Glitch Holidays :

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Lets discuss what some of these should be about:)


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    AlphCon - Alph

    Lemadan - Lem

    PotTwoday - Pot

    Root - Spriggan

    Sprinkling - Grendaline

    Croppaday - Mab

    Belaborday - Belongs to ALL Giants

    Recurse Eve/Recurse - Friendly

    Zilloween - Zille


    No Holidays yet:




    Months of Fever Doom and Widdershins have no holidays yet

    Mostly curious about what we could actually do for the ones we already have, as far as i know they are just named and thats pretty much it
  • AlphCon - Since Alph is playful, this holiday is a convention of mini-games. All game cards could possibly have increased rewards. Purple Journeys will last longer.

    Lemadan - Lem is a traveler, this is a holiday of pilgrimage. Every Lemadan, a few streets that don't see much love would be selected to be pilgrimage spots, or, alternatively, there could be code that selects a street and activities done on that street give a slight iMG bonus, after a certain amount of iMG, based on level, the street changes.

    Pot Twoday - Pot is the Giant of prosperity (food), so this holiday should certainly be a feast. iMG rewards for first time daily food consumption would be doubled, and there would be some bonus for cooking. Tradition would be food sharing and feasting.

    Root - Associated with Spriggan, all interactions with trees yield more resources/iMG/both. Trees on streets will randomly gift passer-byes. Trees planted on Spriggan will grow quicker.

    Sprinkling - From sprinkling the finishing garnish of a cocktail to sprinkling some No-No Powder with your friends, this is certainly a holiday about Friendly, the Giant of night and social life. All drinks reward bonus iMG, and tolerance to No-No Powder's less desirable effects are increased. Vendors will share a drink with you at random upon passing them.

    Croppaday - A holiday pertaining to Mab, the Giant responsible for harvests (and the crops that fill them), all crop harvests will have a multiplier/bonus iMG. Chance to not consume a crop when making an essence of that crop/chance for a bonus essence. Crop plots will grow quicker.

    Belabor Day - The definition of belabor is "to argue or elaborate (a subject) in excessive detail", which is why this holiday belongs to Tii, the Giant who is associated with all forms of science. Science in itself is a perpetual argument, augmented with experimental evidence as an elaboration. Experiments could be done on Belabor Day as an activity (labs set up around Ur), and skills associated with Tii (Alchemy, Element Handling, Intermediate Admixing, Crystallography, Potionmaking, Tincturing) would have an increased chance of multiple yield/increased iMG.

    Recurse Eve/Recurse - Relating to the calendar's ability to continue indefinitely, this is also a celebration of Glitchen coming to be. Glitchen will always be imagined indefinitely, and with the new year, comes the celebration of new Glitchen. New Glitchen (those under a predetermined iMG level) will receive bonus iMG and have an increased effect from food and drinks. Older Glitchen have the option to view through any lore/tutorials they have already collected.

    These can surely be improved upon, this would just be a rough outline with some bases established. We would still need holidays for Humbaba, Cosma, Grendaline and Zille.
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    Root i think would be for Spriggan,

    Croppaday is Mab

    Sprinkling is for Grendaline (sprinkle is in the Giants description, and the Giant is about water )Im thinking events in the water regions of Ur, just not sure what

    Pot Twoday is for Pot , so cooking and feasts

    Alpha Con im thinking do somehting that has to do with creating stuff, contests for new designs for items maybe? it is the Giant having to do with making things

    Lemadon : Lem is for exploration so an event to open up a new area each Lemadon would make sense ( yes there are Feats but those are random)

    Belaborday: Tii makes the most sense for this one

    Recurse and Recurse eve: id say fit Friendly best as hes the one for social and drinks, and its the games verions of New Years

    Which leaves Humbaba, Cosma, Zille

    Maybe on Humbabas holiday you can teach your animals to say new things?really not sure

    Cosmas needs to be about levitation, meditation, and air....maybe increased Rook attacks and harder ones with special rewards? it needs to tie into meditation somehow and thats the only thing i could think of

    Zille is mountains and rocks no idea what ppl could do for this tbh

    Maybe put Cosmas in the month of Doom, Zille's in Fever and Humbabas in Widdershins

  • I think Zille is pretty comprehensively covered with Zilloween ;)
  • lol yeah forgot about that somehow

    So that leaves Humbaba and Cosma
  • What I've gotten through so far:

    AlphCon – As Alph is the Giant of creatings things and stuff, AlphCon could be a one-day celebration of attempts to imagine new things by Glitchen. During the holiday, an extra choice would be active at Alph's shrine that would be called “Big Boom?” Glitchen would donate 2 or more things in an attempt to create something new. As Alph is unreliable, some work, some don't. I imagine Eleven staff creating a “complex wadjamacallit” icon that could be awarded to Glitchen who create a big boom. Achievements could be “First time con artist”, “11 Big Boomers”, and “91 Whatifacallits”.

    Lemadan – I love the idea that a few streets that don't see much loved would be activated a pilgrimage spots. I would like to add on to that. Once a certain number of Glitchen have visited the pilgrimage spots, those Glitchen who have visited are alerted by magic rock of by Lem that they can visit “The Great Leap Forward....and Down”. This would be a cliff with a big drop in to water. Jumping in get you some small amount of iMG. Making a train of “Lemmings” increases the iMG bump. Achievements could be “Splashdown” for 1, “Third time's a charm” for jumping in a train with 3 or more Lemmings, and “23 Skidoo” for jumping in a train with 23 or more Glitchen.

    Pot Twoday - Again, I love this idea as written, "Pot is the Giant of prosperity (food), so this holiday should certainly be a feast. iMG rewards for first time daily food consumption would be doubled, and there would be some bonus for cooking. Tradition would be food sharing and feasting."

    I would add to this just one thing...if enough Glitchen participate (#s, iMG, etc) a new food item is revealed just before the holiday closes.

    Root – Is this the holiday to allow the “iMG Tree” wish that has circulated? Make it a holiday related thing so you could save up during the calendar year?

  • The balance: PART TWO

    Sprinkling: This should definitely be a Grendaline holiday. Perhaps during Sprinkling a new water street would be imagined but not have any water. Glitchen would craft a special “Grendalining Can” that would be used to slowly fill up a water street with water. This would be done by donating to a Grendaline shrine with a new choice called “Prime the Pump”. The Grendalining Can would be filled with water by doing some special activity that is water related which would fill the can to the be used at the shrine. Achievements could be “Toe Dabber” for priming once, “Liscensed to Fill” for 19 primings, and “Salmen Saver” for 83 primings.

    Croppaday – I love this idea as written: “A holiday pertaining to Mab, the Giant responsible for harvests (and the crops that fill them), all crop harvests will have a multiplier/bonus iMG. Chance to not consume a crop when making an essence of that crop/chance for a bonus essence. Crop plots will grow quicker.”

    Maybe extra special bonus that if you only do harvesty things on streets other than your own?

    Belabor Day – I love this idea and the lore within it: “The definition of belabor is "to argue or elaborate (a subject) in excessive detail", which is why this holiday belongs to Tii, the Giant who is associated with all forms of science. Science in itself is a perpetual argument, augmented with experimental evidence as an elaboration. Experiments could be done on Belabor Day as an activity (labs set up around Ur), and skills associated with Tii (Alchemy, Element Handling, Intermediate Admixing, Crystallography, Potionmaking, Tincturing) would have an increased chance of multiple yield/increased iMG.”

    Experiments should be single player, small group, and large group. Perhaps if a large group one is successfully completed that glitchen that contributed get the skill be learned completed?

    Recurse Eve/Recurse – I love this idea: “Relating to the calendar's ability to continue indefinitely, this is also a celebration of Glitchen coming to be. Glitchen will always be imagined indefinitely, and with the new year, comes the celebration of new Glitchen. New Glitchen (those under a predetermined iMG level) will receive bonus iMG and have an increased effect from food and drinks. Older Glitchen have the option to view through any lore/tutorials they have already collected.”

    A further tweak might be to have it be for Glitchen who started playing within the last Glitch year (and have it trigger an email to those players who perhaps didn't stick with the game?)

    Another possible tweak would be that since it's a Friendly holiday, and Friendly is the giant of nocturnal things, that interactions with foxes and sloths would be especially rewarding. Or challenging. Maybe a sloth could move from tree to tree? Or a fox could leave out food/drink for Glitchen to distract them?

    Humbaba – Fever 26 – Holiday will be called “SashayDay” On this one day in the Glitchian year there is a unique party pack “Somewhat Discovered Country” that can be purchased. Once there you can craft a “Non-suburban Quaff” that when drunk causes your avatar to sashay across the landscape. The party pack will be decorated in country décor with barn and feature pigs, butterflies, and chickens. If the Glitchen can craft a ramp/ladder then the animals will climb to the second floor of the barn and then jump into a pile of hay. While jumping, they disgorge meat, grain, and milk. (If not jumping, a slide?)

    Cosma's holiday would be on Widdershins 18 and be called “MeditateaDay”. Cosma being a flighty, aimless giant, on this special day any time you interact with a heli kitty, butterfly, or a batterfly, you have a one in three chance of being randomly teleported anywhere public in Ur. Additionally, when meditating you have a 1 in 3 chance of receiving an upgrade card that is randomly given to someone in your friends list. (up to a sane limit per day).

    This leaves the month of Doom without a giant. I propose a TrisoraDay when you will be able to visit Naraka and talk with Trisor. Well, Trisor will talk with you. And tell you where the Rook is. Only this is no ordinary rook. This is a rook that is imbued with the power of all the Glitchen deaths since the last Trisoraday. Super hard to beat, lots of co-op needed, special rewards. Upon defeat of the rook, each Glitchen that took part in defeating it is transported to a special mini-world where Trisor can talk. And reveals lore. Which is all lies. Except for what isn't. It isn't easy being Trisor.
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    Wow, these r all awesome. I think there should be something with parties, though. Maybe during holidays if you have more than two people in their house at a time they get an IMG boost?
  • These are spectacular ideas! I love the 'Lemmings going over the cliff' idea <3 And 'Trisoraday' sounds like a major lore-bomb(which is just the greatest thing I can imagine from outside Ur). It'd be neat if Friendly-themed holidays involved the party locations, like maybe free tickets to Winter Wingding when you share a wintery food or beverage or tickets for Mazza'la Gala when you dig/scrape enough peat/barnacles with a team.
  • Since everyone seems to agree as to which holiday is for which Giant, i updated the list
  • @FlatEarther I'm glad you liked the bases I tried to form, very good expansions on your part, I enjoyed them all! I feel like they all fit with the holidays they are on and make them have much less of a generic reward. The only change I would make is that on your idea of Belabor Day, you had put "...glitchen that contributed get the skill be learned completed". I feel like this might be a little over powered, especially when well over brain cap. I'd rather see each completion reduce the learning time by an amount proportional to the overall time on a skill, like maybe 5 or 10% of the total time it takes to learn individually. This way, the holiday is relevant to players new and old, but not overly powerful for new players or totally useless for older ones.
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    For Alpha Con i agree it needs to be some sort of contest or for creating of some sort at any rate

    PotTwoday - Feast of food related, and some recipes you can only craft on this day

    Root random gifts from Trees, upon petting

    Croppaday - Extra img for Crop related activites, and faster growing rates

    Sprinkling - Extra img for watering, plants, trees, crops, on Sprinkling it rains on various streets ( not all that would be a lag fest) Salmon catching events, with prizes and badges given out

    Lemadon - Lem is the Giant of Exploration, but also Knowledge, Penmanship is included in this so, in addition to the Pilgrimage idea of Flatearthers,:) and a Lemming type event as part of it, a note event could take place. In the nature of Travel/ Knowledge and Penmanship, could do scavenger hunts throughout Ur,

    Recurse and Recurse Eve are for Friendly, he is the Giant of Darkness, Drinks and Social not food though, so emphasis should be put on party type events, maybe something as simple as making party packs cheaper? and giving extra buffs to drinks, and special drinks you can only make on Recurse/Recurse Eve, I alos like the idea of a email to ppl on Recurse . Since its a Party type holiday Glitch Train acheivment events (Foxes have to do with Humbaba though not Friendly, nor sure which Giant the Sloths would go with but most likley Humbaba as well)

    Belabor Day - An experiment themed holiday for Tii, is a great idea

    Maybe add another story and only on Humbabas day the Animals can tell thier side of the story of Ur? More than they already do i mean, Something interactive like that might be cool . And increase rewards from all animals on Humbabas Holiday

    Love giving Trisor its own day, well....Trisor and the Rook, but a few days of gloom so to speak, in Ur's otherwise happy world, would make for a nice holiday. How about also on Trisor/ Rook day Splanking Parties!

    If i remember right the full calender rotates in full, every 3 weeks? or something like that, i do remember a Glitch day was 4 hours, and any Holiday we had that was celebrated tended to last about a real week, so some of these will have to cut into the months next to when they start or they will only last 2 real world days, which for some of these is fine, others will need longer though

    Oh and on Pii day we could only make the Pii pie then so the recipes that can only be made on a certain day idea, anything like that is plausible since it was already done for Pii day
  • For one of the things of PotTwoday maybe there can be random ingredients/food in a pot. Not just any pot, but a special pot. Kind of resembling a bag but only maybe 4 spots and can only hold food or ingredients, depending on the pot you use. Like, something that you can drop on a random street or on your homestreet. The "pot" is a pot that is a gift from of course pot.(How many times can a woman say pot in one forum post? I don't know. Final counter at the bottom) Everyone gets a certain number, say 5, of each pot in their mailbox and each pot is filled with random food or ingredients. You can also pick up more from the grocery vendor. At the end of PotTwoday the bowls disinagrate and you can keep all the food. Maybe? I have no clue if this is a good idea. I've been following this thread and just wanted to contribute to it.
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    I just think every Giant should have a holiday, thats actually celebrated. We really only celebrated Ziloween, Glitchmas and Easter, and the latter two are not Giant related. Some of these work just fine as a holiday thats only a few real life days long, others though id say need a bit longer, maybe something like a week. The Glitch calender goes by fast anyway so if you miss it, the next one is about a month away - give or take. But i like the idea of limited items or recipes associated with the holidays, ecspecially for the ones that are a bit simplistic. Like Croppaday or Pottwoday, Root, Humbabas , Sprinkling, and Cosmas, for the most part nomatter what is done they stay semi-simple. Whereas Lemadon , Alphacon, Belabor, Recurse and Recurse Eve, all have better potential to be longer holidays, as does the idea of a Trisor/ Rook holiday.
  • I love these! (Although in my rough notes, I had Recurse belonging to Tii since it was neither an odd nor an even number; I would've assigned Belabor to Friendly as part of the general "get together and do social things" set of activities. Also, drink goes well with many arguments. But this works too.)

    Missing from the chart (because they don't happen on the Urish calendar): Glitchmas, Pi Day (March 14).

    Since Urish days are only a few hours long, there's a problem with holidays--many of them will take place while people are at work or school, or asleep, and someone's schedule could easily be incompatible with Croppaday for several Urish years running.

    On the one hand, I wouldn't want them all extended like Zilloween. (They'd start running into each other, and we'd have no time between holidays at all!) I'm not sure of a good in-game way to fix this. Perhaps the other holidays could have items and lore available year-round, and no specific events that happen in-game that connect to them--or the in-game events could be available to everyone on their next login after the holiday.

    ("Welcome back," says your teaching rock. "Recently, the festival of Root was celebrated. In honor of Spriggan, every resident of Ur gets a seasoned bean to plant! Yours is... [insert random seasoned bean].")

    Or you may have to travel to some central festival location to get your festival goodies. (Hm, just what we need... MORE server load on GFJ during the holidays. Perhaps not the best idea.) Maybe the frog brings you a package.

    The long months of Bruise (53 days), Fever (73) and Widdershins (47) have no holidays, along with Doom, which is only 5 days long. Since the announcement of the Giants' waking came during Doom, I'm assuming that one belongs to the Rook.

    For the others:
    Bruise - Humbaba, who is concerned with all damage that happens to her beloved charges, makes them all a bit extra-durable during this month. Squeezing chickens and nibbling piggies has a greater chance of an extra yield, and there may be random visitations by Humbaba during the month.

    Fever - as the giant of the sky and airy things and all things that rise, like temperatures, Cosma rules Fever. Sparkle dust works a bit better, shaking pouches produces a bit more shiny element, and butterflies sometimes yield an extra milk.

    Widdershins - Definitely the direction Pot stirs his meals this month. New foods give a small IMG bonus--or maybe this is just the month that new recipes get released.
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    Im not overly concerned with ppl missing them, the smaller holidays that is. Nomatter what is done these ( Croppaday , Pottwoday, Root, Humbabas , Sprinkling, and Cosmas) seem to be the short ones. Pii day lasted a real world day and that was it, often i missed the holiday and would miss out on making the Pii, but thats all there was to that one, however it gave some sort of buff and you could alwasy buy it from others. Most of the short ones what weve discusses to do is variations on a buff and a recipe for that day. Which either the recipe could be fun/ novelty (think Sparkle powder) or can only be used on the holiday it goes with. If its the latter then there is no problem really if ppl miss it, much like Zilloween pumkins that recipe would only be good on that holiday. If its a novelty thing IF its very popular there would be potential competion when ppl want it for parties etc. But even with that there would be enough ppl on that day that there would be a lot of it still made, and if you miss one short holiday its likley you wont miss the next, which would have something simmilar, which still makes the competetion aspect not a huge deal. Persoanlly 2 real world days for a short holiday sounds about right, if ppl miss it they miss it, they wont miss all of them, and more time needs to be allotted to the longer holidays anyway

    Now as for the longer Holidays which seem to be Lemadon , Alphacon, Belabor, Recurse and Recurse Eve, plus Trisor/Rook day. and Zilloween as well. (plus Glitchmas and Easter but they are not Giant related holidays) These are the holidays most of us have plenty of ideas for. Since more can be potentially done for them they will most likley need more time. A real world week sounds about right, IMO

    Were going to miss some, any of us, it cant be helped, but its more important we have a holiday for each i think than worry about who misses what, and have a full active calander , therefore there would be planned events fairly often (holidays) as well as normal day to day activites

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    @Sanotsuto I didn't read the rest of the thread super carefully, but I love your ideas for Pot Twoday! I think it would be lovely if there was some kind of large bonus for being generous with food that day. Perhaps you get an imagination or energy boost proportional to the value of the food item in currants when removing food from your inventory, whether it's to drop on the ground to leave as a surprise or whether it was given away!

    -Liza Throttlebottom-
  • Pot Twoday is probably a reference to Fat Tuesday, e.g. Mardi Gras. As suggested by the name, it involves a lot of eating (and delicious, delicious King Cake, which should totally be an item) as well as binge drinking.

    I'm still debating whether or not I will be attending Mardi Gras IRL this year (I'm going to be in Georgia the day before, so I have to go through the New Orleans area anyway to go home). Although I probably should've booked a room by now.
  • @Justin This is terrible! Now look like an idiot do you see that! My username changed all over the site and now it looks like I'm signing my name for no reason like a crazy person! Also the actual content of your reply was compelling as well, I was simply too mystified by my own issue to possibly address that!
  • That being the case, you should get a bonus for having beads from the artifact necklace in your inventory, or get a bonus for giving them to other people.
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    @"Scarlett Bearsdale" That would also be appropriate. Bonus points for giving them out while in a follow train. ...This should be a feat or something.

    More bonus points for wearing a costume that looks like a parade float (the big mascot or train looking ones maybe). Or maybe I should shut up before I actually have to code a feat like this someday...
  • I had an idea for a feat for Spriggan :)

    Amazing Bouncy Bean Feat

    Once long ago only bean trees grew in Ur, they were found in every place. Liipinhi was a Glitchen who was very fond of beans, no matter what other foods the Giants imagined he refused them preferring instead to harvest daily from every bean tree in Ur this resulted in him amassing huge quantities of beans and as he was a very devout and loyal Spriggot he would donate much of his bean harvest to Spriggan.

    Quest 1 - Gather beans, gather as many beans as you can and donate to any Spriggan shrine - for each (x qty) donated you recieve (n qty) paper bags**

    Liipinhi's love of beans never wavered and such was his zeal that he began to wear out every bean tree, The cries of the hungry Glitchen reached Spriggans ears and he was moved by their plight besides he was growing tired of beans being the only donations he recieved, so he imagined seasoned beans. Spriggan showed them to Liipinhi who immediately fell in love with the many coloured beans. You may have these Spriggan told him so long as you promise to plant them, Liipinhi eagerlyagreed not realising that many were hidden behind the Spriggand giant frame.

    It was only when Spriggan had left that Liipinhi realised just how many beans there were. Wisely Liipinhi decided he could not possibly plant them all himself so instead he carefully crafted small paper bags into which he placed one of each of the seven varieties of seasoned beans in short he made bean bags which he then distributed to the other Glitchen, delightedly they ran off to plant new trees throughout Ur some were beans but many were new tree types. To this day whenever a tree patch is spotted Glitchen will rush to plant a new tree in it.

    Quest 2 - Create seasoned beans place one of each type into the paper bags** to make bean bags then give one to Glitchen you meet out in Ur. (no giving multiples to the same Glitchen) ((more paper bags can be made using flour + cups of water + paper))

    When the Giants looked down they smiled as they saw the Glitchen lovingly tending each new tree, watering petting and when strong enough harvesting, life was good, but life was especially good for Liipinhi, he was filled with such joy that he no longer walked anywhere, instead he bounced, he bounced throughout Ur planting trees and wherever he went his happy gleefulness would spread among the Glitchen for when others saw him they would laugh and join him, some would follow fsome or hours, some for less but all would end up smiling feeling warm and happy.

    Quest 3 - Boing (bounce double bounce & triple bounce) solo or in a group of two or more, (the larger the group the better) around a pre determined route (dev selected), Complete the full route solo or as a team for the points, No walking only boing-ing, Could be enhanced using follow, added bonus points for multiple laps as a team (2 or more)

    After so much bouncing the Glitchen were both tired and hungry, they still had trees to plant, water and harvest, piggies to nibble, there were still rocks to be mined and gardens to tend, and so it was all Glitchen slowly returned to their normal happy lives. All that is but Liipinhi who bounded off to find new places to plant his trees. As time wore on his friends bagan to wonder what had happened to the bouncy bean bearing Glitch. Eventually Liipinhi returned bringing with him many tales of strange new places and a recipe for something most wonderous that he called Rainbow Juice. Much celebrating was had, a feast was set and fun and frolics spilled out over Ur lasting way into the night

    Quest 4- Bounce party, Time to celebrate, (x qty) locations (dev decided) in Ur to hold a rainbow bounce party visit all ( x ) locations and pour a rainbow, then bounce in as many different rainbow bounces that you haven't poured to earn more points.

    I have used the term Glitchen as when I wrote this that was how we were known :)
  • Are you implying beans are a fruit?.......;)
  • There's a relevant conversation about Belabor Day in the Encyclopedia that I feel like I should mention.

    Piggy: Darn right no. Belabor Day, as one of the only holidays that belongs to no Giant, but every giant. And is just the greatest holiday EVER. You know why?
    You: No…
    Piggy: Me neither, dude. Because traditionally, come the day after, no one can ever remember what they did ON Belabor day. They just know it involved a barbeque, everyone they know, and the copious blessing of the fruits of Friendly, if you know what I’m saying…
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    Ok so if Belabor is actually no ones, then what holiday is Tii and Friendly?Recurse and Recurse eve, still seems to fit Friendly, the rest we seem to agree on which goes with which
  • I wouldn't know the specifics, but there could be an Ides of Tii that I think the chickens or bubble trees referred to (Beware the Ides of Tii!). Maybe alchemy brings an unintended side effect at random?
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    This wouldnt be something random , every Giant has a holiday on the calender(most do anyway) , the only Giants not assigned one (for sure ) are Cosma , Humbaba, and Tii And yes Ides of Tii sounds like Ides of March, it may not be on the calender though , there are a few Eleven/Glitch months that do not have a holiday yet, and the 3 remaining Giants holidays could be in those. I was thinking the month of Fever, for Cosma, Doom for Tii, and Widdershins for Humbaba, those are the 3 months with no holidays yet

    But yes a buff or a special items you can only make on the various holidays, or events is something along the lines of what we were getting at for each one. For the most part the holidays are labeled but no activities/events were added for anything yet so, hence the idea thread!
  • I like Recurse Eve as Tii's because it could be a reference to recursion, a very mathy thing.
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    Belabor according to what was quoted from Galaxy Dynamite above, means Belabor is all Giants so its essentially taken out of the running being asigned a Giant but can still have ideas for the holiday. I said recurse and recurse eve for Friendly becasue he is the Giant of both night time , social, and drinks and that is Eleven/Glitch version of New Years, the year starts over so essentially. Tii is more about numbers, and order and science, (plus Tii is supposed to be rather cold and calculating, so something in the Doom month might fit better) and i dont think there really is anything that seems to fit that yet. Same goes for Cosma and Humbaba

    There are 3 giants left with no holiday and 3 months left so im presuming its one for each. The months left are Fever, Widdershins, and Doom. The Giants left are Tii, Cosma and Humbaba. Doom is short,(so it would last the whole month) the other two months are long. Personally i lean towards Humbaba for Widdershins, Fever for Cosma, and Doom for Tii

    Heres the link to the Giants

    And the Calender
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    Hey, I tried to just put all of my ideas into one thread, but... it didn't let me. It told me "Body is 6230 characters too long." So I'm afraid I'll be dividing them up.

    Let's get the big one out of the way. Everyone and their piggy has an idea for holidays and such. So I might as well give my two cents. I'll be listing the ones already on the calendar first, and the ones I've made up for the Giants that have none second.

    I'd like to note that, before we begin, I imagine a lot of holiday festivities spanning multiple days even if the holiday itself is one day, if only to expand the window in which players can get to take part in them.

    In my original note scribblings of these ideas, I had a tendency to include iMG boosts. I haven't bothered to edit those out, but it does occur to me that they're a little redundant, as one can assume that, on a holiday, the pertaining Giant's domain will give a little more in terms of everything including iMG.

    Alphcon (Alph) - Primuary 29th
    In the three days leading up to Alphcon, Glitchen create "stuff" and "things" like never before! Higher iMG boosts, lower costs, and oh-so-slightly less lazy Sloths ultimately cultivate in a mass donation of compounds, elements, crystals, Urth blocks, stuff, and things on Alphcon, with which Alph will attempt to make new things out of! Sometimes, he'll make a new thing on his own. Other times, he may decide to try to get another Giant involved. In the end, it doesn't much matter what it is exactly that is made, as long as it results in a big, satisfying BOOM!
    >Could possibly result in new items.

    Lemadan (Lem) - Spork 2nd
    A holiday of exploration! Around this time of year, the Snap Scavenger Hunt begins! A series of locations, all of which you must find and take a snap of yourself at. Dropping notes to clue others in to their next location is encouraged, and giving another Glitchen a Teleportation Scroll to the same is also a rather kind maneuver. For more fun, try forming a Follow parade with a bunch of other Glitchen to scavenge those snaps together!
    >Just a fun thing to do with snaps.
    >Try forming a Follow parade and getting a snap as you all tumble off of a cliff.

    Pot Twoday (Pot) - Bruise 3rd
    A time of feasts! Food creation costs are reduced, and tables are set up on random streets for Glitchen to eat and converse at. Pass out food, share food, eat food, and make food! Eating food when full may result in a few slight buffs, but keep in mind that around this holiday, Energy drops faster! Why? An excuse to eat more, of course! Around this time, you can also make Pot's Cake, which must be shared at a table with other Glitchen! Which slice will contain the prize?
    >Put a nice prize in your Pot's cake!
    >The person who gets the prize may get a slight iMG boost and possibly some Giant favor from Pot.

    Root (Spriggan) - Candy 2nd - 4th
    A holiday of trees! Plant a tree, water a tree, pet a tree, harvest a tree, just don't go poisoning a tree! On this holiday, trees give a little more bounty, beans season a little more easily, cherry trees are pinker, bean trees are tootier, and wood trees are stiffer! Get small iMG boosts for tree interaction, and keep an eye out for the iMG tree! It only shows up around this holiday...
    >A possible way to put the often-requested iMG tree into the game without making it too overpowered.

    Sprinkling (Grendaline) - Candy 11th
    A wet and splashy time! Enjoy some swimming fun as the entirety of Ur becomes flooded! Pocket salmon, swim through the streets, and generally have a good time!
    >Yeah, this one may need work.

    Croppaday (Mab) - Junuary 17th
    In this time of harvest, plants grow quicker, harvests yield more, and plant shucking is so efficient that you'll say "Shucks!" (Obviously the joke harvest isn't as good...) Even more, the leisurely nature of gardening may feel a little more inspirational than usual, and you can get together with other Glitchen to try and grow the Great Pumpkin!
    >Generally a good harvest time.
    >The idea of the Great Pumpkin is that it takes an enormously long time to grow, likely being ready just in time for Zilloween.

    Belabur Day (Friendly, formerly all Giants) - Septa 1st
    Originally a day of intellectual debate about philosophy, the Giants, and the nature of the universe as a whole, everyone eventually grew tired of everything devolving into petty squabbles over topics such as whose Giant is better and whether apples or bananas are the superior fruit. So instead of dealing with the arguments every time Belabur Day season rolled around, everyone decided to just overindulge in the gifts of Friendly instead! Energy drops faster when this day draws near, so drink! Drink some more! Be one with the party! Pass out drinks! Don't pass out!
    >I kind of like the idea of a holiday being something other than it used to be, lore-wise.
    >Assuming that festivities and effects span multiple days instead of just the holiday that they pertain to, this would mean a bit of overlap between Belabur Day and Croppaday. Which... wouldn't be bad, really. After all, you do have a high potato yield now. Make some hooch!

    Zilloween (Zille) - Remember 25th - 37th
    Ah, Zilloween. A time of birch candy and pumpkin pie. Truly what Zilloween is all about. But the rocks can't be left out of the fun! They'll be regrowing faster during this period, so get them more smashed than a good Friendly is on... well, just about every day, really. In addition, the Great Pumpkin from last Croppaday should be ready around this time!
    >Just a few additions to Zilloween, really.

    Recurse Eve (All Giants) - Eleventy 11th
    As Tii is getting the numbers of next year's calendar ready, it's time to celebrate the one that's drawing to a close. For every one, every two, and every other odd or even number, it is time to have one massive celebration! Around this time, every Giant's bounties become more plentiful! Eat more food! Drink more drink! Harvest more crops! Pet more trees! Pocket more salmon! Nibble more piggies! Write more notes! Make more "stuff"! Massage more butterflies! Mine more rocks! Combine more elements!
    >This one might actually be limited to just the day it's on, if only because it's so special.
    >Or it might extend into Recurse.
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