Door Wreaths

Hi....I wanted something that we could put on the door of our house that would represent how advanced we were?....what education we just passed?...or seasonal?...earning something? etc. I also would like to have a sign on your house naming your house.


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    i would love a door wreath. especially for holidays. instead of creating a wreath for each individual achievement maybe we could have a couple different fill-in-the-blank wreath banners. you know, HAPPY ___fillintheblank___DAY!!! here are some examples i would like, HAPPY_i got mail_DAY!!! or PROUD OF MY_animal husbandry_ACHIEVEMENT!!! or HAPPY_non-denominational_DAY!!! and BEST _conga line leader_EVER!!! whew. yes. i like the idea :)
  • I'm so glad you like the idea coolbetty, I thought it would also be fun that you could make your own type wreath's - like with your flowers you grow or herbs. It would also be fun to get awards thru wreaths !
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