Splanking disrupts the non-violent nature of the game. It's something I don't want to see in the new version of the game. After you've been splanked by Jesus Christ, it destroys the fun mood, and it just gives troublemakers an opportunity to make trouble.


  • I actually think it serves a very good purpose. "Troublemakers" will find a way to make trouble, splanking seems a relatively harmless outlet for that, no harm done. Perhaps, there can be an option to "ignore" or "deflect" splankings individually.
  • I was never a fan of splanking either (though I will joke about it in the forums). But it's still in game since initially they are reconstructing the game as it was. I just avoid using it as an option for myself. Even if someone splanks me, I typically return the action with a hug.
  • I never cared for them myself and never splanked anyone, I just ignored it and went about my business. Well, not Entirely ignored.... I've been known to fill the splankers mailbox with random useless things on occasion. ;)
  • I personally like splanking people but I completely respect the fact you all don't like it and will add your names to my, "Don't splank" list.
  • Artemis.............. I will only fill your mailbox with useful fun things... ;)
  • Going to be a little blunt here, to the extent that it may seem a little mean. That's not my intent.

    I think that really you'd have less of a problem if you just sort of... chose not to care. Typically, being bothered by things like this is based upon some level of effort to do so. What you can do is make an effort to react in a somewhat unexpected fashion, such as B3's method of hugging those that splank.
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    Well said Seeen. :) Not mean at all. We are all adults here, and the choice is ours. We can hop about our day squeezing chickens and making Awesome Stew to our content. Smile and enjoy the fact that NOW we are able to do so once again! Woooottts for Eleven!!!!! And of course, in the spirit of Glitch, we are gentle on peoples souls... :) Sweet EmoBear hugs to all those with sore bottoms that don't enjoy it, myself included.
  • Splanking was never overused at least in my memory. On occassion it was but it only seemed to be used, (for the most part) at certain parties/events, it was rare for me to be splanked otherwise. With the exception of being a sarcastic Glitchen. But I can see how it can get on peoples nerves if overused , but this was rarely the case
  • I was known to splank my good friends becayse as we know it was all in fun! 8-D
  • I use to enjoy a good splanking when I'd earned one.
  • when I was in betabandcamp, this glitch kept splanking everyone and using sneezing powder over and over and over eventually ruining a big party. After much forum debate the fervor died down and no glitch vigilante group was formed thanks to rascal mom and stoot reminding all that our interpretation of events is not always the intention. Anything nonviolent in glitch can be used to annoy others! Just try following someone silently from street to street to street till it bugs them but don't acknowledge them in chat. Annoying? Yes, but is it a stalker or non English speaking glitch seeing if you lead them to any new fun? We can only control our reactions to these things and erring on the glitch side is encouraged. the times that Splanking or anything it is ill mannered or unwelcome, trust in glitch karma. Ask messy monster
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    The only memories of widespread splanking I can recall is whenever I'd go to the enchanted woods. There always seemed to be one or two newer players who had just discovered splanking and were eager to try it out on avid lumberjacks such as myself.
  • Splanking didn't really bother me too much. I had a friend that whenever we met, we would hug, kiss, splank, Hi 5, and water. It was just part of our greeting each other.
  • That's the glitchiest handshake I've ever heard of. :')
  • I never liked splanking, and never splanked anyone. Maybe I get too immersed in the game, but it seemed too 'real' to hurt someone, even in a 'friendly' way. Just my take on it and I always just ignored splankers, or gave them a hug like @B3achy.

    Sorry, @Seeen, can't agree that I had to make an effort to dislike it, I just don't care for any hint of violence, however expressed.
  • I was a bit gob smacked over all the virulently anti splanking folks who never seemed to get the irony. If you splanked someone, it was YOUR energy that was reduced. And that, I thought, was the point of having it in the game. Triply ironic were the folks all whanged out about splank club. The splanking didn't hurt the splankee, it hurt the splanker. The "winner" was the player who was splanked less. I thought the whole thing very glitchy. Violence hurts the one perpetrating the violence, not the one on the receiving end. I would never want it removed from the game.
  • Splanking never hurt anyone and I wouldn't even say it was annoying.

    But Lill Missy leaving 40,000 bears in your house. Now THAT is dishing out the hurt. :D
  • It was my butler.......
  • I *really* support the goal of Eleven Giants to recreate the game as it was first (so, not removing anything like splanking).

    Glitch had a non-violent tone that splanking might not fit into, but one of the things that stood out to me was how uninterested a lot of Glitchen seemed in splanking despite it being available... As evidenced by comments in this thread such as from Artemis, I think it's possible for us to be respectful with it.
  • I think taking it out of the game, considering how mechanically harmless it is, would be a little too much like trying to engineer the perfect society by physically eliminating all the things that make us who we are. It's better to foster a community that chooses not to do bad things than to make a rubber-coated room that makes gentle interaction the only option. It doesn't seem as meaningful if people aren't asked to choose to be pleasant.
  • I've been waiting almost 3 years for a good splanking. Bring it on.
  • As you wish >:3
  • Thank you. Just as I remembered it.
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    I splanked someone in Illmenski (Glitch, not Eleven) who was being rude. They followed me and verbally abused me until I had to block them. I didn't use it much after that.
  • There will never be a cure for trolls and rude people, but at least it's simple enough to block the ones in game. And the Glitch support team was always really helpful whenever I had a problem with another player.
  • Splanking seemed to be most successful when it was done among consenting adult Glitchen.
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    I had it happen to me a few times where it completely disrupted what I was doing, and when I asked the person to stop they continued over and over. I know a lot of people think it's fun, and it is when it's being done in a fun way; I'm sure I should "choose not to be bothered"- and mostly, I wasn't really bothered- but that kind of thing is only really fun for the jerk doing it, and while it may not hurt the person being splanked, it can be a real PITA if you're busy and some hilarious wit won't stop.
    I don't think it should be removed, though.
  • @Djabrill. Asshat behavior is asshat behavior, whatever it is. Just curious. If the jerk had repeatedly hugged or kissed you, would it have been equally disruptive to your project? I'd hazard that the fact they'd chosen to splank you added an extra soupçon of annoyingness, but WHAT they did is not the main issue really. It was the fact they didn't treat you with respect.
  • I never really splanked myself, though I recall being splanked once or twice along the roads, so forgive me if i say something that would absolutely not work. What about a sort of splanking counter? Everyone can only splank someone else, lets say, 10 times a day (it could be more or less, i'm not sure what the majority would consider annoying or too little). So with three other glitchen on a street, you could splank one person 10 times then move on to the other. I think the same could be imposed with other actions performed on fellow players to prevent disruption, such as hugging, kissing, sneezing powder, et cetera. Going with this, perhaps there could be upgrades to increase the amount, up to a certain point, maybe start at 3 instead of 10 and work up to 15 or 20? Not sure if this would even work, just my thoughts.
  • @Apothecary Wilmuth. I hope you wn't be offended--I mean this in the kindest way possible but I'm afraid what you're suggesting sorta sounds like a solution is search of a problem. I get it that there are folks that do not care for splanking because of what it represents to them and because of the misunderstanding about who actually is harmed when splanking takes place. I also get it that all sorts of things, if done to excess, can be annoying or bad for you or for others. But where does this stop? There are controls in place to manage annoying players. Do we need more? I sincerely don't think so. I love this community and, on the whole, we are a darned swell bunch (IMHO). I don't think we need artificial controls to force everyone to be nice. I'd rather folks be nice because they want to be. And if they don't, well, I'd rather know that, too.
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