Community Kitchens

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I've been thinking again (!) about player communities, especially end-game community building. And it occurred to me that cooking is one of the things that you don't get a bonus on doing in groups. But why not? Cooking together is fun! And it makes the work easier to make large batches when you have lots of people working together. And I know that community kitchen groups and collectives were HUGE for people who liked the cooking/gathering mechanisms in game. I know I cranked out a TON of tasty pasta and awesome stew and party food and it was always great to have someone to hang out with while you did so to chat with and pass the time.
So what about an option to use an actual community kitchen? I'm sure it came up many times on the old forums. This is what I'm thinking:

Appearance/Locations: I think it would borrow from the community machine rooms. Same size, same exterior styling. Between 5-11 locations throughout Ur. One should go in Ix though? I think that would be nice.

How it would work:
Making things in large batches with helpers is more efficient per dish, although the overall cost is high. So I think it should take less energy to cook in these locations, but also that you have to make large batches to gain this bonus.
The other bonus would be a buff to mood while you are cooking in the space. Each time you cook you get a 2 or 3 minute buff that negates or slows mood loss. Because cooking with others is fun! So maybe for this buff to work there would need to be more than one person in the space.
There should be industrial size machines here, that multiple people can work on at once, that you can use to make batches 2-3x as large as your usual max.
Finally maybe there are a few ingredient station spawns on a slow refresh, so you can make a snack for yourself while you are cooking.


  • And, perhaps an automatic storage unit where the large amounts of things you produce go into for others to be able to use for the finished product. I always found it rather bothersome to have to stop and "give" the products to the player that needed them.
  • Towards the end of glitch I started to do this in my tower where a few of my friends would come and cook things. It was very fun to go out and gather resources and come back to make things out of them
  • This is so cute! And I think it would tie in really well with a previous idea that people were talking about, the Halls of the Giants (somewhere in the End Game Content discussion: I think that the Hearths of Pot would be a PERFECT location for community kitchens :)
  • What about unique dishes that could only be made in a community kitchen? Think about the old story "Stone Soup" ( ) and how it's more about the community than it is about the actual food that's created. Think about the possibilities - dishes that need ingredients you can only get from distant parts of the world, a limit on how much one person can contribute (thus making people work together), a major boost to mood to reflect what you've done.
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