Housing - Floor Plan Mode

I'd like to suggest a special mode for housing in which people basically get unrestricted access to all furniture for the purpose of planning what they want their home to look like. It's not functional that way or anything, but it's good for planning, and gives them a bit of direction.

So, you know, it doesn't change what their home actually looks like. It's just a planning tool.


  • 100% I would have used this.
  • I wonder if it would be easier to make it a separate entity. Similar to how you would access the wardrobe from the main site.
  • That would be nice, though I think it would be pretty cool if you could set it to show you a sort of "construction shadow" in your house that will give you little outlines of what furniture would go where according to your plan.

    That might be a little harder, though.
  • There was definitely furniture I wouldn't have wasted credits on if I had been able to see how it actually looked in the space first.
  • I wonder if it could be done , like the model homes used to be . Where you could tour a model home before you bought one. Enter a model home, and that's where you could mess with furnishings ,and would be completely disconnected to your real house . ( i completely loved that feature , of touring model homes! ) .
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