The chronicles of Alpha Testing



  • @Faereluth
    Pigs and Rube in hell. Interesting!
  • Love seeing the pictures. Thanks for allowing them to be posted for the rest of us to see. :-D
  • @Artemis You guyz definitely need more of us in there "testing" to do some big wurd Spellin!!
  • I would love to be an alpha tester. I haven't been around the forum much though but is seems to be really active now O_O
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    @Artemis OMG, didn't know that was working...thanks for posting the picture from your alpha adventure.
  • This thread makes me so happy and so sad at the same time. *le sigh* I shall continue living vicariously through you lucky testers!
  • @B3achy I didn't expect it either! I was all excited because I thought i had found a bug!
  • I want to test so badly!
  • I love the happy moon in Piano Party. so cute

  • @"Pastel Forever" So question. How much power exactly do the testers have over Ur right now : P? I see you have over a million imagination and 200,000 currents in that screen grab. Were those earned organically through (rather a lot) testing or is that something you were able to add to your Glitch's holdings in order to have the funds/thoughts available to test things out and break them and etc?
  • See that little doll in my inventory? That is the One Ring to Rule Them All. That is Neo at the end of The Matrix. It gives me unlimited currants, imagination, mood, and energy on tap. It allows instantaneous skill learning, teleportation, levitation — it's a sensation! The doll is called the tester tool. It allows us to test stuff we couldn't otherwise. The server gets reset on a regular basis, so we wouldn't have time to accumulate enough currants, imagination, or skills to thoroughly test out the game.
  • For those chomping at the bit to get into the alpha server, think of it this way. Every month, the game gets a little more complete. It gets a little closer to being exactly the way Glitch was. The longer you wait to experience the game for yourself, the more impressive the game will be when you first play it. There is something to be said for a dramatic unveiling. When Eleven is all systems go, the moment you log in for the first time will be so much better than the first time for an alpha tester. It's like an Egyptian watching the pyramids being built brick by brick over many years versus a Roman visitor taking a boat down the Nile and seeing the pyramids loom from the shore in all their finished glory.
  • "See that little doll in my inventory? That is the One Ring to Rule Them All. That is Neo at the end of The Matrix."

  • Artemis, is your screenshot of hell from Eleven alpha or is it an old screenshot from Glitch?
  • I didn't post the screenshot of hell. It's from glitch though, I don't think hell is quite working yet :)
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    Oh oops, good point, it was Faereluth. That screencap wasn't from Eleven right, Faereluth?
  • "It's like an Egyptian watching the pyramids being built brick by brick over many years versus a Roman visitor taking a boat down the Nile and seeing the pyramids loom from the shore in all their finished glory."

  • huh, i did not realize one could go to party rooms yet. i thought they were instanced, like the subway..
  • Even though it has "party" in the name, Piano Party isn't one of the instanced party spaces - it's a street in the Vortex of Random :-)
  • No parties, and no Hell yet either.

    And @Pastel Forever: that is a perfect analogy.
  • @ Pastel it was an old Glitch screen cap, sorry for the confusion. :(
    Yes I am chomping at the bit but that's because I actually enjoy alpha/beta testing . . . sooo lemme at them thar bugs!
  • It was so much fun to find bugs in Glitch. I think that it would be as much fun to be an alpha tester. I just would love to be able to help out with the game.
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    As a really humbled alpha tester (I really didn't expect to be in game until beta at the earliest), I have to say...this is actually a bit harder that I thought it would be--I know so many of you are chomping at the bit to get in, and we're desperately trying to break things as fast as we can (as long as it happens on Sundays - inside joke, since we were all out of the game over the last weekend) to get the rest of you in game with us...we truly want all of you there with us...

    I was late Alpha to Glitch, and I had been a beta tester on other games previously...and frankly, those were much easier to test. I think testing a completely new game and provide feedback is so much more easy than trying to test a rebuilt game since there are so many more factors involved with a rebuilt game.
    - Did this work this way before? (Oh, gosh, I can't remember what I had for breakfast this morning much less remember if this doo-hickey worked this way two years ago!!)
    - Have they implemented it yet? (There's a lot of stuff still not implemented, and it's sometimes challenging to determine if things are not working because we broke it, if it's not working as it was before, or if it's just not something that has been moved over to the production server yet.)
    - Do we still want it to work this way? (Maybe it wasn't the best of the best implementations back in the we need to make recommendations to improve this aspect of gameplay?).

    With all that...I have to second that I'm AMAZED at how much it feels like home. I'm AMAZED at how much DOES work!! I'm AMAZED everyday that it still feels like we're home, even with the stuff we're missing (like home streets, and instanced locations (like hell)). I'm AMAZED that when there is a new update (we just got to interact with quoins this week), that it's so encouraging that we are closer to all being home!

    I look forward to the next set of Alphateers that join us...I was LMAO at our latest new player and how much squeeing was going on in Global...because I totally felt the same way when I got in game...there's definitely a LOT of OMG, OMG, OMG...but as you settle in, you realize there is a lot of scratching our heads and discussion over...didn't it used to do this or that? or Oh carp, I didn't remember it used to do that...I'm sorry I didn't report it sooner myself. It's definitely a challenge, but one that I know so many are looking forward to being called next. Hopefully, our little postings and insights help you feel like you are there with us...until you really are! (((hugs to all)))
  • image

    Ur loves ya!
  • Note I've been *trying* to take a snap of a Ju-ju in hot pursuit but every time I remember I run out of time to be in the AL.... Oops...
  • Oh I miss the ancestral lands, always wonderful to see pictures here!
  • ohh okay haha @Varaeth i never got around to unlocking those streets anyway lol
  • Gardening is quite a bit more difficult without emblems that unlock the higher skills. (The testing tool gives emblems now.)

  • Wow... Glitch is back *wipes a tear from eye*
  • So many things to be excited about! Thanks for sharing them!
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