can't log in to children of ur? server issue?

is anyone else having this issue?

I've been trying to log into children of ur, and when I click the login button or hit enter it just greys out for a moment and then nothing happens. The world still spins and music still plays, and there's a notification on the bottom left that the world is still loading, no matter how long I wait.

Is this a server issue? Should I just try again another time?


  • managed to log in with gmail since others said that was more stable! but my glitchen is invisible, anyone know how to fix it? <:)

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    just kidding my glitchen is now a giant W. It beats being invisible!

  • I'm having this same problem - typing in information, clicking the button, then nothing.  The music and world spinning is working fine, but it never proceeds beyond there.  ;____;  I've tried on both Chrome and Firefox (I'm on a Mac, btw).  Anyone have any advice??
  • The music and world spinning is as far as I get, too.
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