The QA team could use some help with spawns (Ilmenskie/ Jeth Tower/ Party Spaces/ spawn times)

Hi everyone!

Last week my fellow QA team member @Jark and I have spent some time extracting all the spawns we had previously identified in our big fat spreadsheet of all things QA. I think we have been pretty thorough, comparing what we had with a few different sources, some of which you kindly compiled in this wonderfully helpful recent thread. We feel we've made sense of most things, but could use your help and memories on a few items we are uncertain of.

1. There is a Glitch forum entry in one of the old spawn threads that reads as follows: "Seems like there is a second Bigger Blue Bag that spawns on one of the Level # East / West streets in Ilmenskie, but it has been weeks since I spotted it. It seems to be an odd item to just drop, if it isn't a spawn item. IIRC, it was on a plinth/platform next to a rock spawn spot near the left side of the street." Does anyone remember this? There is no spawner for it in the Ilmenskie location files, but that doesn't necessarily mean this wasn't a thing at some point. If it actually was, what street was it on? (Note: this not about the blue bag in Nandak Intention, but an alleged second one).

2. Another forum user thought two elemental pouches used to spawn in Ajaya Bliss. We don't remember this happening - do you? (We know about the fancy Pick spawn there).

3. There is a mysterious spawner in the location file for Corridor Four in Jethimadh Tower. None of our snaps show any item in this location, and the old Glitch wiki doesn't list anything here either. Anyone have a clue what might have spawned here? I think it's unlikely to be a key, as the Glitch wiki was pretty good at documenting all of those.

4. Snaps for Room 4 in Jethimadh Tower show five drinks, while the wiki claims six. We don't have the location file, so don't know how many spawners were put there. Does anyone remember if something spawned behind the tree on the left?

5. Toxic Moon has a number of drink ingredient spawners, some of which are used in the recipe for Mabbish Coffee. Snaps show enough ingredients for four Mabbish Coffees, but since anything >4 also only ever displays as stacks of four, there is no way to tell how much of each item (hooch, coffee, milk, cinnamon, plain bubbles) actually spawned. We also don't know how much No-no powder spawned here, or how frequently any of the items here re-spawned at all. I know some of you spent a lot of time here, so am hopeful we can work out the right amounts.

6. @Jark asked this before in the above linked thread, but it was possibly overlooked: The Blue Bubbles in Winter Wingding that are on so many snaps – did they come with the location or was there merely a Glitch tradition of decorating that specific tree with those specific bubbles?

Also: We are lacking info on respawn times for a long list of items and are hoping someone can help with this. We don't want to link this here directly, as we wouldn't like spoiling things for everyone, but if some of you think they have good memory of spawn intervals for the odd item feel free to PM me and I'll pass you the link to a spreadsheet that you might be able to help fill in. Alternatively consider posting here if you only recall times for a single item or two or would rather not view the complete list.

Thanks for your help!

(Linked snaps courtesy of @Zoi, @Munchma & @Cleops.)


  • As for 6, to my recollection the bubbles were there when the instance started, but never respawned. After they got picked up they'd be replaced with dropped items.
  • Yeah agree with Scar that's definitely true. I remember many a winter party beginning with that tree all set up.
  • And As for 5, I'm not sure about the mabbish coffee but my instincts say four. I think the no-no spawned at the bottom of the crater and the replacement was pretty fast - a minute ... less?
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    #1 - I remember having a conversation with my ilmenskie dwelling friends in the heaving mining days re. this rumour and it was thought to have been started as a player dropped one off a few times. I don't think there was another spawn apart from the other more famous hourly blue bag in Nandak with the even more regular teal/white key drop.

    #2 - I want to say yes, but again - talk to the ilmenskie dwellers. I was strictly in the Call/poll crew,

    #3 - there was no spawn that I knew of in corridor 4.

    #4 - I distinctly remember just the 5 and nothing behind the tree.

    #6 - the bubbles were 100% there beforehand. All of the Party Pack pictures in my dropbox was of me entering the party pack to take a snap without touching anything: Wingding.png?dl=0

    Here's hoping things like the de-embig will also be returned to Boda Apta wit the cheese. Squee!

    Also remember to add the cauldron (left of top right shelf) and also hot sauce (far right platform) in Panka Surazu and the Rich Tagine on the middle top bridge in Mahatam Audarika, and was it ancestral potion in Valuka Himsa.

    I assume you've got the keys covered.

    Apart from that I think people like @BribAnnie and Hburger and perhaps POS, etc also for Toxic Moon would be good people to pick the brains of. It is amazing how many of TomCs project peoples dropboxes and other stuff have been taken down. I do have more videos I can dig out of the corridor and stuff if needed.
  • One of the corridors had 2 or 3 drinks spawn up in the ceiling at the top of a ladder.

    Left platform on the moon, also spawned ingredients for I think a Flaming Humbaba - not sure, but there was always vapor or gas and hooch. Nono was definitely in the bottom of the center crater and re-spawned very quickly (unless you took it and dropped it somewhere on the moon - then it didn't re-spawn). The drinks spawned somewhere in the 10-30 min range,
  • Many thanks for your replies!

    Sounds like we'll be keeping the Blue Bubbles in Wintry place then, @"Scarlett Bearsdale", @"Liza Throttlebottom", @Cleops – glad I asked! And Ingredients for four Mabbish Coffee it is for Toxic Moon then! As for the no-no powder: any idea if it spawned as a single item or two or three? Will definitely put a fast respawn time for that one, and of course it will go to the bottom of the center crater again. I'm not sure we can make it so that it won't respawn if you drop it though, @snarkle – but I'll ask. The Flaming Humbaba ingredients for the same location we have covered, as snaps show the correct number of items here. I'll keep the 10-30 min range you suggested in mind for the drink spawns.

    We have two other corridors in Jeth Tower that have drinks spawn in the ceiling; I don't think Corridor 4 had those, sadly. There definitely is an unnacounted for spawner here though. I am inclined to agree on the drinks in Room 4, @Cleops, even if the Glitch wiki says otherwise – there is just so much snap proof for those exact 5 drinks and a random spawn on the floor wouldn't make much sense. Sure, additional videos would be great, if it's not too much effort.

    I also share your opinion on the elemental pouches in Ajaya @Cleops – sounds more like a player drop than a spawn. Are you positive the Bigger Blue Bag in Nandak used to spawn hourly? On the old forum someone claimed it was either every two or four hours, and our own memory is a bit foggy on that one. Hopefully one of the Ilmenskie miners can clear up the myth of the second Bigger Blue Bag in the caverns.

    On the Boda Apta Cheese Plate: Did it spawn in the little de-embigifying cave? How frequently? And yes, physics changers like that will definitely be back!

    The spawns in Naraka we should have covered – we just don't know how often they used to respawn. Speaking of which: so far no one has PMed to take a stab at the spawn frequency spreadsheet, so maybe I'll ask for some of the more memorable ones here: How regular was the Fancy Pick spawn in Ajaya Bliss? The Bigger Blue Bag in Nandak Intention? Spices on the ground & Crabato Juice in Ix? Cauldron in Panka Surazu & Ancestral Potion in Valuka Himsa? If anyone remembers some of those and doesn't mind having most of the non-key spawns spoiled for them, definitely PM me for the spreadsheet! :)
  • I think the spices on the ground in Ix were pretty speedy in terms of respawn - I most certainly recall appearing in East Spice (via signpost), petting/squeezing/milking/harvesting my way over to the end of the street (grabbing the spices on the way over), and by the time I wandered back they would have reappeared more often than not if I was alone on the street. Maybe a minute or two? ...yeah, a minute or two, because I recall a few instances of seeing the spices reappear while I was trying to wrangle all my squeezes from nearby fiddly chickens. The crabato juice might be less speedy - I didn't encounter that one nearly as often. (Or maybe people were more prone to taking it vs. the spices? No idea.)

    (I'm not too terribly sure about the cauldron, but it was a long-wait sort of deal, and not just a few minutes.)
  • Many spawn times for items and quoins weren't on an fixed time basis. Some seemed to vary or were randomized in a set range, in my experience.

    My memory is rather foggy, I get the feeling the Bigger Blue Bag in Nandak varied for up to a few hours, and the Fancy Pick feels like 10 minutes. Could be way off, not sure.
  • Agree with @DiddilyPuff on the spices...really quick - same experience if I did one or two things, I could usually catch a respawn as I was leaving the street...the Bigger Blue bag in Nandak was a long time...1/2 hour to an hour idea about the rest.
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    It was once per hour for bigger blue. I camped out there one lonely Christmas Day night/Boxing Day and snagged each one as they appeared while crafting. I have video of this and will double check.

    The cheese platter was pretty fast in the Boda Apta cave. Unusually fast compared to other spawns. I would say one minute. Literally I could jump out as a small person until it wore off and down to the bottom and jump back up and another would be there.

    I will check videos for the other things. I think I am wrong about the corridor 4. It occurred to me earlier that there was a key spawn behind one pillar that had no ability to go up or down a hidden ladder. Other corridors had those hidden ladders up and down as you know.

    I will try and find the video for that if nobody else can verify what it was as I will need to find an old hard drive first

    Every spawn I encountered was time set but of course dependent on when the last person took it.

    I can probably have a look at the spreadsheet but wouldn't like mine to be the last word as I only camped out in the days before R2,

    I will sit down and go through my video stash that I haven't converted yet.
  • I think the spawn time for the drink ingredients on Toxic Moon was faster, closer to ten than thirty minutes. The party time is only set for an hour to begin with. I think they might have been faster than that, but I didn't make drinks so I'm not sure. Definitely trust a drink maker first.
    I did collect a lot of no no tho, so ... I'm pretty sure it was less than a minute for sure. A few slow bounces and it would be back.
  • Thanks for all the feedback! Spices in Ix were a fast spawn, I agree, @DiddilyPuff & @b3achy. Maybe a minute or so will work here. Crabato Juice was probably medium, and the cauldron had a long wait time, got it.

    @Palindrome, yes, good thought; I think we can input ranges as well instead of an exact number of seconds, will definitely make use of this where it seems appropriate. I could have sworn the Fancy Pick was slower, but then it's been a long time since I set foot in Ajaya. :)

    @"Scarlett Bearsdale", good point about the party timer! Maybe something like every few minutes would be more appropriate then. Can't have a party without sufficient drinks, after all! And I agree on the No-no being a fast spawn.

    @Cleops, I trust your memory on the Nandak Bag, once an hour it is. And thanks for confirming the Boda Apta Cheese Plate used to spawn in the cave – that explains why we had no snap evidence of it. There is a key hidden behind the leftmost column in Corridor Three, and as the Glitch wiki has a (hopefully) complete list of keys there I don't think Corridor Four had one as well, but if you can find the video, let us know! Thanks for being so thorough; spreadsheet link was just sent – don't worry, we won't take your word as gospel on the things you're unsure about. Things will still be discussed in the team before anything is set in stone, so no pressure!

    If anyone else would like to have a go at the list, let me know!
  • The bag in Nandak was < 1 hour to 3~ hours, possibly. Not sure about how you'll implement the new one. I could be wrong about the Fancy Pick, I didn't frequent Ajaya as much as many other sparkly fanatics. The Pick usually got picked up as soon as it respawned usually, until the place emptied out later in the game. I also feel like there was another spawn in Ajaya Bliss, was there?
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    Would big quoins be a spawn item? There was one under the floor in corridor (but I think 3 not 4).

    The moon nono was probably a minute or 2 max respawn. The dropping and not respawning was not fun, so better to not try to reproduce it. And Hi!
  • @Palindrome: Could be, my friend, although the location file only has a single spawner, which we used for the pick. I suppose if no one remembers anyway it doesn't matter all that much. @Cleops said she might have a video of herself camping for the Nandak bag, so if she finds it we'll be able to tell for sure, if not I think we'll be going with one hour.

    @snarkle: Well hello, my fellow queen of achievement grinding! Big quoins aren't listed as spawns, so that can't be it, sadly. Was it this floor that had the big quoin under the floor? If so, do you remember which of the three it was? Thanks for confirming short spawn times for the no-no; and I asked, and the more technologically inclined QA people have stated that it may very well be possible to avoid the 'no respawn if dropped anywhere in location' issue!
  • Oh! That secret staircase and quoins brings back memories.
  • I'm 95% sure the no-no in the moon crater was just a single packet. And yes, very frequently. Not that I would just stand there and pick it up constantly. Of course not. Not me. Nope.
    Anyone need some stinky cheese?
  • Great, thanks for your input on this! I thought it was just a single one as well.

    *makes mental note to replace no-no with tiny packets of flour whenever @"Zany Serendipity" joins a moon party* (I only have your best interest at heart!)
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    Food / drink or resources spawned fast, tools and inventory type items spawned slow...i think it still was randomized quite a bit though but generally that is how it went. Specific times though i cant recall :/
  • I'm seconding Cleops remembrance of the bag. I used to use that location for a nap now and then. heh

    Also on the toxic moon drink ingredients. They were a pretty fast spawn, I would say 5 min or less.
  • Sadly, I seldom noted the spawns. I just smiled and either picked them up or just moved on. Many people dropped items. I sometimes dropped bags in the Caverns and Deeps just for fun. Food items, bags, tools, food, toys, etc. could be found in many places. A few were spawns like the Honey in Bortola and the Blue Bag in Nandak Intention but so many others were just drops by players. I also never noted the timing on any drops. There may be some mentions of these things in the Forums.

    I have hundreds of snaps. The ones I made before the game camera were made using screen capture and my laptop at the time was such a pain to do that. Most of the screen caps had to be attempted several times before they actually took that I did not take as many as I would have liked.

    There are many photos in my Flickr site. They include a lot of Glitch images as well as Faunasphere, HBM, TUG. There are also my personal photographs of Southern locations and collectibles, etc. If I find any info on spawns or drops, I will try to remember to post the info and links (if any) but I suspect the only snaps I have are very few.
  • Thanks for all the new input!

    @"Lyrical Dejavu": Quick food/ drinks, slower rest is definitely a good guideline; I agree!

    @"Sweet Tangerine": Excellent, thanks for confirming the bag time! Yes, I agree, party space stuff should be fast spawning in general; we'll likely make it a few minutes.

    @BribAnnie: We've searched for spawn-related entries (via Google) in the old forums as best as we could, but spawn times seem to have been rarely mentioned, I'm afraid. The honey in Bortola will definitely be back! Really neat snap archive you have there, thanks for linking! I found a QQ we didn't know about on one of the first snaps, so thanks to you it'll end up in its proper place now. :)
  • Glad you found something useful!
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