The Post Game



  • "KFC!" *flock of chickens in Groddle Forest commence panic frenzy*
  • I love the KFC thing. It was the sole purpose for me to learn heardkeeping.
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    When it comes to grain... these aren't the chickens you're looking for.



    Squeeze'em...and they might just squeeze you for every currant you've got!

    Only in Ur, will you get your grain from chickens! *;)
  • Only in ur.... That should be a thread!
  • Good idea, Artemis, it'd be a fun one, too. You should start it, "Hurry up, please, it's time!" *:.)
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    Congraturation, you sucsess!
  • It was your post that started the Idea Smallchalet. You should start it :) I've got enough threads. People are probably tired of seeing my name everywhere xD
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    That's nonsense, Artemis, besides being impossible; just accept it, you are loved. Besides besides, its yours to start, please? It'd be a fun thread! 'Andale!' That's Spanish for 'hurry'. *:D
  • Okay okay! It's going up in general! prox 1 min
  • And because I saw the "only in Ur" thread -- I am now winning THIS thread!!!! *squeeeeeee*
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    *teleports to this thread* *sees Ur post* *lets out a sinister laugh*

    HaHaHaaHaaaHaHaa*chokes on a whistle*Heeek!

    *teleports to another thread*
  • Im so tempted to take the link out
  • Just delete the first part Artemis, or tweek it. Because your right, this does mean more competition. *:/ And, wait... did you wait till 11:11 to post...or was that just coincidence? *:)
  • Artemis was prolly just busy taking care of other threads. Then came back here and realized taking the link out might fix it.
  • And, Artemis, you are not an idiot, you simply did something against your best interests. I like to think you were being generous! :-D
  • As the one who inspired you to start set thread, I command you to *delete delete* the first bit 'smallchalet blah blah blah*' *;) It'd be much better if it just starts 'Only in Ur..." *:)
  • @smallchalet -- oh, I disagree! Credit where credit's due (or blame where blame's due).
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    @Kastlin - So, if I wish not to be mentioned?...What then, should I say? Oh, this is just silly! Anyway, I suppose you're right, you win...the argument; not this thread cause i'm winning it just now. *:.)
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    Guys I'm supposed to be sleeping but I want to win so bad... Also I took out the link command thingy..... And I'm givinng credit where credit is due smallchalet! The 11:11 was a complete accident! I just have remarkable timing some times! And I do have a lot of threads I post on..... Oops ._. Sorry folks! I'll tone it down a bit!
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    Okay, thanks Artemis, glad its settled then. Nite *:)

    *musicblock GNG plays a favourite tune* *Goodnight Groddle ♪ ♫ ♩ ♪ ♫ ♩*
  • Now I'm awake and ready to win!
  • @Smallchalet -- yes, I do win, especially arguments -- just ask my hubby! (I'm always right.)
  • @Kastlin Wouldn't it be better to always be left?
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    @LizaThrottlebottom -- left of what?
  • If things dont go right go left
  • And if left doesn't work out you can always try down.
  • And if that doesnt work you can always go up
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