Glitchen Love

One glorious day, I will get into Eleven.

Signed up as soon as I saw the original signup, think it was in October? Like many of us, I am still awaiting my invite. It's cool, though, I know LadyCeres et al are busy even outside of Eleven, so I must rein in my impatience. I do check my email every couple weeks, going so far as to search for Eleven in case my spam filter caught the invite. And less often, about once every couple months, check the forum. Sad was I this day when I saw that I could have possibly gotten in had I logged in a month ago. Oh well.

When Glitch was a thing, my (now) fiancee and I discovered it and fell in love with the game. We were new to Glitch and to each other, and I can't help but think the hours spent playing in this wonderful world together also helped our love grow. We played for several months until the servers shut down, and while we are still strong and very much in love all these years later, I still can't help but wish we could get back to that place in time. I know that getting into Eleven isn't going to bring me back to our early years together, but the nostalgia factor alone looking at the screenshots gets me teary-eyed. 

This is not intended to coerce anyone to give me an invite (though I certainly wouldn't turn one down!). I just wanted to share a little bit. Anyone else have a special connection between a significant other and the world of Glitch?
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