The Rube

What did you guys think about The Rube? Too few visits, too often? Should he be able to rip you off? Should the rube potion exist? Discuss!


  • i think everyone should just band together and smash up the rube tbh
  • he has very bad trades!
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    Nah, Rube's cool. Him, Trisor and Uncle Friendly are my homies.
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    I always kind of liked the Rube (except when he showed up when I was evading jujus).
  • The Rube gave me a Rube Cubimal the first day after reset that I had till the game closed... I've got some warm feelings about the Rube :)
  • I assigned "The Rube Song" as a ringtone to my wife and it's a happy marriage. Guess I have some fond memories of the Rube.
  • I feel like the Rube added a nice unexpected element that was sometimes a challenge to partake in.  Most of the time, I didn't feel like searching or waiting for him, so when he didn't appear too often.  It felt just right to me.  Any more frequently, and it would have been annoying.  I felt the quality of trades were pretty random, which was part of the fun.
  • The Rube always gave me a giggle, I loved seeing him. I think he showed up at an appropriate rate :)
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    Not too many not too few. It was always a nice surprise to hear the little tune. But having the potion would allow for some fun (snaps); captures of The Rube outside of the usual street setting.^-^* 

    Think trades were purposely less varied or repetitive... So that once in a blue moon, an extremely rare item popping up would be a thrill. 😄 Like a Ludwig Wittgenstein doll. ♥️☺️

  • I'm a Rube fan. The day the game went to wide release I was in my favorite street (Siuruan Untold) when he appeared, traded me a cubimal box for a bean, then disappeared. When I opened the box, it was a Rube cubimal :) I get sort of excited still when I hear the music and I always end up making a trade, even if it's kind of a lateral move.
  • I love the Rube. Wholeheartedly. Maybe my favorite part of Glitch! The tummy-leap I'd get when I would hear the music, and no matter what he brought for trade, I loved every interaction with him so much.
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