What was YOUR fondest memory of glitch?



  • My favorite beta l memory is when acreditando showed me how to make a butterfly follow me. Then how to set fireflys loose in my swamp home. My funniest memories lol times were hiding behind trees with sugarj and talking people into hiding with us. extra points if we could get them to persuade the next glitch walking by to join us. Record for "Most glitchen being the tree at same time"? 6!
  • @coolbetty - I so remember you guys hiding behind trees in Ur...I about peed my pants when I saw a tree talking to me...and then I chortled when I figured out what y'all were up to...there were some fond memories from those of us 'pranked' by y'all behind the trees...I actually started doing it sometimes on my own...when I could find a big beefy tree to hide behind...however, I never realized how elaborate your personal game was to get others to join in...too funny!
  • I seem to remember a lot of hiding behind trees in my own past as well ; ) I have a number of artful snaps of it on my old profile!
  • ☻ When I first created my character and walked through the beginning. I took so many screenshots of the start of my journey!

    ☻ When my SO, best friend, and mother created characters and began to play regularly.

    ☻ My tiny cubimal collection.

    ☻ When a lovely Glitchen visited Hell for me. I had never been and didn't want to die. This kind Glitchen went and brought me all sorts of items from Hell, and wrote a Note about the entire experience.
  • Being a noobie and simply asking for a little help in general when out of no where someone teleports to my location and hands me a stack of what I needed like it wasn't anything before wishing me well and leaving.

    Glitch by far was the kindest community I had ever ran into.
  • I enjoyed helping noobies. i dont remember getting any help when i was a noobie. so i am glad to be a part of it!!
  • GoC and collecting spice and making tasty pastas :)
  • omg standing in my kitchen with Chester making sooooo much pasta. I still havemy pasta cheat sheet somewhere, with the setup for my system ...
  • I loved the games people came up with that weren't designed into Glitch itself. There was a group - their names escapes me - who had missions posted you could do, then message someone to let them know you'd completed it. Darn! What was that name...
  • Grizelda, I remember that group too, but I can't remember the name either :/
  • My fondest of all memeories of Glitch is the communication allowed to each and every one of us to begin a family of sorts love them all and miss each and every folk I met.included Stuart butterfield from my hometown.
  • I remember the day I found Jal on accident with a teleportation script. I was so psyched there was a place I could swim around that I took a few of my friends there when I did the teleportation quest.
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    I wish I had taken more snaps... to catch all of my favorite things. Mining, planting trees, decorating my house. Also, I'll never forget how proud I was the first time I filled a bottle with fireflies. :o)
  • There was one night where I sat on chat with a few others and we spoke in nothing but naval puns. I got screen shots of it all i still look at it and laugh....bet game ever with such awesome people. here's the screen shot enjoy!

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/51344880/GLITCH/fun with puns.png
  • My fondest, clearest memory is finding poetry, towards the end- I was just trying to soak up the most of the aesthetic experience, but got something even better. I saved some of it here: http://gooseglitch.tumblr.com/post/69542490513
  • Too many in game memories to know where to start, but my fondest memory of the forums was the "what oscarette said but in ... " thread. http://www.glitchthegame.com/forum/general/15940/
  • I really enjoyed the tense time limits to your trips to the Ancestral Lands and also the underwater worlds where you could even catch fish! I also liked that there was a companion mobile app for monitoring progress on skill learning, check friend list, etc. while away from the game itself.
  • Running through the Ancestral Lands... that time I set myself a personal quest to season 500 piggy eggs. That time I felt like seasoning 500 eggs had been too easy, so I decided to season 1000 butterfly eggs. All the wonderful moments of being able to set myself a goal and then accomplish it -- like buying a house! And earning my first million currants! And having enough resources that I could dump loads of presents on other people without even noticing they were gone. Making the world a little better, one Awesome Stew at a time.

    *overwhelmed by ancestral nostalgia*
  • Greeterbot reporting for duty! But I honestly can't think of any one thing in particular that made the game perfect. It was just everything. My botler cheered me up daily. I loved pestering the chickens. The goofy triple jump yell which I still do in real life. All of it. Every single thing.

    I will say that the original Alpha crew was such a blast, staying on until the very last minute we were kicked out until the next test, that was unequaled. I know things will never be that fresh and new again, but a taste of it is just fine.
  • My fondest memories are a bit all over the place. The first that comes to mind was acting as a mediator between two users. One of them had picked the other one's crops or herbs and thus got blocked. He wanted to apologize, but couldn't.
    I asked the user if he could talk it through and he said if he gets his plants back, he'll unblock the other player.
    I got them and gave them to him and they settled the issue by themselves from that point on. I was still a complete newbie myself and very awkward, so I left soon after, but I have a hazy memory that they became friends, maybe?

    Another fond memory was realizing I had too much stuff and I would need to get a house (it was still the time of old housing system). I didn't really like the idea at first, but finally got a house in Smallend High, Groddle Heights.
    After that, I found exploring and gathering easier, due to being able to dump my stuff on the floor where it would stay until I needed it. :D
  • One of my fondest memories was not having a computer fast enough to play it -- this was when I was in college -- so I sacrificed my sleep and got up at insane hours of the morning to play in the dorm's computer lab before everyone piled onto the internet and slowed it down too much for the game to work. Hours of sleep lost. No regrets whatsoever.

    And then when I upgraded my computer and Glitch suddenly worked and I could play it at any hour of the day -- HALLELUJAH <3
  • YEEZY ALSO LOVED THIS MOMENT MORE THAN ANYTHING EXCEPT HIT ALBUMS AND CAPS LOCK: http://www.glitchthegame.com/snaps/PHFD0J93CVC2FHP/267308-48151cf8d9/
  • OH. how to pick just one. I think for me, one of the best moments was when I realized how interactive with the players the devs were. It was during closed beta I think, might have been alpha. lol So long ago I don't remember. Anyway, my little toon had a glitch loading onto a street so I had to relog. When I came back, I could walk the street from end to end, but not interact with anything. No one else on the street could see me, but I could see them. Posted my issue in the help channel, and within minutes there was a dev there to look at the situation. I believe, I walked that street for 1/2 an hour while the devs figured out the problem. Not only were they there instantly, but they did banter and chat with me the whole time. So cool. Made me understand just how special not only the game was, but the team behind it.
  • One of my most favorite memories is when a friend sent me an invite to play, but something happened and I couldn't get logged in to play. I got a super helpful email from some guy who worked on the game, and he helped me be able to play. It wasn't until much later that I found out that super helpful guy named Stoot was... well, you know.
    Really, all the staff members were so helpful and friendly. After playing other games where "customer support" would take weeks to respond even with a canned message, to have a game where the staff took care of problems within minutes or hours was a wonderful experience. It was always obvious how much they enjoyed the game, too. I guess that's part of why I loved being a Greeter and a Guide so much - I wanted to help other people have fun, too!
  • So many, honestly. One that comes to mind is when Rascalmom showed me how to get to the top of the dragon for the first time. We left offerings and wrote wishes on paper and left them on top of its head. The next time I went it was covered in all kinds of food/drink/items, and notes. Very very cool.

    One that's not so fond but more, "I can't believe this just happened..." was while out on a greeter call, and it was bizarre enough to cap for posterity (preposterous longevity?) and share with the group. So we all had our share of runners, and this one was no different than usual. When I finally got them to stop, I launched into my usual spiel; gift bag for you, explanation of basic mechanics, and exposition on how we don't like to give away secrets but push one towards exploration and discovery. I asked them to follow me to adventure, and prepared to take the two of us on a tour of fun places..only to see them start dropping all of the things out of the bag I had given them on the ground. Drinks, food, cubimals, spinach, tickets, the usual fare. Then he asked me why I was holding out on the good stuff, and demanded a sword or some cool armor. My first thought was that this was someone's alt messing with me, but then they got a little hostile. The language they used was certainly crude enough to voice their discontent- to put it mildly. When I explained that we don't have swords, they replied that a battle axe would do. Okay. I never did convince them that we didn't pvp here, or have any more violent content than milking the odd butterfly. As I left them to pick up another call (mercifully), they told me that after they leveled up, they would find me and I would get wreckt.

    I always had such great neighbors. Just blessed that way. My very first home was a vegetable house. After we came back the first time, I wanted some new digs in Alakol. I was out wandering through and looking at all that were available when I ran into Jade. This was on the first day that we were all back, mind you. We chatted a bit, and she asked me which one I liked. I had picked out one on a street that was entirely vacant, and told her the number- and why I wanted that particular one. When she asked me how I was on currants I informed her that I was about halfway there, which was the truth. Then she proceeded to gift me the price in entirety, for no other reason than that she is one awesome person. Believe me, I was incredibly touched, and that one instance changed my own viewpoint of how I glitched. From that moment on I spent much less time hoarding and much more time giving. It felt so natural and pure. After the rest of the block was sold we (neighbors) all got to know each other and became friends. After that iteration, we were all able to buy and move back into the same homes again. That was such a joyous gift to be able to be surrounded by loving people constantly.
  • I remember the Zilloween at...was it Somewhat Sump?...there were about a zillion Glitchen, making candy and giving away candy and occasionally eating candy and generally trying our best to get everyone all of the candy achievements. I remember popping out to the Ancestral Lands a few times to get more paper to make...more candy. Just a celebration of giving and also a really huge candy coma.
  • Finally having all the dolls sitting together on my couch a single moment. And all the parties Whoo Hoo
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    My fondest memory is a tie between when I finally finished the shrine to Tii that I constructed in my tower, and when I finished the quest to get the Conch Horn. That song was haunting.

    Close behind those would be when I finished the first couple of Odes to the Giants, which project was interrupted when they woke up.

    Since then, I go look forlornly at the facebook page for Glitch every few months.

    Now there's the inkling of joy, though. I hope this project succeeds!
  • Not the "fondest", but this one was a good moment. I always liked the 'feeling lucky/yes you do' message after munching Rubeweed. Completed my collection.

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