Friendly's Bar ( Hall type building ) , Ideas for what's in the Bar

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Under the Temple Idea thread :
and the End Game Content thread
there are discussions about future content ,asking for a "dedicated" type building to each giant.
There are several ideas for "name" of the one for Friendly , for now, I like Bar (suggested by Seeen) so I'm using that ( it's short!) . For your Inspiration here is the official lore on Friendly :
Giant of Night & Social Life: Empathetic, Meddlesome

Friendly is the overseer of darkness, nocturnal things, party-planning, of social activities and their most common lubricant, booze. Friendly by name, friendly by nature: unless you neglect to buy a round.

Adherents are known as "Friends".

Primary Skill Affiliations Cocktail Crafting, Distilling, Blending, Eyeballery
Secondary Skill Affiliations ( ?)
****So ,what would you like to see INSIDE the bar ? ***
Friendly's Bar ideas : 1 ) think Cheers! , every time you enter , you get a pop up message that greets you OR every glitch present, when you enter, has a pop up happen that says " hi ( your name)" , kinda like that mechanic where everyone laughed if you told a funny joke.
2) players could voluntarily donate drinks they make into a "drink dispenser machine" ( like a glitchy version of old timey coco-cola machine where you pulled the green glass bottles out from the rollers and it had all those great sounds) . Each player can go to the drink machine and take 5 drinks per new day for free (great for lower level players to get drinks for free, and great for bartenders who have generous hearts) . The drinks are dispensed at random for silliness (prevents people grabbing them just to sell high value drinks for money) . The player donating their made drinks to machine gets a small-ish favor boost from Friendly, perhaps limit of 50 glasses per drink recipe for getting favor, and any extras you donate doesnt give you more favor. Just means you are a nicer glitch (?) . Hopefully enough people participate so the machine stays full, if you are Friendly adherent then you might volunteer to check the machine regularly.
3) Emergent gameplay might become : Players who like to bartend , could voluntarily be in the Bar, and would take requests, in person, for drinks to be made , for a cheap/reasonable price.Would be fun roleplay if the Bar had tables that look like mini bars where a bartender who wishes to do this could stand on one side ,and "customer" could stand on the other. Maybe have a signpost at each bar table that could be used by bartenders to show drink they make and price they want ? or make it a 2 way sign , a customer could word the sign to say the drink they want and the price they"ll give. Point being I'd love the option to go to the Bar and interact with other players in person rather than go shopping in an empty tower store by myself, or at auction. Of course those options still available for solo type players. If you want to pratice your bartending skill by making drinks while in the bar (even if you dont sell them or donate to the machine) -then you could get a productivity boost or slight reduction in energy used.
4) The bar has a vendor that specializes in ALL items for making drinks (ingredients, ice, tools), maybe a SMALL price discount if player shop there. Which will entice players to visit the Bar and ergo potentially interact with other players.
5) If we get jukeboxes ever, then the bar has a giant sized one! pay small amount to play your fave music block as the "music" for the bar room. (friendly adherents could have to do something to build and then maintain the jukebox . Like a building project to build the jukebox and then maybe the adherents have to donate music blocks to keep the jukebox "stocked" for players to be able to pay to play the songs) .
6)and a Dance Floor, of course
7) Special Vendor for Party Packs ( will start separate thread for ideas of New party packs to be made) that has small discount on prices , and for Exclusive Party packs that only sold at this Bar vendor.
8) Bar room constructed in such a way that there's a wide track around the outer edge of the room for Conga Lines. ( allows for getting some of the follow badges as well ,LOBE me some conga lines) .
9) This might be redundant as we do already have party packs , but the Bar could have doors in it that go to special party rooms that you can RENT to throw a:
I) house party , acts like a party pack with an invite system , but would be: maybe a 2 story house that is bare and you can decorate it A) just like you could your own home or B) decorate with some preset templates that you then supplement with things you drop yourself ( kinda like how party packs already work) . Has a jukebox that lets partygiver control the music ! .This might be a fun way to have a house party , say for someones birthday , but not have to trash up your own house or homestreet to do it. And also a room like this could maybe handle more people per party room easier than say your own house could ( loading people in , etc) .
OR II) throw a cubimal racing party. Something maybe with special parameters that would make cubi racing easier . Since cubi racing is a social activity but not all players like it, having party room template to handle the specific needs of cubi racing might be helpful.
10) stage and audience area , maybe separate from the dance floor, for social/party things .
Discuss, ideas , thoughts , gentle rebuttals .???.. ;)
**disclaimer, I know absolutely zero about coding , so if any of these ideas are truly "pie in the sky" then so be it.**


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    You should probably have just posted this in the Temple Ideas thread. No trouble, though—I'm shooting Ladyceres a PM about this, so she can probably merge it into that thread.

    If I'm wrong, then I'm wrong. No harm in checking, I'd think.
  • Hi @seeen . I did consider placing this thread there . But I thought my ideas on what is INside the bar , might derail the more meta discussion about the desire/need of having the bar (hall/temple/the outside of the building ) in the first place. I tried to err on the side of "don't hijack the thread to a sidetrack " . I'm good with the thread being moved , or not, whatever is the most productive is fine by me. Nope, no harm. I definitely didn't want to seem rude , high jacker, or derailing. :)
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