Still accepting alpha tester?

Are they still accepting alpha testers, any chance of going beta soon? I can’t find any “official” update on anything. :( 


  • Hi NiCole42718 - the game is broken at the moment, and has been for several weeks.  No-one is responding, except @ladyceres  but she cannot fix it and there does not seem to be anyone who is still actively involved in working on the game, just a few people playing.  It is possible to play in a very basic and limited way, but nothing is updating and it does not look as though it will continue if anything else goes wrong. 
    It is sad,
    I have no idea if there is anything in development, it does not seem that there is.  We have had no contact on the forum with any devs for several months.
    Sorry to give you bad news, but that is the situation at the moment. 
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