• @Axa , no offense taken, and i see what you are saying. I'm not against splanking, but if there are people who truly dislike it enough that they think it shouldn't be a feature, i figured a limit would be a happy medium. But you're right. there are the tried and true ways to handle the troublesome.
  • not a splanker. neither give nor get. it's just not me. however, i dont feel the need to request to have it removed from the game. I'd rather try to talk with the glitch that does it , or ignore, and then report if it is a prankster. I will say splanking (and the stupid sneezing powder ) were hard on my computer, really bog my computer down . So not only was it annoying , sometimes would make me crash out of the game, which was double annoying. My alternative suggestion would be change splanking -make it be a pillow womp. The animation could look like a pillow wielding glitch smacks the side of my arm , and after a smack the pillow busts, and have some feathers fly around ( maybe black rook feathers?) . I'd rather get womped with a pillow than splanked. I think , For people that have come from or gone through violent things in real life, the splanking can be just a bit uncomfortable. just my small donation. ;)
  • I like the pillow swatting idea a lot -- although not necessarily as a substitute for splanking.

    I'd be interested in understanding better whether being virtually swatted is traumatic to those who have experienced violence and if so, whether there are other aspects of the game that could trigger reactions or other negative things for those who have experienced trauma.

    Because I don't know how you'd manage this. Is splanking a special thing that should be treated differently and perhaps removed or changed, and if so, why and how? Or is it the same as every thing else and anything could and should be examined for its potential to trigger unpleasant reactions? Is it the thing itself or what players choose to do with it? Do we have sufficient existing controls to manage anti social behavior or to we need more?
  • OMG I miss Jesus, one of my best friends in Glitch.... should I prey for him to appear ? Anyone know where hes been hiding?
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