Map of Glitch

Did Glitch ever have a ingame world map?


  • I want to say I did see an old sort of world map at one point?  I could be entirely delirious/wishfully thinking, though.  But it might have had proposed future locations, I swear remembering.
  • They absolutely had an in-game world map!  I just logged into CoU and took a screenshot for evidence :>

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    Here is the in game map: 

    And here is a link to a great player made map:
  • I can't believe I forgot the in game map!  But I swear there was an expanded one.  I might be thinking of the player made one....
  • ahha so there was more to the world that was released

  • Here's the expanded world map of possibilities.

  • This really gets me in the feels! I'm so glad I found out this exists :)
  • i wonder if the map would have gotten stale if such a huge world was released. As in a case of too much being a problem
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