Where is everyone?

Just stopped by to check out the forum. It looks like no one is visiting much.


  • I'm here, but that's what happens when there's no public updates for almost a year!
  • The game is still being alpha tested! Keep hanging around the forums, and you might be invited by the devs to join in the alpha testing! It seems like there are a dozen or so people being invited into the game every couple months. Besides the contests you can participate in throughout the forums, the selection criteria for possible players seems to be staying active in the forum...
  • I drop by quite a lot but don't post much, usually because there's nothing to post to.
  • I am here too. It's just not as active as it was. Hope everyone is doing well though!
  • I am in and out,RL has been taking over a little bit recently
  • Checking in and keeping fingers crossed !
  • Hi, I just found out about Eleven, I played Glitch for a year or so until the end; I'm so happy to hear people are working on bringing it back! Thank you so much for your (I imagine hard) work.
  • any news? really want to be able to play. I see no movement on FB
  • I'm still here... lurking and hoping that one day the doors to Ur will be open again...
  • RL had the nerve to interfere with my OL life! So So So Happy to see things are moving forward!
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    One more for the lurking with love!
  • I'm here also but I only check in rarely because there are hardly ever any updates. Imagine my surprise and delight when I realised you all had updated at the beginning of September! :D Yayyy!
  • I'm glad this project is doing well! I made an account this time last year, but I never really posted with it :( Let's hope they pick a couple new alpha testers real soon.
  • I hope there is another contest soon to pick more alpha testers. I have an amazing idea.
  • I’m here too. I check in every now and then to see how its going.
  • I exist and love that this is bubbling along.
  • Just waiting in the backseat right now, chilling.
  • This was a ton of fun and hopefully someday I can jump back in with the piggy plops and make a lot of potions! Oh yeah, and furniture too!!
  • still standing in line. sometimes hopeful, sometimes sad, sometimes i take my toys and go home to pout. wishing hard to ride the subway, gather fireflies and play with all my glitchy things.
  • I too am still standing in line coolbetty. Hopefully "soon" is sooner than soon.
  • I'm around.
  • Same for me. Still here, checking every now and then. I probably won't have much free time when the game is ready (in a month or so, I will be very busy), but I'll still enjoy it :).

  • Patiently waiting :-)
  • I think there's a lot of us just hanging out waiting for the new game!!! I check in once in a while to see if there's any updates..
  • I just be chillin. You know how it be
  • Hello out there! Testing, testing. It's been beyond quiet here for a while now.
  • Alpha testing continues. We are making progress, however slow. Still a lot to do.
  • I still miss Glitch muchly. Eagerly awaiting Eleven. Let us know if we can help in any way,.
  • It's good to know that alpha testing is continuing, however silent these forms may get. I'm just glad of the dedication people have had to this game over all this time..
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