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    I was exploring good o'l Groddle Forest when I stumbled upon this curious sight. I collected the quoin and it gave me a bunch of img, (like 23ish) twice in a row. I don't remember ever seeing quoins like that before. Were they added later in Glitch's life or is it a debug item or what?
  • @Zinfidel I have seen those peculiar quoins as well! Not sure when they were added, but I had the same experience.
  • It's a "Qurazy Quoin" - they were in the original Glitch (when I started playing, not sure when first added) and gave higher img.  They only showed for you the first time you visited a new street, good way for new players to get started. And also I think randomly on 3 streets per day after, or something like that? Rare after first visits anyway.
  • i seem to be unable to register for CoU at the moment. after it gives me the confirm password field, nothing appears to go through. is registration disabled?
  • @spoingal I don't think registration is disabled. On some CofU forms there is a bug where nothing happens if you click on a button. Instead you need to use your mouse to place the cursor on the button and then hit the Enter key. Try that to see if it helps. If not I don't know what else to suggest.
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  • knew those different quoins were called something - was wracking my brain trying to remember...  they were nice little rewards to look for when exploring the further reaches of Glitch in the day
  • Tried logging in on CoU on both Chrome and Firefox using the "enter" cheat and still no dice :(
  • @spoingal I had the same problem, try logging in with facebook. That worked for me :)
  • Seems like the server is down tonight. :(
  • I use login with GitHub for CofU. It's easy to setup an account on GitHub, and they're a lot less likely to access and misuse my data than are FB or Google. Definitely logging in with any one of those three is much more likely to work smoothly than a username-and-password login. I got in fine just now.
  • late but thanks for the tips, i will try them :)
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