A Resolution for Exploration

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Hello there, Glitchen. I would like to suggest something to all of you for when Eleven is opened back up. You can start now, but you can't finish until you're in the world.

First, go to the Locations section of the Encyclopedia. Here's a handy link for you.

Now, at random, choose three of them. How do you choose at random? There's a lot of ways. Go ahead and pick one. You could use Random.org, or decide by a dice roll, or throw a dart.* There's 54 regions, including Party Locations, Moshi Moshi Oshilatis, the Seams, the Underground Puzzles, Naraka, and the Vortex of Random. They're all a part of Ur, aren't they?

In those three, do it again! Pick out a random street from each of them.

Now here's what you do with these streets. When you get into the world, head towards any of them. Make your path always lead to one—but never take a specific path. Feel free to wander. Take the scenic route. In fact, it's encouraged. If you reach one, head to another.

But what's to come of following the same three waypoints constantly? How can this possibly result in exploration?

Simple: Take one of the paths that contains the most streets that you haven't visited. Is Groddle on the way, but you've been to every street in it? Go around it.

But never focus on your destination. You don't have to get there in a day. You don't have to get there in two days. You don't have to get there in a week, or even a month. Going towards the waypoint can include going in the complete opposite direction if you so wish. It's your journey, your exploration, your enjoyment.

When you arrive, write up a note. Describe your journey and what you saw, what kinds of things you enjoyed, and what happened. Then spend a bit of time at the street if you so desire and move on.

That's all. You can reveal your locations here, or you can keep them to yourself, revealed only by the notes you would leave

*I am not responsible for any damages that may occur by throwing darts at your computer screen.


  • My wandering feet and wannabe-vandweller heart love this SO SO MUCH.
  • Hmmm, and don't forget in your travels to explore for hidden locations...ledges, caves, ladders, passages, or transports that may lead to no where other than a great place to hide stuff for the next curious Glitchen, or could lead to somewhere intriguing such as a hidden room, or a teleport to another street. (This is one of my new goals)

    Remember to stock up on spinach for lots of high jumping to reach some of these locations. ;)
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    I'm honestly hoping that lots and lots of Glitchen do this. I'd love to stumble across some notes placed on one of their three streets concerning their travels.

    That said, try to make sure you don't reach any of your destinations until you have the means to write a note. Don't worry, it won't be hard. Ur is enormous.
  • One thing that I thought made exploration more enjoyable was playing around with the zoom. With the map zoomed out as far as possible you get to see a lot of little background details you would normally miss.
  • I loved reading and writing notes in Glitch. I'm definitely going to do this. I was kind of an aggressive explorer last time, so it'll be nice to slow it down this time.
  • How long is it before notes start to despawn? Maybe picking up notes that are only a day or two away from despawning can be encouraged. You know, like collecting one another's notes, and maybe trying to use them to figure out where our three points are.
  • Items persist permanently! They don't disappear unless they are picked up or the server is reset. At least ... that is how it is supposed to work.
  • One thing I'm thinking of doing is leaving a little bonus at the end of my notes. At the end of the detailing of exploration and such, there could be a little snippet saying that if you're one of the first few to read through my little tale, I can send you a random object I recovered while exploring. It might be something as simple as a cherry, or maybe I found a cauldron hidden behind a bush by one of those Glitchen that just love to run around and hide things. Whatever it is, it's yours if you're one of the few that decided to just sit down, pause your wandering, and give my words a read. A small token of appreciation.
  • Hey there, pardon me! I just wanted to bring this back up for some of our newer members of this forum to see! Is that still okay? I hope that's still okay.
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