Dress Up

In my dreams, I fantasize and reminisce upon a time in which I could dress up in a gorgeous gown of my choice alongside a pair of high heels for an extravagant party. I miss the amusement of diving into Jal in a pretty pink polka dot bikini. When exploring the winter wonderland of Nottis, a warm winter jacket with a fluffy pair of snow boots is key to keep from the cold. However, aside from what may be necessary attire in a given moment, there are other factors to consider in the game of dress up. Perhaps one may have the fashionable urge to develop a personal and unique style. In a similar way, I yearn for the freedom to experiment with different hairstyles and accessories. If somebody asked me what one of my biggest wishes was, I would doubtlessly say the ability to play dress up once again.

On a serious note, I really do miss the character customization features in Glitch. This game along its community is truly so unique and amazing, I consider it honorable to have been able to play the original game and be a part of Eleven Giants. Although less players log on to the game and forums nowadays, the shared love of the community for this hidden gem still does exist. So, since the beloved world of Ur has been a little lonely as of lately, let's start a discussion about this. What were your favorite accessories, clothes, and other character customization features? What made them so memorable to you? I'd be so happy to hear back from some fellow Glitchen :blush:!


  • There was this long yellow jacket. I miss the way it flapped when I leapt.
  • I had the black cat ears - and the way they were animated not only for just general movement but also for the different emotions always made me smile.
  • I had the long queue, dark grey skin and big white eyes; that, or the green skin, cat eyes and green dreads.
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