Old Housing System?

I am probably the minority, but I actually really liked the old housing system. Sure, they didn't have the variety of choices that the new housing system offered, but there are many reasons why the old housing system to this day is still my favorite, and I'm sure others can agree. For instance, I absolutely LOVED the idea of having communities of glitchen spread out through various regions of Ur.
I remember my large house in Kajuu, where usually most of the Glitchen in the whole region were pretty local. Sometimes there would be neighborhood parties and guests of the community would all bring food and drinks to where the party was being hosted. In addition, it was more convenient to choose which region you wanted to live in and what kind of house was meant for your style. There was actually quite a variety of houses you could purchase around Ur. For example: beehives, cave homes, mansions/large houses, firebog homes, apartment complexes, standard houses that came in different colors and styles, etc.
I really miss having this feature in the game and I hope that it could possibly come back in Eleven Giants :).


  • I posed this question a while back. I totally, totally agree with you. The old housing system was much more fun. You and I and some others are in the minority. Unfortunately, the Farmville style of what housing became is what more people these days seem to prefer. There were many good things around the old housing, especially the thrill of finding the exact location you wanted at about 11pm at night and racing to get moved before having to go to sleep. There was something, too, in having to work for it that gave you a sense of real ownership, not to mention sense of place in the world. There was much more and much to it that many don't seem to get.

    In any case, the templates are gone, and they have no idea how to resurrect the old housing. So, it is what it is.

  • I think I would enjoy the old housing system, but I can see where the problems are--there's just no good way to deal with houses of players who've apparently abandoned the game. If you have unlimited housing in an area, it's both a server drain and loses the value of working to join a particular neighborhood; if you don't, attrition eventually leaves you with a bunch of abandoned houses.

    And you don't want to say, "if you haven't logged in in a month/two months/a year, you lose your house." (For players who want to game the system, they'll set up a bot that logs in just often enough to not lose the house. For those who don't pay attention, it'll be a shock when they get back from vacation or the school year lets out and they've lost their online home spot.)

    I'd love to figure out how to have some kind of neighborhoods with the new housing, something a bit more substantial than the "5 neighbors" pole. Maybe eventually we could set up hubs in the apartment buildings - a cluster of neighbor poles that would have limited space on them, or something like that.

    But I think anything that's "houses on a street" is going to have a whole lot of gaps, and resentment from people who can't join the neighborhood they want because some players have stopped playing.
  • Housing streets are no more server drain than individual instanced housing. If anything, they're less resource intensive. The reason Tiny Speck complained was because they were always running out of houses in the middle of the night or on the weekend and somebody had to manually create them. If that process were automated and better managed, it wouldn't have been a problem. They could have been spun up as needed.

    They could absolutely institute rental or taxes. This is simply standard practice in modern MMO's. Cleaning neighborhoods is something that would be good for the game and I'd support. If somebody want's to pay a sub to keep their house alive, that's different, but if you aren't playing, you don't need to tie up a house.

    Setting up a bot to login to Eleven? WTH for? If you aren't committed enough to at least check in to pay rent every month or so, then you don't need to have a house in the world.

    You could play the original version of Glitch without a house and quite a few did. I didn't buy a house for weeks after I started.

  • I don't know exactly which version I preferred, but both have good and bad points. There might be a way of coping with those. I give an idea, there might be others.

    When you learn a certain skill (linked to meditation? or something else), you can have access to your "inner house". A sort of individual house that is very bare and simple, for instance a "bubble house" : just a bubble where you can always go, and put your stuff down.
    You can enlarge a bit and customize a bit your bubble house : adding new bubbles : new "rooms", a garden bubble, a tree-patch bubble... It would need imagination and material of course (and maybe special skills).
    Or, to match with a pre-set of "physical houses" (see below), the bubbles houses could have only a special set of shapes.

    But you could also settle your house in the real world, by buying (or renting) a place in Ur. Then, friends you have allowed could visit you (otherwise they have to come with you directly), and your bubble house would automatically gain the "style" of the local place (I loved the style of the old houses). Until a time when you are away from keyboard for too long, and your house disconnects itself from the world, becoming a bubble house again (but you would not lose any object of course). Maybe some players would prefer anyway a bubble house. Or you could "move" your bubble house to another place because you want to (I'd love to have a house in those icelands...).
    Maybe settling could be more complicated than just paying, like "building" a little hut or something, with various material (depending of the place you want to be, and/or the size of the bubble house).

    I don't know how this could be done, this is juste a rough idea I got just now, but my point is : there might be a way of combining both housing systems for the best. :)

    By the way, even if the old housing system is not implemented again, I'd like to see a few old houses/buildings, in a "destroyed" state, and a few flats/houses still open (with a broken gate so that everybody can go). That would just make new places to go, patch, plant herbs and vegetables, and remember good old times. :)
  • While I liked the look of the old style housing, I much preferred my new house that I was able to customize and expand to meet my needs. I also liked being able to decorate it the way I wanted. Perhaps they could come up with a way to use the facades of the old housing, but when you entered the house you could expand it.
  • I really like both systems, and I really do miss the old houses, but I feel like a lot of the love I have for the old houses is just nostalgia... They're super cute but I think the implementing of towers and such makes it kinda too late to go back (I can't imagine playing without towers...). I think the model homes that they kept are nice, and I think the community feeling is almost kept with the street sign thing they added later on (where you can add friends to your street sign). Either way, it's easy to just invite friends over and have a party at your own place anyways! Plus it probably fits more people ;)
  • I can second this. Having storage in your house with the new system seems pointless if you can just teleport in to dump your goods and leave back to where you started. Maybe there could still be the full house customization, but it is still tied to a street in the world somewhere, and if there not being infinite houses for everyone is a problem maybe some streets could be neighborhoods that can hold infinite houses in them or something. But the new system is fun too and if that's where Eleven wants to take it I will be perfectly fine with that.
  • I really miss the old housing system, not that I would want to change the current system back, but I wonder if there's a way..  Like if there could be a limited number of each of the old style, & they could be rented temporarily (for a limited number of game days) & be used as a base when you're exploring harder to get to regions, or just for a regional experience?  

    I used to live in Bortola, which is pretty central & easy to get to (with a functioning subway) & I really miss my old treehouse.  I had a friend with a house in Aranna & remember how pretty that was, & remember visiting a bog house & how cool & different that was too & it'd be fun to be able to experience those again, even just as holiday lets.
  • I enjoyed the old and the new housing system. I loved the bog houses. I wish the templates hadn't been lost so that we could at least have a 'show home' location for each one that we could look around for nostalgia!
  • The old housing system is what pulled me into the game in the first place. It felt so much more tangible to have a unique address and proximity to things. The joy of finding out that a friend lived only a few streets over, and building a familiarity with a neighborhood. I've never played a game that evoked quite the same feel and the new housing system didn't do it for me. 
  • Honestly, I lost a lot of my interest in the game when they changed to the new housing system. With the old system you had these neat little communities of people that formed around housing, it was very cool to leave your house and see your neighbours and having somewhere physical in the world to go back to made my actions feel a lot more meaningful to me. Planning your routes felt like more of a consideration when the location of your house actually mattered, with home streets you could just teleport back at any time to dump your items which, while convenient, isn't actually as fun. The old housing system had some way more unique designs as well imo. I'd love to see a return of the old system, towers were cool though and should be incorporated in some way, maybe a few special estates for towers which work the same way as the home street towers.
  • froot enjoy old house lots! bog house ment lots of PURPLE!
    but, froot also enjoy having pretty tower to have frends visit...
    it not so easy to make frends with hidey-housing or have big party with glitchyfrends
    but froot happy either way, and think froot must just offer more bananas to new frends to have visit!
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    perhaps a compromise is that the direction doesnt have to mirror glitch exactly; that's the benefit of having eleven be its own game. i always thought a combined old + new house system could make sense. the actual "real"ty/travelling to a house/picking out a lot and buying it could be woven with the img system. glitchen should be able to have real AND imaginary houses. could be a double aspect of the game. you get your own house that you can do things in with the old system as well as "imagine" that you have another house as well, kind of like in real life how people might have a real house and then imagine they have something else too. i believe the systems don't have to remain mutually exclusive and bringing back things outside the game itself like realty selection and the auction house, rather than pushing everything in-game with img like TS was trying to do at the end to simplify the game, could be a possibility. i agree with the other poster that i lost some interest when this aspect of the game left, so i really hope eleven can be more than a glitch clone -- but a glitch successor -- and capture the benefits of both worlds -- real and img -- and also bring back things like street development to explore new worlds, reminisce quests, etc. will probably be easier once the flash port is complete, but i hope both systems could co-exist.
  • I do really miss the ability to have little apartment complexes with other glitchen... I had an apartment on sini shake in tamila and most of the other tree apartments were empty, I would absolutely love having apartments back in addition to the img houses.

    I think my ideal system would be doing the sort of thing that FFXIV has done with apartments/homes, you can get a small apartment that you can keep forever, and if you buy a house you have to log in and play once every two months or so, otherwise it just gets auctioned off. There are a limited quantity of houses and this ensures only active players have them, instead of people buying them and never playing while someone else really wants them.

    Since I think the main draw of apartments in glitch/eleven is the social aspect, I think it would be nice to have a somewhat limited number of apartments and have players log in once in a while if they want to keep them, otherwise everything in their apartment gets returned to them, maybe in moving boxes in their img home, and the apartment is auctioned off. I don't know what a good amount of time is until apartments are auctioned... maybe three months? two months? I would hope it's pretty forgiving

    I feel like this would keep apartment complexes bustling with activity for active glitchen that like to be social, I know I would love to leave some food on everyone's doorstep once in a while! Maybe even have an option for glitchen to leave their apartment doors open so other glitchen could come inside and take a look around (without being able to pick up anything)
  • One thing that I really wish some games had is the ability to share a house with a (game) family. I remember you can give keys out, but it would be nice if some apartments could be shared, like each have their own room and have shared common areas.
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