to touch a butterfly. I don't even think I knew what you could do with them; I just saw the pretty things fluttering about in the air and suddenly had an urge to try to interact with them.

    And, like other people have probably mentioned before, the friendly and welcoming community of players is/was something truly special. So many fond memories of helping, and being helped.
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