Post here for a chance at an Alpha spot!



  • Oh please, I've missed you all so much :) thanks xxxx
  • I've missed this game and community SOOOOOOO much! Thank you for all the work y'all have done so far! And thank you for the chance for a spot in alpha!
  • Ooooh, please!
  • Please include me in the drawing for an Alpha spot.
  • Would I like to be an alpha tester? Does the Rube offer good deals? Do jujus like paper? Is there any water in Jal?
  • I'd really love a spot in Alpha quite like everyone else! I loved playing Glitch back before it closed and played it up until the very last day of it's closing! Good luck to everyone xo
  • Please include me
  • Would love a chance to play! Missed Glitch since the day it closed.
  • Ok, this would be the most awesome alpha ever....I was looking through my old emails and recall the time I was invited to the open beta for Glitch and got so addicted I couldn't stop playing. I still miss the days of playing endlessly (and the days of waiting for the game to be open so I could just play again) Good luck to all who enter - whoever wins is one lucky duck!
  • Whew, I hope me and my brother get in. We were heartbroken when Glitch was died.
  • Oh my, oh my, I would so like to be chosen to get into Alpha test Eleven like you wouldn't believe lol, Just the thought of it makes me go week at the knees, all the things I could again, garden feed piggy's and nibble piggies, milk butterfly's oh the possibilities are endless as is my imagination, oh please, please let it be me :)
  • I'd love the chance to play again!
  • Whether I get in the alpha or not, I'm just very pleased that Eleven is at this stage! <3
  • Me please! I'm looking forward to wandering the world and getting back to my cubimal collection.
  • Yes, please.
  • I miss Glitch, I need Glitch... Lets Play!!!
  • Yes pleeeeeeeaaase! I miss Glitch so much.....
  • I can't wait!
    With summer coming to an end I'd love to be able to get back into Glitch!
  • Miss playing Glitch. Can't wait to play again. Good luck to the lucky new Alpha tester (though hoping it might be me)
  • May the giants sleep once again!
  • I miss Glitch so much! Thanks for this chance!
  • I had the same account name in Glitch if that matters :).
  • I won't think too much about this because of course the odds are against you, but I must post as I miss that magical land of Glitch dearly. G'luck everybody. :)
  • My heart made a little jump reading this. I would love to play Eleven!
    I'm not much of a gamer, but Glitch was different.
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    Count me in! Reading the art of glitch just isn't enough anymore :P
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    Glitch was and still is by far the best online game I've played. It was so beautifully created, with incredible vision, art, humour and thoughtfulness.
    There's not a day goes by that I don't miss logging on.
    Good luck everyone
  • I would love to play. Thanks for the chance!
  • I work in IT, have an incredible patience for testing software, and feel a great sadness when I think about the hole that was left in my life with the shuttering of Glitch! I'd love a spot in the Alpha! <<Crossing fingers so hard>>
  • I miss Glitch too...fingers crossed xxx
  • I'm in! I miss this world so much...
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