How can we contribute?

If we have technical skills, time, or other resources, and want to contribute to the project, how can we best go about it? I know integrating more help in a volunteer project is not always easy, I'm willing to devote some time, technical ability, and resources to the project. What would be the best way to start?


  • (I am not an official member of the team) If you have technical skills and can help I am sure the team will accept before the two become one update they needed more devs. I don't think there is anything else that can be done to help

    here is the link to their github
  • How in the hell did I not know this was open-source and on github. yeesh. Nevermind. I can just file issues and make pull requests. Thank you for this. I feel silly.
  • your welcome I found this when I was trying to find a way into the game
  • I have no coding skills, but I alpha and beta tested and loved playing glitch and my little brother was on the team that developed it, so I'd be happy to try and force him to help out.  I'd even be ok with applying big sister blackmail...I would just need to be told what I need him to do : )
  • @Menoboo - he worked on glitch? We need help involving hooking functions back up and tweaking performance for the part we had to write ourselves, which is written in node javascript. If that's something he wants to do, I will not stop him.
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    He was the server guy for them, I'll see if I can pique his interest to help out...  Well I'm sad to say my skills of persuasion are not that great, he's not interested at this time to work on this as he's too busy : (  He'll be getting coal from me this Christmas!
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