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+ Pink flamingoes as yard deco(think somone mentioned this already but),
+ in the month of Doom add Forehorsemen to the streets and increase the rate of Rook attacks slightly,
+ add more story to each of the different vendors, Helga, Uncle Friendly, Sno Cone, Gardening Tool, Meal, Tool, Fox Ranger, so the non-typical vendors,
+ some way that once a quest is completed it can be revisited,
+another use for the Mail Dispatcher( i was thinking if we get Group Homes have them be for thier mail)


  • + Donating real money to the game via giant's shrines! Maybe getting a suprise bonus/reward next game day? Personalized from the giant, perhaps?
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    The devs didnt say how they want to do payments yet, the games in Alpha so itd be awhile yet anyway, but im not in favor of at shrines though, it seems rather pushy and begging like, and im worried about ppl hitting the wrong button, something more like a Button on both the forum and in game wouldnt be a bad idea, around where the bug report button is for instance, or near our name in the forum, but im against tying it to a in-game item
  • I think it could actually be a really cute idea @Lyrical! As long as whatever cool thing happens to you doesn't confer a large in-game advantage. If, for example, on the next game day the giant you donated to appeared in front of you and you got a cool banner animation thanking you for your immense piety. I think something like that would be very cute, would encourage donation, and wouldn't imbalance anything. : )
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    Donating shouldnt give any advantage though, it should only give access to deco or clothing design options, correlated in some way to what you gave. As for in game items having it tied to them makes is pushy in the sense that it would always be in your face any time you donated to a shrine. It comes across as - we need money- were reminding you we need money- reminding you again any time you use this item(begging) - which is why i dont think it has a place in game. It would also detract from ppl using shrines if they got annoyed with it, ecspecially for those that cant donate much simply due to life circumstances. It would only encourage it for those that can donate alot , even then its likely to get annoying, for those that cant donate much, the time frame from cute to annoying will be faster.

    Putting it another way , if you enter a website and to use a certain feature, every time you are there, there are banner adds, even if they are done well and the presentation is cute. They are still in your way of doing what you wanted to do and you have to interact with them even if its just to cancel them, in order to do what you wanted, you will still see them each and every time
  • Hmm, your concerns are totally legitimate, I'm just sure there's some way of implementing it that wouldn't give it the kind of feeling you're describing! Perhaps just a very tiny capital D somewhere there aren't typically buttons on the in-game menus. IE you would see donate and info and then in perhaps the top left of the UI for the donation screen theres a tiny capital D that would open another window where the donation occurs. It could be something so small that only players who know what it means would notice it, relieving the concern that players would feel pressured to donate.
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    Adding something that only a few know what it is though, makes it so its not worth the work to do so. Im not sure what it shoud be but the donation button/option ...whatever it is, should be clear that that is what its for. Should be always displayed, not take up too much space (but clearly visible), and not be tied to in world items
  • You could just have a temple with special credit donation shrines! That way there can be no confusion with just wanting to donate ordinary items, as you have to go there on purpose.

    A donation trophy that you can place in your home maybe? Or a special party location (maybe with a theme corresponding to the giant in whose name you donated), so that you can share your reward with your friends?
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