2022 Still Hopeful

Hello my Glitchen Friends   
Missing you. Say Hello  B)



  • I'm also still hopeful <3 I hope progress is being made~
  • Progress is being made. The death of Flash meant we had to turn all focus to re-developing the client, something TS decided not to do despite warnings that Flash was not the future...it was completely understandable at the time, obviously. It's the sunk-cost fallacy. Having done as much as WE did, we could have given up a couple of years ago when Flash died, but there is still a core group of people that want this to work. But since everyone has lives and day jobs/obligations, it's being worked on in spare time. If TS didn't want to undertake it despite having a whole team of paid developers, you can only begin to imagine the scope of the work.

    Also, a lot of the team has wandered off, and it's primarily 2 people doing all the work. People wander by saying they want to help, we spend time getting them all set up, and then we never hear from them again. I can't fix streets or anything since the stand-in app is not compatible with the GOD client. Obviously I am hanging around as the current lead of the project, but my hands are tied at the moment. My hope is that once the client is done, and more normal repair work can resume, it will feel as though it's going faster. We also discussed just throwing the doors open to anyone who wants to play once the client is ready. It's something I'd really like to have happen.
  • Thank you ladyceres <3
    WOW  now I wish I had done some computer programing instead of Social work.   LOL   
    I'm 'almost' retired so really cut work hrs.  I don't know how I can help you moving forward, but know I worked in computers since ZORK    :p
    yeah   I'll continue to support you in anyway possible.  Prayer, few $$, TIME=tell me what to do as I pop in-game alot.
    Loving you ALL 
  • Echoing Berean, I'd be willing to help.

    I have the time, and I have a desire to see this game live once more. I can't tell you how many pleasant hours I spent in the wonderful world of Glitch, and I'd like to go there again. Between the game itself (I loved that it involved growing and building rather than killing and destroying) and the community that inhabited it, Glitch was something very special.
  • Thank you for the info, ladyceres.

    I still look around in the game every once-in-awhile. Even now it is worth the visit.
    I still have hope. :)  

  • Randomly thought about this game and this project today. Wish I could offer help, but I'm barely learning the basics of Python code and starting my coding journey, so doubt it would be of much use. In any case, hope y'all are doing well :smile:
  • Just found this site... been poking around on children of Ur, and I would love to see this pop up again.  I have hope too.  And if there's anything I can do to help (I am but a lowly business intelligence analyst, and not a coder), I would love to.
  • its good to see an update even tho things are going slowly. i havent been able to check in as much since irl business has taken priority and i have some difficulty posting here after i log in- the site keeps telling me i am logged out. but i still pop in to read the posts now and then. heres hoping this one goes through!
  • Hoping things are progressing well. Eagerly looking forward to playing :)
  • Hello Ladyceres, still eagerly hopeful that I get to visit to Ur :)  I have played Glitch since its late alpha/early beta, and am excited to see more! Here's sending some shiny good luck for the client!
  • checking in .... time goes by but the love stays ♥
  • I continue to hope and pray that this goes forward!!
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