While we wait for Eleven - Odd Giants!

Odd Giants is a unity platform reboot in alpha - but all you need to do is sign up and start playing! Check it out! oddgiants.com


  • edited January 2022
    A much less fleshed out version of the game, the controls are limited and still no home street. They've only been working since 2019 but still. The only real benefit I see to Odd Giants is that more are playing. Personally, I came right back to Eleven. Playing a good game trumps playing a janky one with others. I hope to see more updates from the Eleven team!
  • Yes, Odd Giants has a long way to go. But it has been nearly radio silence since Eleven and Children of Ur combined forces in March of 2019 as far as I can tell. We're rounding on 3 years since then. This project sadly feels dead to me, and the aliveness of the Odd Giants has filled me with renewed hope.
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