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Short Version: We have a wiki! Glitch Forever Wiki is an amalgam of the old Glitch-Strategy wiki database and pieces added from the Wayback Machine.

I'm managing it with help from Ladyceres and Varaeth, and probably more admins as we go along. Eventually there'll be a blog and such; right now, that side of the site is pretty empty; we wanted to get the wiki functional before the upcoming Zilloween. ... And more. It's weakest on locations right now - the old wiki database only had the original Groddle Isle and a few other regions.

Feel free to contact me, here or by leaving a note on my discussion page at the wiki!


  • Kermit flail!
  • Maybe to add to wiki, but I'd like confirmation, the quest trigger for It's Educational might be the increase brain upgrade cards.
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    @"Eris Lord Freedom" If you ever want to add a videos of Glitch page to the wiki, there's a playlist of 85!

    And here's another good playlist:

    Also looking through a bunch of vids here's a list of all the ticket to paradise and race tickets:
    Ticket to Paradise Cards (considered a quest and you can activate up to 11 of them per glitch day):
    radial heights (working)
    mountain scaling
    abysmal thrill
    cloud rings
    cloud fight
    arbor hollow
    starlit night (working)
    beam me down
    slip n slide
    bippity bop
    sky plunge

    Race Tickets:
    The Amazing Race
    Canyon Run
    Crystal Climb
    Grab 'em Good
    The Great Hog Haul
    Lava Leap
    Space Race
    Star Sprint
    Time Warp

    And some of the late added puzzles, some of them might have been quests:
    mental block and mental block 2
    picto pattern
    Le Miserable (could reminisce with a street vendor)
    Color Unblocking quest
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    Everything the butler says:

    Remember, your glitchiness: you can press 'i' any time to go into Info Mode. You can find out nearly everything that way! With one letter! Astounding!

    If you like to zoom (in or out), try using the '+' and '-'. Keys. Zoom! Zoom zoom! Amazing.

    Ma'amsir, I wonder if you have perused the Snaps page lately? People often take pictures of new things in the world, so have a look to find out what's going on.

    Excuse me, your glitchiness. I found a list of useful links that I thought might come in handy if you ever need more assistance than I can give you. They are: Encyclopedia, Forums, Glitch Remote, Glitch Strategy, Glitch Housing Routes & Directory.

    Do you like pressing keys, madamsir? Might I suggest pressing and holding '?' then? It will give you a lovely set of hotkeys to enjoy.

    If you ever want to know what date it is - if such things are important to you - look at the calendar by clicking the time in the top right, then the calendar icon. Ta-da!

    If I might beg your indulgence, have you noticed that if you pick up a quoin near another player, they get a bit of the quoin too? This works in a chain reaction with many players. I recommend it. (Excuse me if I am teaching my grandmother to shard quoins.)

    Found a bug in the game? Click on the little bug icon in the upper right of your screen. The devs will appreciate it, and it's nice to be helpful (I should know, I'm a butler).

    Have you heard of the Jethimadh Tower? I hear on the buttlevine that the ghost who haunts it - Gwendolyn, I believe? - has much of interest to show you...

    *Discreet throat clearance* sirmadam, while I have always admired your dapper appearance, a change of look does one the power of good. Might I recommend a trip to Wardrobe or Vanity? Clicking on the picture of your avatar in the top left corner of your screen will take you there.

    Press 'c' any time to go into Camera Mode. Please do, I do so love looking at snapshots... (And you can also use Camera Mode to look around the level!)

    I say, captain: Did you see (playername's) new Tower yet


    Today is the best day ever!

    Do dee da da, shaba do dee da da dee da doo
  • I don't know the exact phrasing, but my butler also reminds me of days when my friends were imagined into Ur and suggests I might like to help them celebrate.

    This has appeared so rarely in Alpha that I had forgotten until it appeared a while ago.
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