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In the vein of the previous Meet the Team post(s) I'd like to introduce myself. When Glitch shut down I was working on Idle Worship, a multiplayer online game which had some aspects in common with Glitch (great art and quirky tongue in cheek writing in particular). Like all of you I was devastated with Glitch shut down. I was there at the end (boy what a way to go out!) but lost track of the Glitchen shortly thereafter as I was focused on keeping another game running. Unfortunately the demise of Glitch was the writing on the wall and Idle Worship shut down not long thereafter.

Enough about the sad times, though!

I'm a software developer and systems architect who has been working on web related technologies for about 15 years. I've built webpages, browser applications, and flash games as well as built massive scale database systems, server clusters, and backend APIs which have handled many millions of requests a day. In my free time I play all sorts of games on just about every platform but I spend just as much time coding in my free time, working on open source software or random projects of my own (a Python/OpenCL raytracer, a scheme interpreter, and anything else that grabs my fancy).

During the Glitch Soundtrack release party I found Glitch Forever and Eleven Giants. I was amazed that so much work had been done to get Glitch back up and running. I offered to help and since then I've fixed a few bugs and started hooking up the avatar customizer to the game. I plan to keep working on whatever needs doing until we've resurrected the game we all love.

See you in the game!


  • Glad to meet you papercrane! Thanks for all the hard work you're putting in to bring the world of Ur back to the Glitchen : )
  • Nice to know more about you papercrane, very glad you can help with Eleven! Thank you!
  • Thank you for your devotion and time and knowledge.
  • Thank you for your contributions, papercrane. I love you.
  • Thank you papercrane!!!
  • Nice to meet you and thanks for your help with getting the game up and running!
  • I ran into you today! It was lovely to see you! I tried to say hello and hug you!
  • Yay! Moar helpful glitchen!
  • So nice to meet you, and thank you for all you do.
  • Hiya, papercrane! Gosh, you sure are multi-talented! You say you have "started hooking up the avatar customizer to the game." That's great news! I wondered how the two programs "talked" to each other. Seems complicated. Anyway, thank you for your hard work.
  • Woot! Hey papercrane! Thanks for the insight into you and your involvement in the game!
  • If you're interested, here's about how the avatar customization works.

    Wardrobe/Vanity in the webapp loads your current outfit from the database, then displays the options. When you save that, it goes back into the database. A server process picks up the change and loads a special SWF which generates static versions of all of the animations for your character and combines them all into one large sprite sheet. (This is where I am now, the rest is what needs to be finished.) The sprite sheet gets uploaded back to the server and stored. A reference to the sprite sheet is stored in the database, then the next time your avatar is loaded from the server you get the new sprite sheet in the game.

    More than you ever wanted to know, huh? ;) And this is one of the simpler parts of the game.
  • OMG, I'd hate to see one of the complex parts...oh, wait...that's got to be the skills trees, doesn't it?
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    I played Idle Worship with some Glitches!
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